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Chapter 1185: The Great Completion

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“It seems like Garuda has fallen at your hands.” A gentle voice came through, calm and steady, but Mu Chen tensed up under the gentle gaze because he could feel that there was a sense of danger surrounding him.

He looked up steadily at the figure that came out from nowhere. It was Mandela’s archenemy, the rumored mount of the Heavenly Emperor in the Ancient Celestial Palace.

The elegant man had a perfect appearance. His facial features were as if carved in marble, chiseled to perfection. His eyes were as dark as the night sky, exuding a great charm. This elegant man was the Saint Demon King of this Saint Demon Palace, Lu Heng!

As Mu Chen was nervously staring at Lu Heng, a petite figure appeared right in front of him, blocking off the dangerous atmosphere coming from Lu Heng. Looking at Mandela blocking in front of Mu Chen, Lu Heng smiled and said gently, “Rest assured, Garuda was just not as skilled as others. I would not have anything to say even if he failed.”

He then turned to Mandela and said, “As for you Mandela, I don’t think it is necessary to be aggressive after so many years?”

Mandela replied calmly, “You used to be the Heavenly Emperor’s mount, but you chose to retreat when confronted by the enemy in the war years ago. You have placed the Heavenly Emperor in shame.”

As the words came out of Mandela’s mouth, many top fighters there suddenly looked at Lu Heng in shock. They did not expect that he had such a background. Furthermore, during the ambush in the Ancient Celestial Palace by the Extraterritorial Race, Lu Heng even abandoned his master and escaped. This was truly ridiculous.

Mandela’s words pierced directly into Lu Heng’s heart, turning his gentle face stiff. His expression gradually recovered. He then smiled and whispered, “Mandela, it seems like you are looking for your own death. You were fortunate enough to escape from death last time, but I’m afraid you won’t have the chance again.”


As soon as he finished talking, a powerful spiritual energy burst out from his body, generating enough force to collapse the space, breaking it into countless space fragments surrounding Lu Heng.

Many frowned as they saw such powerful spiritual energy going amok from his body. Such was the spiritual energy level possessed by an Upper Earthly Sovereign.

“Emperor Xia, it seems like we can join hands temporarily.” Lu Heng turned to Emperor Xia and smiled.

Once the Saint Demon Palace joined forces with the Great Xia Dynasty, even the North Territory Alliance would not stand a chance.

Xia Yu was calm. He did not know Lu Heng well, but he would not refuse his proposal at the moment. He then turned to Mandela and said, “Bring me the kid. Otherwise, you will get to taste the consequences.”

At this time, the five Lower Earthly Sovereigns who were standing behind Mandela looked pale as if they were ill. They apparently did not expect that Mandela would be enemies with the Saint Demon King.

If the Saint Demon Palace were to join forces with the Great Xia Dynasty, such a lineup would surpass the North Territory Alliance. After all, they had two genuine Upper Earthly Sovereigns. During a battle, only one of them needed to entangle Mandela, whereby another Upper Earthly Sovereign could cast a devastating blow on them.

Therefore, they could not help but stare at Mandela. According to their thoughts, it was the best choice to hand over Mu Chen because it was unwise to fight with the two top forces just to protect a Ninth Grade Sovereign.

However, Mandela’s face did not falter under their nervous stares. She only plainly scanned Emperor Xia and said, “You must be dreaming if I agreed to hand Mu Chen over to you. If you want a war, then bring it on.”

Five of the Lower Earthly Sovereigns from the North Territory Alliance went pale as they heard what she said. They could not understand why Mandela wanted to protect Mu Chen so badly. With only a Ninth Grade Sovereign level, Mu Chen did not deserve such protection.

“Haha! Great! Great!” As Emperor Xia heard the words, his anger turned into laughter. He simply could not believe that Mandela could be so irrational. She would rather fight against the top forces from both sides to keep Mu Chen safe.

If he were to pretend nothing had happened today, the reputation of the Great Xia Dynasty would be heavily affected because after all, they were unable to take revenge after their crown prince was slaughtered. It would be impossible for other forces to seek refuge from the Great Xia Dynasty.

Emperor Xia screamed, “Since you are stubborn, well, I, the emperor, should test the true power of the North Territory Alliance!” The spiritual energy surrounding him became more and more terrifying.

Lin Jing, who had been standing behind Mu Chen, could not help asking quietly after observing the situation, “Hey, is everything going to be fine?” After all, the current situation had placed Daluo Territory at a disadvantage.

“Do not worry.” Mu Chen smiled as he heard the words. He turned and looked at Mandela, and at the same time, Mandela was looking at him. He gently nodded at Mandela as he waved his sleeves. An endless sparkling light burst out and turned into an Ancient Divine Flower. An endless dark light emerged from the flower, causing the daylight to fade away.

The sudden appearance of the Ancient Divine Flower instantly attracted countless shocked stares in the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery, especially those of the top fighters. Their expressions twisted greatly as they sensed the terrifying fluctuation from within the Ancient Divine Flower.

“You!” Lu Heng’s pupils shrank as he yelled, “You have found the actual body!”

His face was inscrutable. In order to hinder them from getting the actual body, Lu Heng had paid a Lower Earthly Sovereign a huge amount to enter the Ancient Celestial Palace. However, it seemed like he had failed to stop them.

“Is that the Ancient Mandala Flower?” At this time, some other top fighters had finally recognized the dark flower, and they exclaimed, “The actual body of the chief of the North Territory Alliance is the Ancient Mandala Flower?!”

Facing the outrageous shock from the public, Mandela did not care about them. She stared at the gorgeous flower in front of her, and her cold face started to show a sense of excitement. She carefully stroked the Mandala Flower. The flower did not resist her touch and instead, the dark runes around its stem began to glow more brightly, as if the flower was regenerating.

Mandela looked over and said to Mu Chen, “Thank you.”

Although she had not followed Mu Chen, she could understand that Mu Chen had gone through countless hardships just to bring back her actual body. Such a tie meant much to her.

“You would not be able to protect me if you did not break through, considering how good I am at getting in trouble!” Mu Chen nodded and smiled. He had ruffled up the Great Xia Dynasty, and if they couldn’t figure a way out, they would be placed at a disadvantage. Mu Chen had to do something to compensate for his own trouble, since the incident had already happened.

Mandela smiled and walked directly towards the gorgeous flower without hesitating. At the same time, the flower bloomed and opened up its petals, allowing Mandela to enter into its heart.

“Stop her!” Lu Heng yelled.


Xia Yu and Lu Heng struck out at the same time. The two spiritual energies burst out from the sky like a river, piercing through the void and crashing directly onto the Mandala Flower.

However, the Mandala Flower stretched out its petals, and with the dark light from within, it swallowed up the lights causing the two spiritual energy flows to disappear by the time they contacted each other.

By looking at the unbelievable dark light, Lu Heng and Emperor Xia’s expressions became extremely awful.

Some fighters couldn’t help saying out loud, “That is the Ancient Mandala Flower’s dark light. Rumors say it can neutralize every attack.” After all, the Ancient Mandala Flower was extremely rare, and it would be uncommon to achieve such a level through cultivation.

“The Dominator of Daluo Territory is so powerful that she managed to stop the attacks from the two Upper Earthly Sovereigns. Well, it seems like another master will be born on the Tianluo Continent.”

The five Lower Earthly Sovereigns from the North Territory Alliance were stunned and speechless when they saw what had happened. They did not expect that Mandela had achieved such a powerful level, because few years ago, she was still at a lower level compared to them.

Dark light kept on blooming from the Mandala Flower as Mandela’s body became transient, eventually fusing with the flower completely.


At the moment when the two were completely fused, a huge dark light of 1,000,000 feet burst into the sky. A tremendous spiritual force raged, and an indescribable oppression emerged from it.

A chanting of Sanskrit scripture seemed to be coming out from the void, resonating in the atmosphere. The fascinating flower spread its petals as if it were dancing happily. Every time it danced, the heaven and earth trembled a little.

All of the top fighters were feeling the oppression coming out from the dark light. Their expressions completely changed, and they could not help but struggle.

This was because such spiritual oppression had already surpassed the level of an Upper Earthly Sovereign!

That was… The great completion of an Earthly Sovereign!

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