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Chapter 1183: The Celestial Emperor's Cemetery

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This was a deserted mountain range. Not even a blade of grass grew on it. It was as if it had been destroyed by a destructive energy wave. It had been lifeless for thousands of years.


At this time, the space above the mountain suddenly twisted, and a slender figure stepped out and stood high up in the sky. This figure was Mu Chen, who had left the Hidden Scripture Pavilion. After the Great Solar Undying Body had successfully evolved to an Immortal Golden Body, he obviously had no reason to stay there.

Mu Chen came out and scanned the area. He looked at the deserted mountain and was slightly terrified. He looked dignified because he could feel that there was an extremely terrifying power hidden within the mountain. There seemed to be two different powers that were completely different and that were confronting each other.

“What terrifying powers…” Mu Chen’s face changed. It was just some residual energy after thousands of years. However, it was unexpectedly horrible. Because of this, the masters of these two powers was self-evident. Who could have such devastating power besides the Heavenly Emperor of the Ancient Celestial Palace and the Demon Emperor of the Extraterritorial Race?

“So this is how terrible it was…” Mu Chen sighed and then moved carefully forward. He was careful not to fall to the ground for fear of inadvertently awakening the powers and causing a devastating disaster.

He swiftly passed through this deserted mountain range. He blinked suddenly and looked up at the distant place. A few shadows appeared in the air, and the shadows carried familiar spiritual energy fluctuations.

“Hey, Mu Chen!”

When Mu Chen sensed the figures, they obviously sensed him immediately as well. They immediately stopped, and a sound of joy came from afar. It was apparently Lin Jing’s voice.

Mu Chen smiled slightly. The figure was flashing, and it appeared directly before him. It turned out to be Lin Jing, Xiao Xiao, and Nine Nether. The three ladies were all gathered together.

Seeing that Mu Chen was safe and sound, Lin Jing exclaimed with joy and laughter, “You are really slow. I thought something was wrong with you.”

Mu Chen smiled. “It seems that you have reaped much.” He looked at the three ladies, and the three of them looked happy, apparently satisfied with what they had gotten.

“Hmm?” Mu Chen looked at the three, and he was suddenly stunned. He stared strangely behind the ladies, because he realized there was a figure that was following them unhurriedly, yet closely. The figure also looked extremely familiar and had flaming hair. Who could that be other than Zhu Yan?

Zhu Yan felt unnatural, realizing that Mu Chen was looking at him, but he still followed, albeit not too closely.

“What is he doing?” Mu Chen asked. They were not very close with Zhu Yan. Why would he be following them?

Hearing Mu Chen’s question, Xiao Xiao’s ruddy lips could not help but curl up. Her beautiful eyes glanced at Zhu Yan coldly.

Lin Jing smiled and said, “Tee hee, that guy met Sister Xiao Xiao before and was taught a lesson. Maybe he went nuts after that and kept following us.”

The corners of Mu Chen’s lips twitched uncontrollably. It seemed that Zhu Yan had made a move on Xiao Xiao, but the result was not what he had expected. However, this also surprised Mu Chen. He had not expected Xiao Xiao’s hidden strength to be that powerful. Even one like Zhu Yan could not do anything to her. She was indeed the Flame Emperor’s daughter.

Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen and asked him suddenly, “Right, how about Garuda?” She clearly understood that Garuda was Mu Chen’s archenemy.

Mu Chen smiled and said, “I have finished him off already.”

“Finished him off?” Hearing what Mu Chen said, Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, and Nine Nether’s faces were frozen. They were no stranger to Garuda’s strength, so they naturally understood how difficult he was.

On the other side, there was a voice full of surprise and suspicion. “You finished off Garuda already? How is that possible?” It was Zhu Yan, who could not stay quiet.

At this time, he looked at Mu Chen suspiciously. After all, he had dealt with Garuda before, so it was clear this opponent was unfathomable. Although Garuda was only ranked third on the list of top powerful individuals in Tianluo Continent, Zhu Yan was clear that if they really duelled to the death, he might not be able to beat Garuda. But Mu Chen was now saying that he had finished Garuda off…

“Finished off means finished off… You should not be able to see this person in the future,” Mu Chen said briefly and did not explain further. After all, he did not need to brag about it.

“It seems like you are hiding quite a lot things.” After Xiao Xiao was surprised for a while, she chose to believe him.

Besides, she did not know why, but meeting Mu Chen again this time, even she could feel his danger. That feeling made her understand that Mu Chen might have had an enhancement that completely transformed him. She had confidence before that she could beat Mu Chen, but that confidence was now greatly reduced. The young man in front of her eyes had begun to seem somewhat incomprehensible to her.

Though he had been afraid of the strength of Zhu Yan, Xiao Xiao, and others, the fear had obviously disappeared completely now. This was due to his self-confidence. With the Immortal Golden Body, even if he truly fought with an Earthly Sovereign, he would be able to retreat safely. If confronting anyone below Earthly Sovereign, it could be said that he was invincible.

Xiao Xiao looked at the silent Mu Chen with her beautiful eyes with great interest. She did not ask much, but instead changed the topic. Pointing ahead she said, “From here on, we should be able to reach the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery.”

Hearing this, Mu Chen suddenly shivered. The Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery was the final destination of their trip to the Ancient Celestial Palace. It was rumored to be the final battlefield between the Heavenly Emperor of the Ancient Celestial Palace and the Demon Emperor. Besides, the top masters from all the clans would be there. At that time, the situation might become dangerous.

“If you really finished off Garuda, then you should be more careful of the Saint Demon King from the Saint Demon Palace. He will not let you go,” Zhu Yan reminded him suddenly.

Mu Chen had also killed Xia Yu, and so the Xia Emperor from the Great Xia Dynasty also would definitely hate him to the bone.

When Mu Chen heard it, he smiled at Zhu Yan and nodded in appreciation of his reminder, although he had expected this.

“Let’s go,” Xiao Xiao urged, apparently ignoring Zhu Yan. After nodding toward Mu Chen, Lin Jing, and Nine Nether, she transformed into a light beam and went ahead. Mu Chen and the other two also followed along immediately. Only Zhu Yan hesitated for a while but then followed along, too. He had to find a way to battle with Xiao Xiao again, as he was not pleased with his previous loss.

A group of people swept across the sky, and after about half an hour, they finally found out that the barren land they were on had gradually weathered, turning into sand.

They slowed down and looked ahead with grave faces. They could only see an endless cemetery in the distance. The cemetery’s surroundings were in ruin, and the whole space was shrouded by two terrible pressures. Under those pressures, even the heaven and the earth were shaking.

Mu Chen was staring at the cemetery, which was surrounded by broken space. He couldn’t help but take a deep breath, and his body gradually tensed. In his perception, the cemetery seemed like a real black hole, terrifying all who would witness it.

Was this the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery?

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