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Chapter 1220 - Holy Maiden

When Senior Winter Snow’s voice resounded, a commotion burst out in this region with envious gazes falling in Luo Li’s direction. No one had thought that the Battle Emperor would personally lay a decree. That existence of the West Heaven Temple was a towering figure that even those like Senior Winter Snow would have to be respectful of.

However, Luo Tianshen’s face had turned unsightly since everyone knew that the Battle Emperor of the West Heaven Temple had a huge harem that left everyone envious. The cultivation technique he practised was called the Great Emperor Internal Canon that could duo-cultivate. So this Battle Emperor was also famed for his loose lifestyle.

In the past, Luo Tianshen vaguely knew some news that the West Heaven Temple was paying attention to Luo Li. However, Luo Li was still unknown back then, but with her reputation rising, her name had probably entered the West Heaven Temple.

Now that Luo Li had cultivated the Luo Shen Celestial Body, it was just a matter of time before she attracted the attention of the West Heaven Temple. But he never expected it to be so fast.

In the West Heaven Continent and the West Heaven Temple, many girls have been dreaming of being caught by the Battle Emperor’s eye, ascending to the heavens.

None of his harems were forced; all of them were willing parties. But Luo Tianshen knew that his granddaughter was undoubtedly not one of them…

With her pride, she probably wouldn’t have eyes for anyone except for the one she liked, not even the Battle Emperor.

Therefore, Luo Li would probably not agree to be the Holy Maiden, and that raised another issue. Was the decree of the Battle Emperor something that could be rejected?

He was the ruler of the West Heaven Continent!

He was a Heavenly Sovereign with a name that resounded in the Great Thousand World!

Luo Tianshen bitterly smiled while Mu Chen knitted his brows. Although he knew nothing of the West Heaven Battle Emperor, he could roughly guess, judging from Luo Tianshen’s expression.

“Haha. Congratulations, Holy Maiden. In the future, you will be a Holy Maiden of the West Heaven Temple.” Senior Winter Snow lightly smiled as he raised the scroll towards Luo Li. “Please accept the decree.”

However, Luo Li looked at Senior Winter snow for a long time before answering, “I refuse.”

When her voice resounded, the entire region instantly went silent. Many people had widened their eyes as they looked at Luo Li in disbelief.

She refused the decree of the West Heaven Continent’s ruler?!

That was a decree of the Heavenly Sovereign!

On the other hand, Xue Lingzi, who was terrified by this, had joy flushing in his eyes when he heard Luo Li’s reply. He never thought that Luo Li would be so bold!

Senior Winter Snow was stunned before he knitted his brows. “This is the decree of the Battle Emperor, do you know the consequences of rejecting it?”

Even Luo Li was feeling enormous pressure from Senior Winter Snow’s words. But in the end, she raised her head with lustre flashing in the depths of her eyes. When Luo Li was facing the pressure, a silhouette appeared beside her and he held onto her hand under countless astonished gazes.

It was naturally Mu Chen. He looked at Luo Li. The latter was also looking at him with a smile. The actions between the two of them instantly caused a commotion. At this moment, everyone understood that Mu Chen and Luo Li turned out to be a couple!

Evidently, it was because of Mu Chen that Luo Li refused.

Holding Luo Li’s hand, Mu Chen raised his head and faced Senior Winter Snow without any expression. “Since when is the West Heaven Temple forcing others to be the Holy Maiden?”

“Brat, those words aren’t something that you can speak!” Senior Winter Snow solemnly said along with a Spiritual Energy pressure emanated out from his body that swept towards Mu Chen.

Mandala suddenly appeared before Mu Chen and a dark light flashed on her body; it was akin to a black hole that devoured the cold pressure.

She indifferently looked at Senior Winter Snow and ridiculed, “Is the West Heaven Temple so domineering that even a sentence cannot be said?”

She wasn’t polite with her words. Although the West Heaven Battle Emperor was a Heavenly Sovereign, she had followed the Heavenly Emperor for years. Thus, she would definitely not be afraid of the West Heaven Temple.

Senior Winter Snow’s face turned dark as he stared at Mandala. “Looks like you have decided to go against my West Battle Temple?”

“So what?” Mandala fearlessly sneered.

“Impudent!” Senior Winter Snow raged as he roared. He waved his hand and a crystallised star appeared, instantly draining the temperature in this region and the atmosphere started to freeze as it flew out.

The star turned into a cold flower as it expanded and instantly formed into a massive glacial star that descended towards Mandala.

It was a destructive might.

“Hmph!” Mandala coldly snorted before she opened her mouth. A myriad of beams flew out and formed into a pyramid; it was the Demonic Starlight Suppression Pyramid that Mu Chen had given her.

The Demonic Starlight Suppression Pyramid exploded with countless amounts of starlight as it swept out and clashed against that glacial star, straightforwardly crushing it.

When the glacial star was destroyed, Senior Winter Snow groaned as he took several steps back with an unsightly expression. Evidently, he had greatly suffered from that clash.

“Good! Good!” Senior Winter Snow took a deep breath as he respectfully raised the golden scroll in his hand. He bit his tongue and splattered a mouthful of blood on the scroll.

The scroll suddenly burst with a golden light, along with a terrifying pressure akin to a ruler.

Under the terrifying pressure, anyone beneath the cultivation of an Earth Sovereign instantly knelt. They couldn’t even raise their heads as their bodies trembled.

That’s because they knew what that aura represented… In the West Heaven Continent, there was only one person that possessed that might.

The ruler of the West Heaven Temple, the legendary West Heaven Battle Emperor!

Mandala’s face turned grave since she could feel the spiritual clone of the Battle Emperor being drawn out by the scroll, making her feel greatly pressured.

Mu Chen could also sense Luo Li tightening her grip in his hand.

“Don’t be afraid.” Mu Chen gently said to her.

Luo Li turned around and was surprised. Although Mu Chen’s gaze was grave, he did not panic, which made her bitterly smile before she replied, “If there’s an opportunity, you escape.”

“What about you?”

“No matter what, I will not be the Holy Maiden.” Luo Li smiled.

Mu Chen looked at her smile and saw her resolution. She would surely not be the Holy Maiden due to her pride.

“Luo Li…” Mu Chen stared at Luo Li and gently said, “Remember what I told you last time?”

“I said that the next time we meet, I would not allow anyone to take you away from me.” He stared at her glistering pupils and continued, “Including that West Heaven Battle Emperor.”’

Even if the West Heaven Battle Emperor was powerful, it didn’t mean that Mu Chen couldn’t confront him.

Luo Li was stunned since she had no idea where this of his confidence came from. But due to her understanding of Mu Chen, she knew that he definitely wouldn’t boast. Since he dared to say it, then he must be confident.

This had also caused her tensed heart to loosen up.

“Looks like you have experienced a lot in the past few years.” Luo Li smiled. Her smile made Mu Chen’s eyes light up. He felt the urge to hug her.

But in the end, he suppressed that urge and raised his head, looking at the golden scroll and the golden silhouette that gradually appeared before their eyes.

“I pay my respects to the Emperor.” Senior Winter Snow looked at that silhouette and kneeled.

Up in the sky, that golden silhouette had dazzling golden hair with carved features. His eyes contained a powerful charm that no one could forget.

He emanated a dignified pressure that attracted everyone’s attention, causing everyone else to tremble under the pressure.

When that silhouette appeared, he looked at Luo Li before a majestic voice resounded, “Luo Li, are you really going to refuse my offer?”

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