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Chapter 121 – In the Past, Right Now…Yet Still Strong

Ge Hai’s crimson eyes stared wildly at the figure in front of him. The latter’s eyes remained calm as usual. The situation before them was like a seemingly silent and serene lake, yet a frightening whirlpool that could envelop people was hidden underneath it.

“You think that we’re still in the Spiritual Road?”

Ge Hai glared at Mu Chen and ground his teeth: “You think, in your current state, that you are still qualified to say that to me? Based on what? By the fact that you’re at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase?”

Mu Chen smiled: “If you want to wipe away the fear and trauma within your heart, then come and get me. But you should know my personality. Thus, if you plan on doing it, you should be prepared to pay a price. This place clearly isn’t as cruel as the environment of Spiritual Road, but if I actually cared about such rules, I wouldn’t have done those things back in the Spiritual Road.”

Ge Hai’s eyes narrowed. From Mu Chen’s smile, he could see the terrifying figure from the Spiritual Road again. Fear spread out from the depths of his heart.

“You, at your current state, aren’t qualified to say such words to me!”

Ge Hai replied darkly. He took a deep breath and suppressed the fear within his heart. He knew that if he did not defeat Mu Chen, there would be an obstacle in his cultivation due to the existence of the trauma.

The heavens had given him a chance to wipe away this fear, so he must seize this opportunity!

“This time, you will be the one that will pay the price!”

A shout rang out from Ge Hai’s throat. In the next instant, his eyes revealed a hint of fierceness and brutality. Then, a powerful Spiritual Energy emitted out unreservedly from his body.


He pushed off from the ground and flew over like an arrow. He immediately appeared in front of Mu Chen and his hands clenched on the dark-red long sword. With a swishing sound, a sharp sword beam slashed down furiously at Mu Chen’s throat.

Ge hai revealed his experience and his ferocity within that offensive. The imposing manner from the attack was something that far surpassed any ordinary students. A person, who came out of the Spiritual Road, had to be at least this capable.

Mu Chen’s eyes flashed as he saw the sword beam. He retreated back slightly and, with the sounds of winds breaking, the sharp sword beam flew past the place where his throat was earlier.

“Right now, I’ll let you know the gap between a Spirit Stage and a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase!”

Ge Hai yelled. A powerful Spiritual Energy pressure enveloped Mu Chen and an overwhelming sword beam slashed towards his vital areas like a storm.


Numerous gouges appeared on the ground due to the sword attacks. Even countless trees were cleaved apart by the sword. Their bare stumps  were as smooth as a mirror.

Everybody in the Ye Clan’s campground held their breath. They knew how powerful Ge Hai was. A Spirit Stage powerhouse was someone far beyond any of them. This attack was enough to instantly obliterate a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase.

They did not know whether or not Mu Chen could endure it…

Their gazes were filled with worry as they watched Mu Chen’s figure. The latter remained motionless against the sharp sword that rushed over.

Mu Chen’s black eyes reflected the overwhelming sword slash as well as Ge Hai’s hideous appearance. In that moment, the Great Pagoda Art began to circulate within his body.

A dark-black Spiritual Energy flowed through his meridians, and the mysterious lights within his body lit up once again. With his strength slowly increasing, it was apparent that he was gradually becoming able to activate the mysterious Spiritual Pulse that his mother had sealed.

Although he was not able to activate its power completely, it was sufficient enough to deal with the opponent in front of him.

The lights flashed and a mysterious tower vaguely appeared within Mu Chen’s body. The flowing Spiritual Energy instantly surged out.

Within Mu Chen’s eyes, dark lights flashed. Furthermore, a tower of black light emerged within the depths of his eyes. He clapped his hands together, and the black light started to condense on the surface of his body. In the end, a blurry black light tower appeared.

Clang Clang Clang!

Ge Hai’s sharp sword landed on the blurry black tower, and a clanging sound resounded. Sparks flew everywhere, yet the black light tower was completely unmoved.

“What the hell is that?!”

Ge Hai stared at the black light tower that shrouded Mu Chen. His expression changed, and he gritted his teeth. He could not believe that with his Spirit Stage strength he would fail to oppress Mu Chen, who was only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase!

“Bloodshed Carnage Sword!”

Ge Hai took a step forward, and the sword’s imposing manner changed. A bloody aura appeared on its surface. At the same time, the dark-red long sword turned crimson and slashed down creating a red arc.

Facing Ge Hai’s fierce offensive, Mu Chen did not show any signs of retreating. He, too, had his own pride. If he was to retreat in front of an enemy that wasn’t worth his attention before, it would be belittle him.

Mu Chen’s hands clenched into fists. Under the protection of the black light tower, his body had turned into a fierce weapon. Spiritual Energy and winds surged out from his fists and directly collided against Ge Hai’s crimson long sword.


The powerful impact emitted out and the ground underneath them collapsed.


Ge Hai shouted out furiously. As he pushed the Spiritual Energy within his body to the limits, the long sword within his hand let loose a powerful sword slash. However, he discovered that it was impossible to truly suppress Mu Chen.

“Bastard. He’s only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase! How is it possible that he could fight me head on!?” Ge Hai shouted out in his heart. As someone who was only Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, Mu Chen had far exceeded Ge Hai’s expectations regarding the former’s true combat ability.

The people from the Ye Clan were completely shocked by the two figures. This sort of Spiritual Energy collision was not something that a Spiritual Rotation Stage could release.

“Sister, is Brother Mu Chen going to be okay?” Sun’Er stared at the battle worriedly as she pulled Ye Qingling’s hands.

Ye Qingling held onto Sun’Er’s petite hands and shook her head slightly. Her beautiful eyes were filled with surprise. Although Mu Chen was only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, his true combat ability was equal to a Spirit Stage.

“He is truly powerful.” Ye Qingling let out a praise. The Spiritual Road’s Blood Calamity definitely deserved his reputation. Even though he was kicked out of the Spiritual Road and had his cultivation level slowed, how was it possible that such a monstrous person would have let himself fall behind others?

This sort of person would probably press forward slowly and surely, while at the same time becoming even stronger  when they suffer an enormous blow.

“Boss actually can’t obtain the upper-hand! Damn it! How is it possible that he is this powerful?!” A few members of the Ge Clan were secretly shocked. They thought that with Ge Hai’s Spirit Stage strength, he would be able to completely suppress Mu Chen, who was only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase.

Ge Qing’s expression changed completely. Since Mu Chen was able to defeat three Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase by himself, he was naturally stronger than an ordinary Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase. However, he never expected that Mu Chen was someone that even Ge Hai would find it difficult to defeat.

Clang Clang!

The two figures collided fiercely against each other. The Spiritual Energy impact sent the gravel on the ground flying and dirt blasted out along with the impact.

And at the source of the impact, Ge Hai’s face was extremely grim. His hands clenched onto the sword handle and revealed a posture that looked as though he could slash down a mountain.. This powerful attack that could cut apart a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase was completely blocked by Mu Chen’s bare fists.

The latter’s fists emitted a black Spiritual Energy fluctuation, and an overbearing presence started to emerge. It was something that even Ge Hai’s long sword failed to cut apart.

“You, who obtained the Spiritual Energy Empowerment, are only this powerful? It seems that the Empowerment wasn’t as impressive as I thought.”

Mu Chen smiled faintly. With his current strength, he would be able to fight against a Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouse once he activated the mysterious Spiritual Pulse within his body. Ge Hai, who thought that he could free himself from the trauma, had truly underestimated him.

“I will let you know soon. Back then, I was able to defeat you with ease. Even now, I can do it just as easily!”

Mu Chen’s eyes turned cold at this moment. His originally peaceful expression instantly became as dangerous as any blade.

As he looked into Mu Chen’s eyes, Ge Hai’s heart trembled.


Mu Chen took a step forward, and the Spiritual Energy within his body surged out. Then, he clenched his fists and, without hesitation, fired off a punch.

This plain and ordinary fist carried no mysteries as it was shot forth. However, as the fist was about to land, it let out powerful winds and a black light radiated from its center. It was there that three black light seals emerged.

These three black light seals were only a few meters tall, but they let out an extremely domineering fluctuation.


Mu Chen’s face remained calm as he let the punch fly out towards Ge Hai. With a trail of black light and the sounds of winds breaking, the three black light seals roared and bombarded against Ge Hai ruthlessly.

The places that the winds rushed through seemed to have exploded. It was as if the air itself was slightly distorted.

Ge Hai also noticed how powerful Mu Chen’s offensive was. His eyes immediately became serious. The long sword within his hand instantly let out a sword beam that was dozens of meters long. Light flashed through Ge Hai’s eyes.

“Spirit Destruction Bloodstrike!”

He immediately cried out. The sword beam instantly turned crimson like it was made of fresh blood. In the next instant, the blood red sword beam pierced through the air and collided against the three black light seals.


Once the attacks made contact, the three black light seals erupted at the same time. Three overbearing energies stacked against each other and bombarded the crimson sword beam.


The crimson sword beam trembled intensely, and then actually shattered on impact.

When the crimson sword beam were broken to pieces, Ge Hai’s eyes were filled with terror.

He wasn’t able to obtain the upper-hand even with his strongest attack!

The dark-red long sword flew away from Ge Hai’s hands. His body shot backwards as if he suffered a heavy blow and landed heavily against a sturdy tree. His throat tasted something sweet and he immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“How is this possible? Why did I lose to him again?!”

Ge Hai screamed within his heart. He immediately stood up and prepared to attack again. He wanted to use the dense Spiritual Energy of a Spirit Stage to wear down Mu Chen!

However, just as he stood up, his body instantly froze. This was because he felt an extremely violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation surging in front of him.

A commotion suddenly rang out in the surroundings as well.

Ge Hai slowly lifted his head. He noticed that Mu Chen was staring at him emotionlessly, as his hands were at his side. However, lightning flashed above his head as it formed into a massive lightning Spiritual Array. The violent fluctuations that were emitted from the Spiritual Array made Ge Hai’s eyes narrow.

Mu Chen was actually a Spiritual Array Master!

Ge Hai’s body stiffened, and a hint of horror emerged within his heart.

“I’ve said it before, I have too many opponents. But if you want to step on me, you’re not qualified to do so.”

Mu Chen stared indifferently at Ge Hai whose eyes were completely filled with horror. He flicked his finger and the lightning Spiritual Array issued out a roar. A dazzling lightning emerged from the array and charged out like a furious dragon.

The lightning tore through the air and a blinding light shone. Ge Hai and the other Ge Clan’s members’ faces immediately paled.

At this moment, Ge Hai finally understood how large the gap between him and Mu Chen was…

After all, there was always someone that would be feared and be looked up to by someone like him…

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