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Chapter 1219 - Bella of the Great Thousand World

“A Perfected Earth Sovereign?” Luo Tianshen and Xue Lingzi’s fearful voices resounded, causing a huge commotion. After that, everyone looked at the silhouette beside Mu Chen in astonishment.

Space still fluctuated beside Mu Chen, with a petite silhouette standing beside him, attracting everyone’s attention and practically everyone was dumbfounded.

“That little girl… is actually a Perfected Earth Sovereign?” Someone couldn’t help exclaiming out.

“Fool, how can she be a little girl at that level?” However, there were still others that retained their rationale, since they weren’t confused by Mandala’s appearance.

“Just who is that Mu Chen? He’s actually so formidable to be able to invite even a Perfected Earth Sovereign here!” Someone couldn’t help exclaiming out. That’s because, even in the West Heaven Continent, Perfected Earth Sovereigns were considered the top of the pyramid. Not only would connections be needed to invite a Perfected Earth Sovereign, they even needed to pay an unimaginable price for them.

Even the Blood God Clan had paid a great price to invite Senior Winter. Naturally, no one had thought that Mu Chen would also bring a Perfected Earth Sovereign with him.

It was something that Xue Lingzi and Luo Tianshen never expected.

Especially the experts of the Blood God Clan, their faces were practically distorted as they looked at the petite silhouette beside Mu Chen and felt dizzy. They never expected that the trump card that they had prepared was also futile against Mu Chen.

“Who is that Mu Chen?!” This question flashed in Xue Lingzi’s mind. Inviting a powerhouse of this level wasn’t something that just any force could achieve.

At this moment, he finally knew why Senior Winter said that he couldn’t kill Mu Chen.

“Senior Winter…” Xue Lingzi trembled as he looked at Senior Winter Snow. He had paid a great price to invite the latter, so if he couldn’t do anything about this, then wouldn’t he suffer a significant loss?

Facing his pleading gaze, Senior Winter Snow indifferently cast a glance before looking at Mandala and said with a hoarse voice, “You mustn’t be from the West Heaven Continent, right? It is violating the rules of my West Heaven Temple to intrude in the fief war of my West Heaven Continent.”

Senior Winter Snow especially amplified on the West Heaven Temple, and he knew that Mandala should know his meaning. The West Heaven Temple was the ruler of the West Heaven Continent, one of the supreme forces in the Great Thousand World that even a Perfected Earth Sovereign like Mandala would not dare to act boldly.

That’s because the ruler of their West Heaven Temple, the Battle Emperor, was a Heavenly Sovereign!

Mandala naturally understood his warning. However, she flung her lips aside. “Mu Chen is the Son-in-Law of the Luo God Clan, so he naturally has the qualifications to participate in this war. At the same time, he is also the Abode Ruler of the Mu Abode, and as someone of the Mu Abode, are we going to watch as you guys hurt our Abode Ruler?”

A commotion burst out, and even Senior Winter was looking at Mu Chen with astonishment.

Hearing Mandala’s words, she was also someone from the Mu Abode and a subordinate of Mu Chen?

This made many people feel disbelief because, in their perception, only a Heavenly Sovereign was qualified to tame a Perfected Earth Sovereign as a subordinate!

However, Mandala said that she was also a subordinate of Mu Chen, a Lesser Earth Sovereign? That was simply unbelievable!

But a Perfected Earth Sovereign would definitely not speak nonsense. Otherwise, it would harm her reputation, so no one felt that she was messing around with her words.

Xue Lingzi also had disbelief written on his face. Even with the foundation of their Blood God Clan, it’s impossible for them to recruit a Perfected Earth Sovereign, but Mu Chen accomplished it?

“This bastard, how is he that lucky?!” At this moment, Xue Lingzi felt extremely envious. If their Blood God Clan could have a Perfected Earth Sovereign, they would have dominated the entire Lesser West Heaven Realm.

Facing those gazes, Mu Chen helplessly shrugged his shoulders. They would probably never imagine that it was Mandala that passed the position to him, since she didn’t want it.

But since Mandala was giving him face, he naturally maintained a smile while putting up an act.

Senior Winter Snow took a deep glance at Mu Chen, and if that was true, then the background of this young man was definitely an extraordinary existence as well.

He naturally could understand the arrogance of a Perfected Earth Sovereign, since he was also someone in that realm. In his view, if Mu Chen didn’t have a great background, it’s impossible for Mandala to heed his orders.

“Today, we’re fixed in helping the Luo God Clan. If you want to help the Blood God Clan, then we can fight.” Mandala did not bother about their thoughts and lazily said.

Senior Winter Snow smiled before he slowly replied, “The price that the Blood God Clan gave me is still insufficient to deal with a Perfected Earth Sovereign.”

Hearing his words, Xue Lingzi’s face instantly turned pale.

Luo Tianshen and the rest felt heavily relieved. Even if Mu Chen had a Perfected Earth Sovereign with him, they still wished that the two parties wouldn’t fight. After all, Senior Winter Snow was an Elder of the West Heaven Temple.

And in the West Heaven Temple, there wasn’t anyone that dared to disrespect an Elder of the West Heaven Temple.

Mu Chen, on the other hand, looked at Senior Winter Snow with suspicion. For some reason, he didn’t believe that the old man would let this matter rest so easily…

“Haha, but this old man has another task, aside from being invited by Patriarch Xue Lingzi.” A smile appeared on Senior Winter Snow’s face.

Hearing those words, Xue Lingzi’s face twitched. Their Blood God Clan had spent such a great price to invite Senior Winter Snow. In the end, the other party only made a round trip, since the Blood God Clan was paying a good price.

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes as he looked at Senior Winter Snow and slowly said, “I wonder, what other matters does this senior have?”

However, Senior Winter Snow did not reply, but looked at Luo Li with a smile and his eyes narrowed. “This matter is related to her, so I need her reply.”

Mu Chen’s gaze instantly sank and he felt uneasy. Just when he was about to speak, he saw Mandala shaking her head, so he remained silent, before turning around and looked at Luo Li.

At this moment, Luo Li was still quietly seated on the platform with a powerful fluctuation of Spiritual Energy around her. It had already far surpassed the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

Clouds gathered on the horizon, along with lightning that struck towards Luo Li.

However, those bolts would be blocked be a huge barrier formed by the Luo River.

The Luo River was clearly protecting Luo Li, and under that protection, the ferocious Spiritual Tribulation couldn’t do a thing. In the end, it was exhausted and gradually disappeared.

When the Spiritual Tribulation disappeared, a powerful wave of Spiritual Energy burst out from Luo Li’s body and lifted myriad feet waves on the Luo River.

Countless envious gazes fell onto Luo Li, since they knew that, at this moment, Luo Li had broken through the barrier and stepped into the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm!

Luo Li’s closed eyes instantly opened with stars gathering in her eyes. At the same time, she formed seals and an endless Luo River gathered behind her. As the Luo River gathered, everyone could vaguely see a massive silhouette gradually form behind her.

It was a slender silhouette with jade-like hair. The appearance of that figure gradually changed into Luo Li’s with a rune of a silver river on her forehead. It was a mysterious river that was exceptionally profound.

When the rune was formed, everyone could sense an incredible beauty emanating from that silhouette.

The rune also appeared on Luo Li’s forehead and she had a transformation, possessing an intoxicating beauty. It’s as if she was the blessed daughter of the heavens.

“This is the genuine Bella of the Great Thousand World!” Everyone was intoxicated by her beauty.

Compared to them, Luo Tianshen and the experts of the Luo God Clan looked at that silhouette and exclaimed in disbelief, “That… that’s the Luo Shen Celestial Body!”

According to ancestral canon, the Luo Shen Celestial Body was the most beautiful Celestial Body in the Great Thousand World. Upon forming it, it would be linked to the owner, becoming the Bella of the Great Thousand World like their ancestor, Luo Shen.

However, they never thought that Luo Li would be the second person to possess it!

“It is said that a harsh requirement is needed to cultivate it. Not only does the cultivator have to possess absolute beauty, but she also requires excellent talent… Something that our Luo God Clan couldn’t accomplish in the past.” Luo Tianshen gradually recovered before he rejoiced. He knew that Luo Li had obtained Luo Shen’s inheritance, and in the future, their Luo God Clan would rise back up once more.

The silhouette behind Luo Li gradually faded. When she raised her head, she smiled in Mu Chen’s direction. Envious gazes were instantly directed at Mu Chen, and if it wasn’t for the power that Mu Chen had shown, someone might have challenged him by now.

Sensing those enmity gazes, the corner of Mu Chen’s lips twitched. At this moment, he finally believed that there was a species of women akin to calamity.

When Mu Chen and Luo Li’s gaze intertwined, Senior Winter Snow gently smiled. “Truly the heir of Luo Shen. In the future, the Bella of the Great Thousand World belongs to you.”

Luo Li turned to Senior Winter Snow and slowly bowed elegantly and calmly said, “I wonder what is Senior’s motive in coming to my Luo God Clan?”

Senior Winter Snow smiled before he retrieved an item from his sleeve. It was a golden scroll that contained a superior aura, instantly causing this entire region to be quiet.

Senior Winter Snow gradually opened the scroll, and his hoarse voice resounded, “A decree from the Battle Emperor, bestowing Luo God Clan’s Empress as the newly-appointed Holy Maiden of my West Heaven Temple.”

Instantly, Luo Tianshen’s face drastically changed at Senior Winter Snow’s words.

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