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Chapter 1187: Unforeseen Circumstances

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The huge square, although hidden in the mountains, had now been exposed to everyone with the collapse of the mountain top. In the middle of the square, a figure immediately attracted all the attention.

It was a man clad in green robes. He was handsome and had a tall build. He simply stood there, but still radiated a majestic aura that seemed to dominate the heavens and earth. Where he stood seemed like a special space that transformed and distorted according to his thoughts.

All the powerful men present looked at the figure. Regardless whether it was a Lower Earthly Sovereign or Mandela, who had just attained a breakthrough to Complete Earthly Sovereign, when they saw the figure, the spiritual energy within them could not help but vibrate at this time.

As for those beneath the rank of Earthly Sovereign, the spiritual energy in their bodies rioted. As they spat out mouthfuls of blood, they averted their gazes in horror. That existence, even just looking at him, would injure them. What terrible force was this?

Not even Mandela could have that kind of power. Thus, there was only one possibility regarding the identity of that green-robed figure… He was the legendary founder of the Ancient Celestial Palace, one of the invincible masters in the Great Thousand World in the Primordial Age, the Heavenly Emperor!

The entire Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery was enveloped in dead silence. All the strong men were staring at the green-robed figure, obviously shocked by his aura. This shock lasted for a long time before they gradually came back to their senses.

Some trembling voices rang with a strong reverence and a hint of greed, “That’s… that’s the Heavenly Emperor!”

These aces of Tianluo Continent were so eager to come to the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery because they naturally were attracted by the Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance. In other words, they coveted the Heavenly Emperor’s Rare Super Power, Qi Into Trinity!

If they could obtain it, they would certainly be able to become the pinnacle of the Great Thousand World in the future and step into the Heavenly Sovereign-level.

“Is that the Heavenly Emperor?” Mu Chen was also shocked as he looked at the figure. Who could have thought this hidden Heavenly Emperor had unexpectedly been exposed by Mandela and Lu Heng’s battle.

Behind Mu Chen, Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, and Nine Nether stared curiously.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The silence between heaven and earth was broken at this time. After seeing the Heavenly Emperor’s figure, many of the powerful men could not bear it anymore, and immediately burst out and appeared on the periphery of the huge mountain.

Lu Heng glanced at Mandela but also quickly stepped back and approached the periphery. Mandela did not stop him this time. She just stared at the green-robed figure, complex emotions surging in her dark eyes.

In the past, the young Mandela was brought back from the void by the Heavenly Emperor. At that time, she was already dying but was forcibly rescued by the Heavenly Emperor. She had cultivated in the Ancient Celestial Palace since then.

When the Extraterritorial Race attacked, she also wanted to fight but was temporarily sealed by the Heavenly Emperor. Thus, she escaped the fate of destruction together with the Ancient Celestial Palace. The Heavenly Emperor was akin to a father or a brother to her. However, when she had awakened, everything had changed…

The Ancient Celestial Palace was destroyed, and the Heavenly Emperor had disappeared. Even she had been assaulted and injured severely by Lu Heng and had to run away, resulting in memory loss. However, she would not allow that traitor Lu Heng to obtain the Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance no matter what!

Mandela clenched her fists as murderous intent flashed in her eyes. She then soared into the air and headed straight towards the mountain.

Mu Chen and the others immediately followed.

All the strong men converged beyond the mountain, and as they approached, they found that there were other things beside the Heavenly Emperor.

In the Heavenly Emperor’s hand was a long crystal-like sword. It was unusually simple, like a blunt and rough sword prototype, but anyone could detect the terrifying power emanating from this crystal sword.

A cold light reflected off of the crystal sword, and every beam of light was capable of cutting through space, hinting at its terrifying power. The crystal sword was under the Heavenly Emperor’s foot. There was a black head about half a foot in size. It was rotten, and only a dark skull could be seen. However, it was this seemingly decayed dark skull that made everyone present feel an unsettling chill, as if it contained an indescribable evil.

“That crystal sword… Is it the legendary Celestial Emperor’s Sword? It is said to be above the rank of Sacred Objects…”

“Is that black skull the Demon Emperor who invaded Tianluo Continent then?”

“It seems that the Heavenly Emperor and the Demon Emperor perished together…”


Many of the strong men looked at the scene in the square and whispered. Some of their gazes flickered as they were tempted to take action.

Whether it was the legendary Celestial Emperor’s Sword or the Rare Super Power, Qi Into Trinity, or even the Heavenly Emperor’s remains, they held a temptation for people that could easily make them lose their rationality.

However, just as some people were ready to move, Mandela’s cold voice suddenly resonated. “I would advise everyone not to make a rash move. This is an eerie place, and no one knows what happened at that time. If you trigger something, I am afraid we will all perish here!”

Many of the strong men were a little stunned and hesitant. After all, this place was eerie, and the Heavenly Emperor’s remains and the evil dark skull were indeed unsettling.

In the midst of the hesitation, a cold laugh rang out. “Hey, Mandela, are you trying to take the Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance and the Celestial Emperor’s Sword for yourself?”

The crowd looked as they saw that it was Lu Heng who had spoken.

Hearing this, some aces frowned as they glanced at Mandela suspiciously. After all, for the Rare Super Power, even a true Heavenly Sovereign would be tempted, let alone a Complete Earthly Sovereign.

“Dominator of Daluo Territory, although you have made a breakthrough now, you are not the only Complete Earthly Sovereign on Tianluo Continent. Don’t go too far.” Some of those powerful men finally made a noise, and the voice came from someone who had a strong background.

Among his forces was an old monster who was also a Complete Earthly Sovereign. Although he had not yet arrived at the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery, if it was an emergency, he also had a special way of arriving. Thus, although others feared Mandela, he dared to question her.

Seeing someone speak up, many others then followed suit. With such a temptation, Mandela was clearly unlikely to deter everyone.

Mandela looked at the crowd’s reaction. Her little face turned grave, and she wanted to say something. However, she was stopped by Mu Chen because in the present situation, any obstruction was of no use. If she did so forcefully, it would provoke public anger, and in time, even Mandela would not be able to defeat so many powerful men. Not to mention, these powerful men had a background that was no less than the North Territory Alliance’s.

Not far away, Lu Heng smirked at Mandela’s silence.


The standoff didn’t last long, as it was broken by something whistling sharply through the wind as a few Lower Earthly Sovereigns charged out. Their goal was very clear. It was not the Celestial Emperor’s Sword but the remains of the Heavenly Emperor.

After all, the Celestial Emperor’s Sword was inserted into the evil skull, and no one was sure what would happen if they pulled it out. Thus, they decided not to touch the Celestial Emperor’s Sword but instead targeted the remains of the Heavenly Emperor. Perhaps, the Rare Super Power, Qi Into Trinity, was on the Heavenly Emperor.

The Lower Earthly Sovereigns were extremely fast, but some of the more rational top players did not stop them. Apparently, they intended to let others test the waters first.

Several silhouettes appeared almost instantaneously beside the Heavenly Emperor, and then grabbed him and retreated sharply. The Heavenly Emperor’s palm was separated from the Celestial Emperor’s Sword and was forcefully torn away.

Mu Chen and the others glanced at his remains as they tensed and were on guard. To their surprise, however, everything was extraordinarily calm, and there was no change. Many of the most powerful were quietly relieved to see this, as greed flashed in their glances. They were obviously ready to start fighting.


However, it was at this moment that a ghostly figure suddenly appeared in front of the several Lower Earthly Sovereigns who had pulled at the Heavenly Emperor’s remains. He dealt out a punch, and a horrifying power like exploding stars erupted, causing the space to shatter. Numerous space shards gathered on its fist as it brutally bombarded a Lower Earthly Sovereign’s chest.


A deep voice rang out as the Lower Earthly Sovereign’s body instantly burst apart into bloody smithereens.

Boom! Boom!

The figure dealt another punch as it easily annihilated one of the Lower Earthly Sovereigns. It then moved swiftly and violently, immediately destroying the other two Lower Earthly Sovereigns, reducing them to bloody chunks.

When the third Lower Earthly Sovereign was killed, many of the powerful men reacted as their faces suddenly changed. When they looked at the ghostly figure, shock surged in their eyes.

The man who had struck was Lu Heng!

“Lu Heng, what are you doing?” Many powerful men roared in fury. Was Lu Heng trying to offend everyone there?

However, in the face of many powerful men, Lu Heng grinned. However, his smile seemed particularly ferocious. He tilted his head slightly, and with a wave of his sleeves, the bloody smithereens surged.

The three Lower Earthly Sovereigns’ flesh and blood surged, and a terrifying thing happened. The Heavenly Emperor’s mouth opened and swallowed the torrent of flesh and blood into his body.

This horrifying scene caused chills to run down everyone’s spines.

What the hell was going on?!

The entire cemetery fell into a dead silence.

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