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Chapter 1193: Martial Ancestor

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The dark space crumbled and space fragmented into a torrent that washed away the nothingness. Where it collapsed and had broken, a figure stepped into the air, and where he passed, the torrent retreated automatically, as if not daring to be in contact with such an existence.

In the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery, many powerful men stared at the figure who emitted endless mysterious spiritual power. After all, Tianluo Continent was one of the supercontinents in the world, so naturally it was well-informed. All the strong men present recognized the identity of the man who had just arrived.

There was only one person in the Great Thousand World who could transform his spiritual energy perfectly between ice, fire, thunder, and darkness. That was the founder of the Martial Border, an equally reputable figure in the Great Thousand World, the Martial Ancestor!

In this vast Great Thousand World, the Heavenly Sovereigns were extremely esteemed, but similarly, there was a distinction in this rank. In this era, among the many elites, the Flame Emperor and the Martial Ancestor were two of the most powerful and unique!

They both came from the Lower Plane but had the gift of amazing talent and brilliance. The Flame Emperor had established the Endless Fire Territory in just a few hundred years, and his skills of controlling fire with one hand and the skill of alchemy with the other were unparalleled. Even the long-established alchemist clans in the world lamented that they were unable to match up. In today’s world, everyone knew that one of the most trusted medicines came from the Endless Fire Territory.

Compared with the Flame Emperor, who had always been free and unfettered, the Martial Ancestor appeared a lot more restrained and stable. But even so, he had barged into the Ice Spirit Clan alone in order to save his wife and fought almost the entire Ice Spirit Clan with just his own strength. Even though an ancient clan like the Ice Spirit Clan had declined, their legacy was still quite terrifying. Even if a Heavenly Sovereign wanted to challenge them, doing so was asking for trouble.

Moreover, this ancient race had an extremely large network of relations. Once they gathered their allies, it was an immensely powerful crowd. The Ice Spirit Clan had done so and invited many elites just to pressure and force the Martial Ancestor to retreat. It was said that at that time, the Ice Spirit Clan had gathered three Heavenly Sovereigns!

This kind of line-up was sufficient to destroy an ancient race, let alone one person. The confrontation then really shook the whole Great Thousand World. However, what caused people to be surprised and shocked was that in the face of such a powerful clan, the Martial Ancestor refused to give up. It was rumored that with only his own strength, he had fought an earth-shaking battle against the three Heavenly Sovereigns. That battle truly shook the entire Great Thousand World.

In the end, no one said what happened, but the Martial Ancestor apparently got what he wanted from the Ice Spirit Clan, and after that, his fame spread all over the world. It was at that time that he created the Martial Border.

Later, the Martial Border grew and became a real superpower in the world. At that time, the head of the Ice Spirit Clan suddenly abdicated, and while the successor was a member of the Ice Spirit Clan, she was also the Mistress of the Martial Border.

Since then, the relationship between the Ice Spirit Clan and the Martial Border had become extremely close. With the help of the Martial Border, the Ice Spirit Clan had also shown signs of getting rid of the decline over the years, becoming more and more powerful. Among the many ancient races, it was even more at the forefront. This made many ancient races jealous.

All this was because of the Martial Ancestor.

Therefore, of all this also led to the famed reputations of the Flame Emperor and the Martial Ancestor. However, the Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Border were at opposite edges of the Great Thousand World. One was in the South, the other in the North, to guard against the Extraterritorial Race which had been greedily eyeing the world.

Thus, these two reputable characters rarely appeared at the same time at one occasion. But today, these two figures appeared at the same time, naturally surprising everyone present.

“That’s the Martial Ancestor?” In the midst of many astonished glances, Mu Chen also looked towards the figure. He then saw the figure’s spiritual energy change constantly, as he had a stable and profound composure. It was as if he would not be startled, even if the sky collapsed and the earth crumbled. Compared to the Flame Emperor’s free and unfettered demeanor, the Martial Ancestor was more restrained and calm like a mountain.

However, similar to the Flame Emperor, the aura emanating from the Martial Ancestor caused the world to tremble as if it could not withstand it.

Amid many reverent glances, Lin Jing waved happily as she shouted, “Dad! Dad!”

The Martial Ancestor’s gaze looked in the direction of the sound. When he saw Lin Jing, his firm expression quickly softened. With a step, he crossed through space and appeared in front of Lin Jing.

The Martial Ancestor’s expression was stern as he reprimanded solemnly, “You’re running around without permission again. Looks like I have to ground you this time!”

However, in the face of his expression, Lin Jing was still smiling as she embraced his arm. That caused the Martial Ancestor’s stern expression to dissolve into exasperation within a few moments. He was clear that his strict demeanor was of no use on his daughter.

The Martial Ancestor’s gaze turned to Mu Chen. A smile appeared on his face as he said, “Young Friend Mu Chen, thank you for protecting my daughter.”

Mu Chen was a little embarrassed. Had he known that the two young ladies’ dads were staring at the place, he wouldn’t have had to be a hero.

Looking at Mu Chen’s awkward appearance, the Martial Ancestor seemed to know what he was thinking and shook his head. “This is not useless work,” he said. “At that moment, even we could not stop it immediately. With their strength, they would not have been able to stop the Demon Emperor’s power, so we should thank you.”

“Really?” Upon hearing this, Mu Chen laughed sheepishly and scratched his head.

“Well, what Brother Lin says makes perfect sense.” A chuckle rumbled as the Flame Emperor also appeared in front of him. He patted Mu Chen on the shoulder, then looked at the Martial Ancestor and smiled. “Brother Lin, we have not seen each other for many years. I hope you have been well.”

In this vast Great Thousand World, there were not many people whom the Flame Emperor held in high regard, but the Martial Ancestor was one of them. Over the years, both had had to clamp down on the Extraterritorial Race, so they seldom met each other. However, they shared the same admiration and respect for one another.

“Brother Xiao.” Facing the Flame Emperor’s courtesy, the Martial Ancestor also clasped his fists in greeting. He then raised his palm, and sealed in the green light, there was a ferocious evil face exuding an immensely evil aura.

The Flame Emperor stared at the sealed Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor as he stated gravely, “This fellow is odd indeed.”

“Haha, the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor is indeed not simple.” The Martial Ancestor smiled, saying, “In the ancient times, he was able to rank in the top ten of the Extraterritorial Race.”

The Flame Emperor was surprised, as the top ten of the Extraterritorial Race was a great threat even for them. However, the strength shown by the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor did not seem to be enough to hold this position, even if he was in bad shape.

“In ancient times, the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor had a different name.” The Martial Ancestor paused before continuing, “That is the Nine Corpse Heaven Demon Emperor.”

Mu Chen and the others were stunned as they murmured in confusion, “Nine Corpse Heaven Demon Emperor?”

The Flame Emperor looked thoughtful as he pondered. “In a sense, the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor is not one man, but nine! Nine Demon Emperors!”

The Martial Ancestor stared at the green light in his hand and slowly said, “The Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor came from the Demonic Devouring Clan of the Extraterritorial Race. At the beginning, there were nine Demon Emperors in this monstrous clan. They were seeking the best means and integrated themselves into one being, and the strength of the monstrous entity was unmatched.”

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen was horrified. If so, when they launched an attack on the Ancient Celestial Palace, the Heavenly Emperor had faced nine Demon Emperors and not one?!

The Martial Ancestor smiled and said, “If this was not the case, then how else would it be possible to defeat the Heavenly Emperor, who had cultivated the Qi Into Trinity, by virtue of one Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor’s power?

“In the beginning, the Heavenly Emperor, relying on the Qi Into Trinity, destroyed seven Demon Emperors. But in the end, he had exhausted himself and could only seal the remaining two. The Demonic Heart that the Flame Emperor had sensed had shattered was the eighth demon he exploded. Thus, it was possible to escape.”

Mu Chen and the others were stunned, and they finally realized how terrifying the Extraterritorial Race was. They were able to use such creepy means to birth such a horrible existence. No wonder even the Heavenly Emperor could only seal it with his last efforts.

This also proved how formidable the Heavenly Emperor was. Facing an extremely powerful Demon Emperor with nine combined into one, not only could he destroy seven, he still managed to seal the remaining two. He was worthy to be the Heavenly Emperor, indeed.

“I see.” The Flame Emperor nodded as realization dawned on him. His expression was solemn as he knew that even if it had been him facing such an unsettling supreme Demon Emperor, he would have had to be extremely cautious. No wonder the Nine Corpse Heaven Demon Emperor could rank in the top ten of the Extraterritorial Race.

“We cannot allow such a character to escape. It would be akin to letting a tiger return to his mountains.”

The Martial Ancestor nodded in agreement and smiled. “This monster is doomed today. If both of us join forces, there is no way he will escape.” The Martial Ancestor’s tone was nonchalant, but between his words, there was a kind of dominance.

Facing his dominance, Mu Chen and the others thought it was natural. Even if he had returned to the state of the Nine Corpse Heaven Demon Emperor, not to mention the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor’s current miserable state, once he had fallen into the hands of the two men in front of him, he would still have to perish.

“However, to kill this Demon, the Heavenly Emperor should take greatest merit. Now that we will eradicate it completely, the Heavenly Emperor should also be present.” The Flame Emperor smiled.

The Martial Ancestor nodded gently in agreement.

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen and Mandela’s hearts jolted. Listening to the meaning in their words, did that mean that the Heavenly Emperor had not truly fallen?!

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