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Chapter 1189: The Demonic Emperor Awakens

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The crisp sound of a sword echoed between heaven and earth as the sword song spread, forming visible sound wave ripples.

It was at this moment that hundreds of millions of sword light sparkles sprayed out. The light seemed extremely gentle and did not appear to have much destructive power, but when it emanated, the Earthly Sovereigns felt palpitations in their hearts. They had no doubt that if they were caught in the light of the sword, they would disappear in an instant.

What a mighty artifact it was…

Amid shocked glances, Lu Heng froze as he looked at this scene and could not help but murmur, “What… How?!” Wasn’t the Heavenly Emperor the only one who could pull out the Celestial Emperor Sword? Why is it that a boy who is only a Complete Grade Nine can do it successfully?

Lu Heng’s gaze changed. Immediately, he glanced at the purple gold shadow behind Mu Chen, which was supposed to be his Sovereign Celestial Body, and he noticed a very strange aura.

That was an Immortal Aura. That aura meant that if even Mu Chen were to fall, this Sovereign Celestial Body would still resist the erosion of time and was eternal.

“That is… the Immortal Golden Body?!” Lu Heng’s pupils shrank as he finally recognized the Sovereign Celestial Body. He had expected Garuda would have it, but unfortunately, Garuda, whom he had high hopes for, was defeated in the battle with Mu Chen.

It was apparent that Mu Chen had succeeded.

Mandela looked at Lu Heng, whose face twisted dramatically as she said nonchalantly, “In the Ancient Celestial Palace, the Heavenly Emperor once said the necessary condition for becoming his successor was to cultivate the Immortal Golden Body.

“To pull out the Celestial Emperor Sword, besides being the Heavenly Emperor, one has to obtain the approval of the Celestial Emperor Sword, and this recognition is the Immortal Golden Body.

“However, no one in the Ancient Celestial Palace was able to cultivate the Immortal Golden Body, so it was gradually forgotten. Those who came along the way naturally would not know these secrets.” Mandela sneered coldly as she finished. She clasped her fingers and innumerable dark flower runes erupted, entangling the Devil’s Mouth so it could no longer exert its power.

At the same time, her low roar rang in Mu Chen’s ears. “Mu Chen, do it!”

At the sound of Mandela’s roar, Mu Chen grasped the Celestial Emperor Sword in his hands tightly, and he could feel the terrible force that was flowing within it. Compared with it, the Divine Wind Fan was as tiny and weak as a firefly.

Of course, he was aware that with his current strength, even if he poured out his spiritual energy unreservedly, even exhausting his own flesh and blood, he would not be able to activate the Celestial Emperor Sword in the slightest.

Fortunately, the Celestial Emperor Sword also seemed to be aware of the gradual recovery of the Demonic Emperor, so there was no need for Mu Chen’s control. The sword shook as the sword song soared into the sky.


Ten thousand beams of sword light surged as the Celestial Emperor Sword transformed into a beam of sword light and charged together with Mu Chen. That speed was indescribably swift. Even those who were present could see only a ray of light passing through the void, and there was no way to see its track.

At this terrifying speed, the Celestial Emperor Sword appeared almost instantly before the “Heavenly Emperor.” The sword blade trembled before stabbing into its body to seal it again.


The sword blade stabbed into the flesh body, but Mu Chen’s face changed, because he suddenly found that standing in front of his eyes was not the “Heavenly Emperor,” but Lu Heng!

The Celestial Emperor Sword pierced Lu Heng’s body as the terrifying crystal sword light surged and cracks instantly appeared on his body.

To Mu Chen’s horror, Lu Heng, who was supposed to be in the other direction, had appeared in front of him strangely, and his face was colored with disbelief and pain. Clearly, he hadn’t wanted to run out and block the destructive sword with his flesh. If it wasn’t him doing it voluntarily, was it the Demonic Emperor?!

Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed suddenly, and then he saw that in the distance, Mandela and the faces of many of the most powerful had become horrified. It was as if they had seen something that frightened them.


As Mu Chen’s heart was in a state of turmoil, a fair, slender palm suddenly laid gently on his shoulder from behind Lu Heng.

“Haha, you did a good job.” A gentle laughter rang from behind Lu Heng, and then a long-haired figure clad in green robes appeared. He was the “Heavenly Emperor!”

At this time, his eyes had opened completely. His pitch dark eyes radiated an extremely evil aura between heaven and earth.

He had really resurrected!

Lu Heng turned his head with much difficulty as he looked at the “Heavenly Emperor.” His lips moved, and he seemed to be begging for help as the sword aura in his body was destroying him.

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t let my meritorious official die easily.” The “Heavenly Emperor” smiled and then clapped his palms again. Endless black Demonic Energy poured out of his palms and poured madly into Lu Heng’s body, dissipating the destructive sword aura inside him.

However, although he helped to drive out Lu Heng’s sword aura, the latter’s body was now completely demonized. The surface of his body was covered with ferocious demonic runes, and that monstrous Demonic Energy had transformed Lu Heng’s body. Lu Heng also felt that the spiritual energy in his body was rapidly eroded, eventually turning into evil Demonic Energy.

The world had begun to resist and reject him to the point that he could no longer draw spiritual power from heaven and earth. He was now regarded as an outcast in the Great Thousand World.

Aware of his own changes, Lu Heng’s gaze flickered, but he finally bowed humbly to the “Heavenly Emperor” and said, “Thank you, my lord, for giving me a chance at rebirth!”

When Lu Heng’s internal sword aura had been driven out, Mu Chen also immediately drew the sword out and retreated swiftly. His expression was somber, as the Demon Emperor was resurrected. By now, the present situation was completely out of their control.

Mandela’s face was tense, and the others had panicked expressions. The man before them was a Demon Emperor of the Extraterritorial Race!

Even the Heavenly Emperor, who was one of the pinnacles of the Great Thousand World, could only seal such a terrible existence away. Now that he had escaped, they were utter prey.

After demonizing Lu Heng, the Demon Emperor stretched lazily as he smiled and said, “This Heavenly Emperor was a formidable character indeed. Qi Into Trinity was domineering. If I wasn’t lucky, I would really have been annihilated by him.”

As he spoke, his dark eyes turned to the most powerful men present as he said, satisfied, “But it is a pleasure to be able to see so much blood sustenance the moment I have resurrected.”


Many powerful men’s expressions twisted dramatically as the spiritual energy in their bodies erupted wildly. They retreated swiftly as they escaped from the Celestial Emperor Cemetery.

However, facing their escape, the monstrous Demon Emperor laughed mockingly at them. He then opened his mouth, and a thick and violent Demonic Energy swept through like a storm, catching up with the powerful men who had escaped. The Demonic Energy surged, and those caught in it screamed in agony and then surged backwards in a torrent of flesh and blood that was swallowed by the Demon Emperor.

“It took me much effort to be resurrected. Let me have a full meal first.” The Demon Emperor laughed and immediately stretched out his palm. A myriad of Demonic Energy torrents swept out, transforming into Demonic Dragons. They roared at the powerful men present and devoured them.

The heavens and earth descended into chaos.

Mandela was also caught by dozens of Demonic Pythons. Even by virtue of her power as a Complete Earthly Sovereign, she could only manage self-preservation.


Mu Chen brandished the Celestial Emperor Sword in his hands. Although unable to use its strength, with its own power, he was barely able to save himself. However, he was also in an embarrassed state.

In this chaos, the Demon Emperor was smiling, and every time he lifted his hand, there was a torrent of Demonic Energy that swept a powerful man into his mouth. He then chewed the person up and devoured him.

After swallowing several Lower Earthly Sovereigns in succession, his gaze locked onto Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, and Nine Nether. He immediately smiled and said, “How delicate you all are. Let me see whether your flesh and blood is fresh and tender.”

He chuckled, and with a flick of his fingers, suddenly a Demonic Gas ribbon tore through the void and enveloped the three ladies. Aware of this sudden destructive attack, the ladies’ faces twisted. In the face of this existence, they did not even have a chance to escape.


However, just when the torrent of Demonic Energy suddenly swept through, Mu Chen rushed out. He stood in front of the three women, grasping the Celestial Emperor Sword tightly. There was a surge of gold light on the sword blade.


The torrent of Demonic Energy washed down as Mu Chen’s shirt was reduced to powder. As the Demonic Energy passed, it was like an unparalleled sharp blade, carving out deep bloody gashes in his body. If not for the Celestial Emperor Sword protecting him with the sword light, he would have long been turned to dust by the onslaught of Demonic Energy. Even so, his body trembled wildly, apparently on the verge of collapsing. If he collapsed, he would perish.

Behind him, Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, and Nine Nether saw Mu Chen being attacked severely by the Demonic Energy, and their expressions were colored with fear and worry.

Worried and anxious voices rang out. “Mu Chen!”

His eyes were blood red, and he roared fiercely, “Go!” He had no spare strength and could only buy time as much as he could for the three women to withdraw. Although he knew it was a futile attempt, it was impossible to watch the three women die in front of him. Even if they died, he would die first.

“Haha, what a moving scene… Since you want to die first, then die.” The Demon Emperor looked at the scene with a smile and then flicked his finger. Endless amounts of Demonic Gas roared and surged like a storm, threatening to annihilate Mu Chen.

This time, in the face of the ferocious Demonic Gas, even Mu Chen felt a sense of desperation. Such an existence could just take a slight look at him, and he would be reduced to dust.


As the Demonic Gas surged and filled his eyes, Mu Chen’s gaze turned dim.

Is this the end?


Mu Chen’s eyelids gradually closed under the onslaught of Demonic Gas, and in the moment when his sight was about to turn completely dark, suddenly there seemed to be a roar between heaven and earth. Endless fire then swept out of nowhere, and the fire was indescribably domineering. Even the terrible Demonic Gas was rapidly burned and evaporated under the flames.


It seemed to be a meteor of burning flames, penetrating the space and falling directly in front of Mu Chen…

The flames began to spread, and Mu Chen’s drooping eyelids finally opened. At last he saw clearly what was ahead of him. There was a huge black ruler, quietly embedded in the ground. A blaze of fire burned above the ruler as the Demonic Gas evaporated completely.

At the same time, a slightly languid laugh reverberated in the world.

“Hey, even if you are a Demonic Emperor, you can’t bully my precious daughter like this, can you?”

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