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Chapter 1194: Clean-Up

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“Has the Heavenly Emperor passed on?” Mandela asked excitedly. She and Mu Chen were shocked when they heard what the Flame Emperor had said.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor looked at each other and said, “The Heavenly Emperor has indeed passed on, but he has left some seals and relics behind, including the security seal…”

When Mandela heard this, her face fell. She felt sad, as the Heavenly Emperor was like a father to her.

When the Flame Emperor saw her expression, he knew that she must be related to the Heavenly Emperor in some way. However, he said nothing and turned to look at the Square in the mountain, upon which was a huge black skull.

“Is that the Heavenly Emperor?” Mu Chen followed the Flame Emperor’s gaze and was taken aback. They had thought that the black skull belonged to the Demon Emperor, but in actual fact, the Demon Emperor had transformed himself to look exactly like the Heavenly Emperor!

The Flame Emperor nodded and said, “The Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor is very cunning. He has not only transformed himself to look like the Heavenly Emperor, he has transformed the remains of the Heavenly Emperor into this state in order to get the people to destroy them.”

Having said that, the Flame Emperor waved his sleeve and a beautiful flame swirled out. The flame then brought the black skull to them. As the skull was being burned by the flame, the demonic force started to dissipate.

The skull became clear and light started to gather around it. A figure then appeared.

The figure was robed in white and looked gallant and calm. An indescribable oppression, similar to that of an emperor, exuded from him.

The top powers looked respectfully at the figure and were curious about him. Is this the founder of the Ancient Celestial Palace, the Heavenly Emperor?

“I feel so ashamed of myself. Back then, I did not manage to destroy the demon. I have had to wait for so many thousands of years before someone could help me with it.” The figure that was robed in white sighed as he looked at the green light that was in Martial Border’s hand.

“We are indebted to you. It is only right for us to help.” The Flame Emperor said, as he and Martial Ancestor cupped their fists in a sign of gratitude. They were showing their respect for the Heavenly Emperor, who used to be the master in The Great Thousand World.

As these two were the cream of the crop, they had never shown such great respect to the Heavenly Sovereigns who were of the same level as them. However, the Heavenly Emperor had sacrificed himself for The Great Thousand World, so his sacrificial act had gained their admiration. Mu Chen and the rest bowed to him as well.

The Heavenly Emperor was pleased when he looked at the people. He then said to the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, “Back then, The Great Thousand World suffered many losses, as many masters died while fending off the Extraterritorial Race. After many thousands of years, we now have such outstanding people like you in our Great Thousand World. It seems like there is hope for us.”

Although the Heavenly Emperor was just a Spiritual Clone, he used to be a master in The Great Thousand World. He was sharp enough to discern that the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor were extremely powerful.

Even when he was at his peak in the past, he would not have been able to defeat them. When he recalled the past, he was emotional, but at the same time, he was pleased that, after The Great Thousand World had gone through such great calamity, it had not weakened, but had prospered.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor were humble in their attitudes. They took out the lump of light that had the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor sealed within it and decided to let the Heavenly Emperor deal with it.

The Heavenly Emperor took the lump of light and tossed it up in the air gently. Rays of light surged inside it, and the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor’s ferocious face appeared on it.

He looked viciously at the Heavenly Emperor and said sharply, “You would have lost to me if someone had not stepped in to interrupt our fight.”

When the Heavenly Emperor heard this, he simply smiled and said, “You are wrong. It was because of your clan that you become what you are. You are the top 10 in your clan, and if I had let you go, you would have suppressed even more of our Great Thousand World. I have already achieved my objective by having sealed you! As you can see, my Great Thousand World still exists, and there are so many powerful people here! So, I have not lost.”

The Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor was furious when he heard this. The demonic force in him surged, and he wanted to rush out, but he could not get out of the seal.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor looked at each other and did not say a word. The Heavenly Emperor did not know that, although The Great Thousand World had survived the great calamity, almost half of the territory had been encroached upon by the Extraterritorial Race, who had never stopped eyeing The Great Thousand World, even after so many thousands of years.

The Great Thousand World was not as powerful as it once was, and they had paid a high price to safeguard it. They knew that the Extraterritorial Race would not give up so easily. So, if they attacked The Great Thousand World again, it would be very perilous.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor simply smiled at this thought. They had not been in The Great Thousand World during the great calamity, but they did want to see how powerful the Extraterritorial Race was, especially if they should have the chance to fight them!

The Heavenly Emperor looked at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor and smiled. He then turned to look at the petite figure that was behind them and looked pleased.

“Mandela, I am glad that you are fine,” he said.

Mandela looked at the Heavenly Emperor, her eyes suddenly turning red. She was very emotional.

She walked up to the Heavenly Emperor and held his hand. The Heavenly Emperor patted her head gently, just like how he used to stroke the flower that was about to wither.

The Heavenly Emperor smiled at Mandela, then looked at Mu Chen, who was holding the Celestial Emperor Sword. He sized him up and said, “I did have many outstanding talents in our Ancient Celestial Palace back then. However, they were unable to cultivate the Immortal Golden Body. I never dreamt that I would be able to meet someone who has successfully cultivated it. God is indeed kind to me!”

“I am fortunate to have obtained the Immortal Golden Body that Elder has left behind. I will never forget your kindness.” Mu Chen bowed respectfully at the Heavenly Emperor. If he had not left the cultivation method behind, Mu Chen would not have advanced in his cultivation, which meant that much of his time would have been wasted.

The Heavenly Emperor nodded in acknowledgement, then gave Mu Chen a smile. He then stretched out his hand and asked, “Friend, can I borrow the Celestial Emperor Sword?”

When Mu Chen heard his request, he immediately handed the Celestial Emperor Sword to him. When the Heavenly Emperor took over the Sword, he formed a seal with one hand, then looked flatly at the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor.

The Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor seemed to have sense the presence of danger, so he started to roar crazily in fear. However, the Heavenly Emperor ignored him and threw out a blow with the Sword. Hundreds of millions of stars appeared, carrying with them a horrifying power.

The Heavenly Emperor was now a Spiritual Clone, so he did not have the power to destroy the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor. Hence, he had to tap into the power of the Celestial Emperor Sword!

Swish! Swish!

The hundreds of millions of stars pierced through the green light and tore the demonic face that was sealed within it. A devastating cry then resounded in the area.

“Don’t be too smug. Previously, my race had not given their all in battle. When we meet again, it will be the end of your Great Thousand World!” The Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor’s voice resounded in the area, even after he had been destroyed. He immediately turned into nothingness and disappeared from the earth.


After the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor had been destroyed, a figure tried to escape at the border of the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery. However, just as he was about to do so, a familiar voice came down from the heavens.

“You brute! It is alright that you tried to escape from the war in the past, as you were afraid. However, you have allowed yourself to be manipulated by the demon and have tried to help him break away from the seal. This I cannot forgive!”

When Lu Heng heard this voice, he was frightened out of his wits. The demonic force burst out from his body, turning him into a black flood dragon. Lu Heng’s actual body was an Ancient Blood Dragon, but he had been demonized and had turned into a Demonic Dragon!

Lu Heng swung his tail to smash the space, getting ready to escape…


At this moment, a crystal clear light shone down from the heavens, while a sharp aura pierced through the area. A Crystal Sword penetrated into the Demonic Dragon’s head, nailing it to the ground. A majestic sword aura then burst out, and before Lu Heng could plead for mercy, the sword aura had crushed his body and destroyed his spirit.

The Heavenly Emperor was apparently angry with Lu Heng for betraying him, so he did not show him any mercy. Although he could not deal with the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor on his own, he had no problem dealing with Lu Heng, who was not even an Upper Earthly Sovereign. Lu Heng was thus at his mercy and died instantly.

After the Heavenly Emperor did a clean-up, he lifted up his head and smiled at the top powers. He then said, “Everything has been cleared. You may leave now.”

Having said that, the space started to fluctuate and a space passageway appeared beside the top powers. The top powers looked at one another, none of them knowing what to do.

They had stayed mostly because of the Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance. However, since the Heavenly Emperor had asked them to leave, they could no longer stay.

Moreover, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor were around, so they would not have the chance to get their hands on the treasures! With a sigh, they all stepped into the space passageway and disappeared.

After they had left, the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery became completely quiet and still. When the Heavenly Emperor saw it, he turned to look at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor with a smile and asked, “Would you be interested in my Qi into Trinity?”

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