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Chapter 120 – Blood Calamity

In the Ye Clan’s campgrounds, everybody immediately stood up. They stared solemnly at the outskirts of the campgrounds. At that location, several hundreds of figures were rushing over. Did the entire Ge Clan leave their nest?

All were shocked by this. The Ye Clan and the Ge Clan had always minded their own business. Why had all of the Ge Clan rush over here?

Could it be that the Ge Clan had truly decided to fight against the Ye Clan because of Ge Qing?

“Sister Ye!”

The Ye Clan’s members looked at Ye Qingling. At this moment, the latter also frowned. She could not seem to understand why the Ge Clan would launch a punitive expedition against them. Although she was surprised, she did not show any fear. She only gestured with her hands and said, “Prepare yourself.”

Hearing this, Wang Sheng and the others nodded their heads.

Mu Chen stared at the scene in front of him and frowned. This Ge Qing is truly quite annoying.

“Brother Mu.” Mo ling approached Mu Chen and was a little nervous.

Mu Chen smiled slightly at him and told him to relax.

“Brother Mu Chen, there’s no need to be afraid. I will definitely protect you,” Sun’Er said seriously as she suddenly appeared next to Mu Chen and grabbed onto his hands.

Mu Chen smiled and rubbed Sun’Er’s head. His black eyes gradually turned cold as he stared out into the distance. Beside him, Mo Ling’s heart jumped, for he knew that Mu Chen was truly furious.

Outside of the camp, the large amount of Ge Clan members were surrounding the campgrounds. As soon as it had been formed, the group split open and two figures slowly walked over. The person in the lead was wielding a dark-red longsword and emanated a vicious aura from his body. This aura was enough to make people from both camps shudder.

“It’s Ge Hai. He actually came here personally!”

In the campground, the Ye Clan’s crowd’s expression finally changed when they noticed this figure. It was evident that they had not expected Ge Hai to come here in person.

“Ge Hai, what do you want?” Ye Qingling asked unkindly as she slowly walked forward. Her beautiful eyes revealed a cold chill as she stared viciously at the figure of Ge Hai.

Ge Hai stared at Ye Qingling. However, his cold gaze slowly scanned the campground and he replied with a gloomy tone: “Ye Qingling. This matter is unrelated to you and your Ye Clan. If you want to intervene, I do not mind fighting against you. We shall see who shall lose more men!”

Ye Qingling stared coldly and responded: “Do you have to do this just because of the small affair regarding Ge Qing? Do you think that my Ye Clan is truly afraid of you?”

Ge Hai’s mouth opened up and revealed a mocking smile. He stared at Ye Qingling and asked strangely: “Do you think that I am a person, who would do such a thing?”

Ye Qingling frowned. She immediately asked: “Then why does it have to be this way? Did all of you come over here filled with murderous intent to attend a late night party?”

“It seems that you truly do not know about it…”

Ge Hai stared strangely at Ye Qingling: “A famous figure appeared in your Ye Clan , and yet you didn’t even realize? How on earth did you manage to survive in the Spiritual Road?”

Ye Qingling gripped her hands tightly as if she understood something. Could he be talking about Mu Chen? She tilted her head slightly and stared at the lean boy in the rear.

In the campground, everybody’s gazes followed hers and landed on the handsome boy’s face, which had a smile plastered on it.

Ge Hai’s gaze honed in on this unforgettable figure. His body trembled suddenly, and his crimson eyes were filled with craziness, hatred… and even a bit of fear.

In the Spiritual Road, that figure had once left him an irreplaceable trauma.

“Mu Chen, it’s you! It really is you!” Ge Hai’s body trembled. His voice trembled as it rang out.

The boy in the rear slowly walked up in front. Under the many puzzled gazes, he glanced at Ge Hai for a moment and frowned as if he was thinking about something. After a while, he finally remembered the somewhat familiar figure.

“It’s you…So you were actually still alive. I thought for sure that slash would have killed you directly back then.”

The words that came out of Mu Chen’s mouth made everybody freeze again. Even Ye Qingling had a hint of surprise that crossed her face.

Ge Hai stared at the figure in front of him. The hatred within his heart made his body shake intensely. In the Spiritual Road, the latter’s methods and means had truly made him feel afraid. He originally thought that he would only be fated to stare at this figure from afar and never have a chance to turn the tables. However, the world was truly strange.

He would actually meet the boy who had set off a such a dreadful calamity in the Spiritual Road and  had even been kicked out of the Spiritual Road… here… once again…

The most important fact in this whole situation that the person he feared before was actually weaker than him currently. His strength was only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase!

This contrast in level made Ge Hai smile even more grimly. His hands trembled with so much excitement that he had been forced to take a deep breath to calm himself down. He directed a hideous smile at Mu Chen and said: “I never thought that the heavens would give me such an opportunity. Mu Chen, the fear that you forced on me back then, I will give it you back a hundredfold right now!”

“You will experience the same sense of fear and helplessness that I felt back then!”

Currently, he was a Spirit Stage powerhouse, and Mu Chen was simply a weakling within his eyes. It was a chance for him to break through the trauma that had nested itself deep within his heart. He would never forgive Mu Chen!

Mu Chen smiled. His black eyes remained calm as usual and replied: “Although I have many enemies, I have never considered you as a rival. In the past, you weren’t my rival. Even now, you aren’t one.”

There wasn’t a hint of sarcasm within Mu Chen’s words. He was just explaining the situation seriously.

Ge Hai’s crimson eyes glared at Mu Chen. A deep humiliation filled his heart. Just what would this lowlife consider as a powerful rival? However, he felt even more humiliated because his opponent did not think that he would qualify as such a person.

“I will use this sword to cut a scar on your face…” Ge Hai snapped. He took a step forward and dense Spiritual Energy surged out. A Spirit Stage’s might was unleashed and it caused many of them to feel oppressed.

“Ge Hai! Don’t even dare try to hurt the friend of my Ye Clan’s in front of me!” Ye Qingling shouted out. An aura that was in no way inferior to Ge Hai spread out as well.


Seeing this, Ge Hai laughed strangely. He pointed at Mu Chen and had a weird expression as if he had seen something funny. His laughter sounds rang out through the forest: “Haha, Mu Chen. Your actions in the Spiritual Road were enough for you to be assessed as a ‘King Class’. Even the ones that stood at the peak of the Spiritual Road such as Ji Xuan and Yang Hong were afraid of you. Moreover, you even created the legend known as ‘Spiritual Road’s Blood Calamity’ while you were there… But now, you actually need a woman to protect you?!!”

At this moment, everybody instantly became silent. They stared at the boy, who remained completely calm, in front of them. Although they did not participate in the Spiritual Road, they understood how terrifying a person who had been assessed as  “King Class” within the Spiritual Road was. It was definitely enough for them to obtain a Five Great Academies’ Core Entry!

“King Class? Ji Xuan? Yang Hong? Spiritual Road’s Blood Calamity?”

As for Ye Qingling, she was shocked because of something else. Her beautiful eyes widened up and an incredulous expression emerged on her face.

As a person, who came out of the Spiritual Road, she clearly understood what that phrase and the names that had be spoken just now represented.

Ji Xuan and Yang Hong were the most dazzling individuals within the Spiritual Road. Even after entering the Five Great Academies, they were existences that were looked up to by countless others. However this boy who had a reassuring smile on his face… The seemingly peaceful boy was actually an existence that these individuals were afraid of?

The Spiritual Road’s Blood Calamity…

Ye Qingling gently exhaled. A shocking event that had once shaken the entire Spiritual Road. In the end, it had even caused the Five Great Academies, who would never intervene in the Spiritual Road’s trial, to take action. So the Spiritual Road’s Blood Calamity was caused by the boy in front of them?

“S-so you were the Blood Calamity Mu Chen within the Spiritual Road?”

Ye Qingling muttered with shock. No wonder she felt that she had heard his name before. So this Mu Chen was the Blood Calamity that countless people feared…as well as admired within the Spiritual Road.

“Therefore, Ye Qingling, you should back off. You aren’t qualified to protect him.” Ge Hai gritted his teeth and said. Once that name was muttered, even he would tremble. This shows how terrifying the boy in front of him was back then. However, once they returned to the Great Thousand World, the previously terrifying existence had turned into a joke!

This is because even he, Ge Hai, could step on him easily!

Ye Qingling’s eyes stared complicatedly at Mu Chen’s handsome and calm face. She bit her teeth and said: “I don’t care who he is. He helped Sun’Er, so he’s my friend. I will never hand him over to you!”

Although the words “Blood Calamity” had shocked her, Ye Qingling understood that Mu Chen wasn’t as strong as back then. No matter how powerful Mu Chen was in the Spiritual Road, this place wasn’t the Spiritual Road, but the Great Thousand World. Mu Chen was kicked out from the Spiritual Road in the middle and had lost both a year of cultivation and the more important Spiritual Energy Empowerment from the Spiritual Road.

Right now, he was only an ordinary boy with the strength of a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase. Otherwise, Ge Hai would still be trembling with fear in front of him.

Seeing this, Ge Hai’s eyes turned cold. His hand gripped the dark-red long sword tightly, and a dense Spiritual Energy rushed out from his body.

Ye Qingling took a step forward and a slender long sword appeared within her hands. Then, she confronted Ge Hai.


Just when Ye Qingling was about to attack, subtle footsteps rang out behind her. The lean figure, who was the focus of attention, grabbed onto her wrist gently.

Ye Qingling turned around and noticed Mu Chen smiling at her while shaking his head.

“Thank you. But if I can’t even deal with such unimpressionable fellow, would I dare to come to the Five Great Academies?”

“Ge Hai, right? Although this place isn’t the Spiritual Road, to be honest, in the past you were never qualified to be my opponent. Even now, you still aren’t.”

Mu Chen smiled slightly and took a step forward. His eyes started to emit a hint of coldness.

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