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Chapter 1181: The Final Victor

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A golden light enveloped the world with its extreme brilliance. Garuda was now frightened to the core. The indescribable giant golden hand pierced the air, appearing right above him, and patted down gently.

The seemingly gentle palm went through the air with a shockingly indescribable speed. However, at that moment, Garuda could feel that the space enveloped by the giant golden hand was immediately frozen. There was no escape for him now.

A fearful expression floated on Garuda’s countenance. He immediately screamed, “I forfeit!”

At that very moment, the slamming giant golden palm seemed to have stopped slightly. Seeing this, Garuda’s eyes twinkled. With a clench of his fist, a piece of jade appeared in his hand, and he attempted to crush it. This was the Life-Protecting Artifact given to him by the Palace Master. When crushed, one could shatter the space and escape.


However, before he could do so, a bright golden light saturated his eyeballs. An indescribably terrifying energy swept across in all directions. Under the pressure of that terrifying energy, Garuda could not move a finger. It was as if he were frozen completely. And then, the giant golden hand came down mercilessly, pressing directly on the black Great Solar Undying Body.


The colossal Great Solar Undying Body was unusually fragile under the giant golden palm, and innumerable cracks immediately appeared on its body. At last, it exploded into bits with a loud boom.

At the moment of explosion, Garuda, too, took a fatal blow. He immediately churned up blood violently, his body was dyed red with blood, and his spiritual energy distorted and slumped.

Garuda felt Mu Chen’s determined killing intent and immediately cursed woefully, “Mu Chen, you dare kill me? The Saint Demon Palace will never forgive you! My Master will make you feel pain beyond death!”

Mu Chen was not even slightly moved by this. As the giant golden hand slammed down, Garuda’s body exploded, and a golden light swept forth, utterly exterminating his Sovereign Sea and the soul within.

Only after all this did the giant golden hand gradually dissipate.


As the hand faded away, a mouthful of blood spurted out of Mu Chen’s mouth. His spiritual energy fluctuation weakened at a tremendous pace. The attack had depleted his Sovereign Sea completely.

Mu Chen wiped away the blood on his lips. Resisting the pain, he waved his palm, and a bloodied jade lotus seat appeared before him. He sat down cross-legged upon it. A cool energy quickly surged into Mu Chen, repairing his internal wounds and replenishing his depleted spiritual energy.

The healing took more than ten minutes, but when Mu Chen finally opened his eyes, he could feel his injuries recovering. He could not help patting the lotus seat. Under normal circumstances, he would need about half a day to recover from those injuries. However, with the power of the lotus seat, he was mostly recovered after only about ten minutes.

Mu Chen stood up after healing his wounds for a bit. He looked at where Garuda had stood, and countless black light spots were floating in the air. The black light spots were from Garuda’s Great Solar Undying body, and they contained immense spiritual energy.

Mu Chen waved his hand, and the light spots went to him swiftly, finally gathering in his palm, combining into a photosphere about the size of a human head. In that photosphere, a Great Solar Undying Body could be faintly seen. Mu Chen looked at the black photosphere with mixed feelings. If he had been defeated by Garuda, the Great Solar Undying Body in the photosphere would have been his instead.

The path to becoming a Primordial Immortal Body was indeed a cruel one.

After giving out a sigh, Mu Chen calmed his emotions down, and with the beckoning of his palm, a beam of light flew toward him from afar and stopped before him. Within the light was a black stone seal. It was the lesser sacred artifact used by Garuda, the Seal of Tumbling Sea.

“As expected from a sacred object, it remains intact even after that scale of attack.” Mu Chen grabbed onto the seal with a joyful expression.

The power of the Seal of Tumbling Sea was no weaker than his Divine Wind Fan, and not even most Lower Earthly Sovereigns owned sacred objects like these. Now, he had two of these true lesser sacred objects. If it were made known, even Lower Earthly Sovereigns would be envious of him.

Mu Chen juggled the seal in his hands but did not refine it directly. Although Garuda had fallen, the seal did belong to the Saint Demon Palace’s master, Lu Heng. No one knew what traps could be set in the seal. For safety, he decided to refine it after everything had settled down.

Now, he had more important tasks.

After collecting his many trophies, Mu Chen turned his back and looked at the ancient altar in the middle of the golden arena with burning eyes. In a split second, he appeared below the altar. He concealed his spiritual energy and climbed the stone stairs with a solemn countenance, finally arriving at the peak of the altar.

On a stone platform, there was a floating sheet of golden paper. Ancient texts were written on the paper. Although the golden light was dull, it conveyed a fear that penetrated Mu Chen’s heart. Looking at the sheet of gold, Mu Chen started to shiver involuntarily. At that very moment, his emotions reached a point where he had no control.

After all these years, he had finally reached his goal.

As long as he had this golden sheet, he could transform his Great Solar Undying Body into the Immortal Golden Body, truly setting out on the path to become a matchless master.

Mu Chen stretched forth his shaking hand, and the black photosphere formed from Garuda’s Great Solar Undying Body floated slowly on air, finally dropping onto the stone platform.


As the photosphere landed, it cracked open and immediately became a flurry of black flames. The flames rose and gently enveloped the golden sheet. The sheet started burning. In the next moment, uncountable beams of light shot out from within and melted into a golden magma. As the magma flowed, even space itself could not withstand it, and it started to crumble.

However, Mu Chen was staring undistractedly at the golden magma. His eyes glowed with spiritual light. Within the magma, he seemed to be seeing countless tiny ancient words flowing.

The golden magma gathered upon the altar and formed a colossal lake of lava. As it boiled and tumbled, a faint destructive power emanated into the air, as if it could destroy all things.

The lake continued to boil, as if it were fermenting. Then, suddenly, a golden flame rose from within the lake of magma. The flames condensed into ancient texts, appearing before Mu Chen’s eyes. It read, “Into the Lake of Gods the Celestial Body goes, transforming utterly into a body of gold.”

Mu Chen stared at the ancient text. He looked at the golden lake of magma emitting a terrifying temperature. He could not help but gulp. Even without touching it, he could feel the terror within. To be frank, even Lower Earthly Sovereigns would not easily throw their Celestial Bodies into the lake, fearing that they would be turned into ashes in the next moment.

Although he was slightly afraid, Mu Chen was a determined person. All his battles and hard work throughout the years were for this very moment before his eyes. Even if the risk was high, he would step into the pool without a doubt.


Mu Chen took in a deep breath and steeled his expression. He hesitated no more, and formed a seal swiftly with both hands. A surge of golden light appeared, and his Great Solar Undying Body emerged behind him.

He looked up and saw the Great Solar Undying Body. With a thought, the Great Solar Undying Body took a step forward, forging ahead without hesitation toward the brightly burning golden lake of magma.

At the same time, Mu Chen sat down cross-legged. As the Great Solar Undying Body was submerged by the lake, he slowly closed his eyes. The evolution he had worked for for so many years… had finally come at this moment!

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