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Chapter 1190: Flame Emperor, Xiao Yan

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A languid chuckle seemed to ring from beyond the void and reverberated in the heavens and earth. Suddenly, endless flames ignited from out of the blue, their terribly scorching heat enveloping the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery.

Amid this unbearable heat, the Demonic Energy that permeated throughout the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery evaporated at an astonishing speed. The Demonic Dragons, which spelt trouble for even Earthly Sovereigns, screeched in pain, while flames engulfed their bodies and immediately reduced them to ashes.

This sudden change came as a surprise to everyone present. They looked on in utter shock. As the endless flames roared and burned vibrantly, they gave off a chilling sense of danger.

In the midst of the sea of fire, a lithe figure walked out slowly. Every step he took, it was as if the space trembled, seemingly unable to bear his arrival.

The man was dressed in black. He was tall and smiled lazily. Flames were ablaze all over his body, as if he was a God of Fire who was full of inexplicable authority.

Before he appeared, the world was shrouded in the Demon Emperor’s Demonic Energy, trembling and crouching beneath its power. However, when the man in black appeared, everyone could feel the infestation of Demonic Energy rapidly melting away. Even the monstrous power of the Demon Emperor was being suppressed!

All of the strong men in heaven and earth looked at the approaching man in shock. As this man in black had been able to suppress the power of the Demon Emperor, this meant that his identity must be extraordinary. Such an existence must be renowned, even in the Great Thousand World!

As the powerful men pondered, their eyes widened and stared at the man in disbelief.

“He is the Flame Emperor of Endless Fire Territory!” Finally, one member in the crowd with an extraordinary understanding identified the him!

Everyone was stunned by this revelation. After all, in this Great Thousand World, the Flame Emperor of the Endless Fire Territory was a legendary existence. In fact, he was truly one of the most powerful Sovereigns!

Moreover, the Endless Fire Territory that he created had become a supreme power in the Great Thousand World in just a few hundred years. Its legacy was equal to even the Ancient God Clans’.

Moreover, although there were many reputable Sovereigns from the Tianluo Continent present, none of the could compare to the Endless Fire Territory! With the Endless Fire Territory’s strength and legacy, even if the Flame Emperor did not strike, his presence alone would be enough to wreck all of the forces of the Tianluo Continent!

Such a legendary figure was normally secretive and did not show himself in public. As such, even if you wanted to meet him, there was usually no way of locating him. However, he had unexpectedly appeared, naturally shocking everyone!

Mu Chen looked up at the tall figure in shock, then asked, “So, is that really the Flame Emperor?”

He looked at the man in black. He looked languid, but had a majestic aura. It was like an indescribable force that felt as if the heavens and the earth were collapsing. This was true power!

From behind Mu Chen, Xiao Xiao also lifted her face to look at the figure. She was pouting, but her tense body quietly relaxed.

“Ah, ah, is that Sister Xiao Xiao’s father? Is that the Flame Emperor? Wow, I finally get to see him in the flesh!” Beside Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing was also wide-eyed and curious.

Xiao Xiao pouted and said, “Yes, a horrible dad who will only make an appearance at the crucial moment!”

“Hey, you spoiled child. I didn’t mean to come so late! I needed some time to locate this place!” A voice suddenly rang out, while the space in front of the three girls distorted and the Flame Emperor appeared.

Xiao Xiao snorted lightly and ignored him. The Flame Emperor smiled and ruffled Xiao Xiao’s hair, then greeted Lin Jing and Nine Nether. The two girls were stupefied at his gentle demeanor.

“I’ll take care of it. Y’all made a big mess this time.” The Flame Emperor smiled, then came to stand beside Mu Chen.

He looked at Mu Chen, then patted him on the shoulder, laughing. “Well done, little brother, you’re a good man.”

Mu Chen obviously did not expect this legendary figure, who could cause the whole world to shake with one stomp of his foot, to speak to him in such an unpretentious and friendly manner. He scratched his head sheepishly and replied awkwardly, “Well, I couldn’t just let the girls die in front of me!”

Upon hearing this, the Flame Emperor looked at Mu Chen with admiration, then nodded and smiled. “Thank you for saving Xiao Xiao. I will remember this favor in the future.”

He then said with a smile before Mu Chen could reply, “But let me take care of this now…”

As Mu Chen was not pretentious, he simply nodded his head and retreated. After all, this level of confrontation was something he could only dream of at his current stage.

As Mu Chen retreated, the Flame Emperor stepped forward. As he approached, the Demon Emperor’s mocking expression vanished, leaving him with a somber look on his face. Clearly, he sensed the rather dangerous aura that was emanating from the Flame Emperor.

“The Great Thousand World barely survived after most of the powerful Sovereigns had fallen protecting it. But now, someone like you has appeared! What a pity…” the Demon Emperor murmured. If it would have only been an ordinary Heavenly Sovereign who had appeared today, he was confident that he could have retreated safely. However, he was not at his peak now, so this could mean trouble.

The Flame Emperor smiled and said, “Well, out of the ‘Heaven, Spirit, and Nether’ ranks, which one do you belong to?”

The supposed “Heaven, Spirit, and Nether” were the three ranks of Demon Emperors in the Extraterritorial Race, but this kind of information was completely unknown to ordinary Sovereigns of the Great Thousand World.

“I didn’t expect you to know so much about my Extraterritorial Race.” The Demon Emperor was surprised when he heard his words.

The Flame Emperor flicked his fingers, causing flames to emerge from them. “No less than ten Demon Emperors have fallen at my hands throughout these last years, so how could I not know?” he asked nonchalantly.

Everyone’s expressions changed upon hearing his words, and they started to look at him with awe and respect. The Demon Emperor’s pupils contracted. At this moment, he knew that the man in front of him was the real enemy of their Extraterritorial Race, as he was even more dangerous than the Heavenly Emperor now!

He took a deep breath, his gaze darkening. “I am the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor!”

The Flame Emperor’s gaze flickered and he sighed. “So, you’re a Heaven-ranked Demon Emperor. It’s no wonder that you could compete with the former Heavenly Emperor.”

A Heaven-ranked Demon Emperor, was one of the best, even among the Demon Emperors.

“Who are you?” The Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor asked in a low tone.

Behind him, the ghastly Demonic Energy gradually surged, while the space began to shatter apart. The Flame Emperor then lifted his palm, while brilliant flames condensed within it. The flames then gradually turned into a slowly rotating Flame Lotus.

He smiled at the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor and said nonchalantly, “Flame Emperor, Xiao Yan.”

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