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Chapter 1182: The Immortal Golden Body

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When the Great Solar Undying Body marched into the golden magma lake, Mu Chen shuddered as he sat on the edge of the lake. Beads of cold sweat rolled down his forehead.

The instant he came into close contact with the Great Solar Undying body, he felt a clear surge of an indescribable terrifying force scouring the enormous body frantically. Then, he could see that the initially gigantic Great Solar Undying body was shrinking visibly, its layers slowly melting away.

This melting not only had an effect on the Great Solar Undying Body, but upon Mu Chen as well. Thus, an unspeakable pain surged through his body.

It was a pain that even Mu Chen could barely withstand. As he clenched his jaw, some blood seeped out of the corner of his lips.

His body wouldn’t stop convulsing and his eyes were bloodshot, but he endured it with all of his might. He knew that the Great Solar Undying Body was using the power from the magma lake to transform itself.

Thus, what he was experiencing was the torment of the transformation. If he failed to endure this, the transformation would be incomplete, so even if he did evolve into the Immortal Golden Body, it would not be complete!

If that were to happen, all these years of hard work would go to waste! Hence, this transformation has to be perfect!

Feeling the pressure, Mu Chen was drenched in sweat. Within the lake, the golden magma was still scouring the Great Solar Undying Body furiously. At this rate, the gigantic body was shrinking even more rapidly!

As the Great Solar Undying Body was decreasing in volume, its surface color was also experiencing changes. The initial dazzling gold color had grown deeper, even revealing a tiny hint of purple.

Behind the Great Solar Undying Body, the great sun melted into a golden liquid, then streamed down and covered the surface of the Great Solar Undying Body. Finally, due to the scouring of the magma lake, it started to melt into the large body.

Initially, when the Great Solar Undying Body had just gotten into the magma lake, it was a few ten thousand feet tall. But, within just ten minutes, it had shrunk to be no more than a thousand feet tall!

Although it was shrinking continuously, if one were observing it closely, they would notice that the power contained within this Sovereign Celestial Body was rising to an astonishing level. At this point, Mu Chen felt it too, which made his tormenting agony slightly easier to bear. At the very least, this reaction comforted him, as his suffering would be purposeful!

As he was dealing with the horrible agony of the transformation process, the concept of time seemed to disappear for Mu Chen. In time, Mu Chen gradually grew numb towards the pain.

However, this numbness wasn’t good! If he fell too deep into it, the intelligence within him would be destroyed. Then, even the smallest accident could activate the Sovereign Body’s self-destruction mechanisms by mistake!

Mu Chen obviously could not hold on forever under such harsh circumstances, so his only hope was that the Great Solar Undying Body would complete its transformation before he lost consciousness.

Otherwise, the consequences could be horrifying! Fortunately, Mu Chen’s wish seemed to have been granted!

Gurgle gurgle.

On the altar, bubbles were rising from under the massive golden magma lake. In the end, it burst open and rays of golden light exploded into utter magnificence!

Mu Chen’s face was pale as death, as he gently opened his eyes. There was no glimmer in them, only signs of absolute exhaustion. The suffering he had just experienced had almost made him collapse.

However, as he gazed at the golden magma lake with his slightly numb eyes, he was able to focus again. All of the seemingly endless pain and suffering that he had just felt then suddenly disappeared.

“Was it a successful transformation?” Mu Chen muttered to himself, as he stared fixedly at the magma lake.

Gurgle gurgle!

As he watched the lake, magma bubbles started to surface on it. In fact, the entire magma lake seemed to be boiling! As each bubble burst, a golden light gushed out of it.

From deep within the lake, a shadow was approaching fast. Then, big golden waves surged and rolled on the lake’s surface. As the waves subsided, an enormous figure emerged from the lake slowly.

As Mu Chen looked at the gigantic figure that was coming out of the magma lake, he was so excited that he started to tremble. As the boiling golden magma rolled off the gigantic figure, it became crystal clear to Mu Chen’s eyes.

It was a completely foreign and gigantic figure, but with the help of a special bond, Mu Chen knew that this figure belonged to none other than the Immortal Golden Body that he’d been seeking after all this time!

This Sovereign Celestial Body was lacking the sun behind its head, and its body was no longer a dazzling golden color, but instead had hints of purple that had created a shade of violet gold! Furthermore, ancient violet patterns ran across its surface.

These lines seemed to have formed naturally, each one implicitly mysterious and containing inexplicable power. If one were to look closely at them, they would realize that the lines were faintly depicting a collection of slowly rising Great Suns.

Mu Chen looked at the Celestial Body and felt like he was hallucinating. After all, the Celestial Body represented Immortality, which even time couldn’t corrode or destroy!

“Is this the Immortal Golden Body?” Mu Chen muttered in wonder. After all these years of hard work and achieving it, this moment felt unreal. “Why is it so short?”

Ordinarily speaking, the few-thousand-feet-tall Immortal Golden Body wasn’t short. But if he were to compare with the other Sovereign Celestial Bodies, then it was a real shorty!

In the Great Thousand World, the stronger the Sovereign Celestial Body was, the larger its size would be, as it then could sustain a stronger spiritual energy.

Could this smaller Immortal Golden Body really be stronger than the previous Great Solar Undying Body?

Mu Chen scratched his head, then stretched out his palm. The Immortal Golden Body followed suit, and they touched.


As they made contact, a golden light flowed forth and the Immortal Golden Body enveloped Mu Chen entirely. He could feel instantly that he had gained complete control of the Immortal Golden Body.

At that moment, he felt the power within the Immortal Golden Body. It was a power that stupefied Mu Chen instantly.

Mu Chen looked down, slowly clenched his fist and hesitated for a moment, then suddenly threw out a punch.


The instant that the Immortal Golden Body wielded the punch, a piercing sound screeched throughout the atmosphere, followed by the howling of an indescribable golden light. Then, Mu Chen saw a tremendous fist mark on the Golden Square.

The space in front of it was shattered and completely distorted, while pieces of fragmented space flew in every direction. Mu Chen’s jaw dropped as he saw the terrifying destruction ability of the punch.

The mightiness of the punch was no weaker than the Ten Solar God Demon Hands that he had performed before! If Garuda was still here, Mu Chen wouldn’t need to struggle in a fight with him, as this one punch could easily destroy him!

Mu Chen was stunned as he looked at the Immortal Golden Body that was enveloping him. After a moment, he gently chuckled. His laughter then grew louder and louder, echoing within the atmosphere.

According to Mu Chen’s estimation, with the Immortal Golden Body, he would definitely be in the top-fifteen on the List of 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies! After years of patience and hardwork, he was finally reborn today, soaring through the skies like a dragon!

Mu Chen laughed, then carelessly fell onto the altar. Currently, he could definitely live like the most invincible person among all of the Earthly Sovereigns.

As Mu Chen looked up at the empty sky, a delicate face appeared before him. She had long hair and her eyes were as clear as crystals. Mu Chen’s heart instantly calmed.

He raised a palm, as if he was caressing the unforgettable face, then laughed and said, “Luo Li, I did it! I’ll be there to look for you soon. Wait for me!”

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