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Chapter 1179: The Fight of the Great Solar Undying Bodies

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Two huge figures appeared above the Golden Square, and majestic spiritual energy fluctuations swirled out like a tsunami in all directions, quaking the space. After fighting for a while, Mu Chen and Garuda had finally summoned their respective Great Solar Undying Bodies.

They had a premonition that regardless of the number of trump cards that they possessed, they would need to use their Great Solar Undying Bodies in order to defeat their opponent.

Garuda stood on the shoulder of his black Great Solar Undying Body and looked coldly at the golden Celestial Body. He then said, “Mu Chen, if you destroy your Great Solar Undying Body, I will let you off.” When he made such a remark, Mu Chen did not even look at him.

Garuda was not surprised at Mu Chen’s reaction. His killing intent became more intense, and he said flatly, “Since you can’t wait to meet your maker, I shall grant you your wish.” Having said that, he stomped his feet. Black suns rose up from his black Great Solar Undying Body and exploded.

Hoof. Hoof.

A black current swirled out from his Great Solar Undying Body and flooded into its palm. It then turned into several tempestuous black undercurrents. The undercurrents were like large black pythons. Indistinctly, they exuded a horrifying aura that was ready to devour everything, including the rays of light that shined on their bodies.

“Sovereign Super Power, Eight Solar Demonic Python!” At the shout, the streams of black undercurrents shaped like black demonic pythons shot out in all directions. They traveled at a great speed and merged into the void, penetrating everything that came their way. They looked eerie.

In just a short while, Mu Chen noticed that the area had been surrounded by the black undercurrents, and he felt threatened by them. If he was hit by them, he believed that they would devour his spiritual energy.

Has he transformed the eight suns into a Sovereign Super Power? Mu Chen muttered in his heart. The Sovereign Super Power in the Great Solar Undying Body could activate the power of the nine suns. How one resorted to using and creating this power would greatly depend on his ability. Apparently, Garuda’s Nine Sun Super Power was different from his.

Mu Chen remained calm and formed a seal with one hand. Vast amounts of golden light burst out from the Great Solar Undying Body under his feet. Pure golden suns then rose up from the Great Solar Undying Body one after another.

“Eight Solar Sky Wheel!” As Mu Chen tapped his finger in the air, vast golden light gathered together. The golden light surrounded the Great Solar Undying Body and turned into large Golden Light Wheels. The large Golden Light Wheels rotated slowly, looking mystical.


Just as the Golden Light Wheels took their form, the Black Demonic Pythons that had covered the area whooshed down at the same time, tearing the space apart wherever they passed by. In the face of such a powerful attack, even an ordinary Complete Grade Nine Sovereign would be completely devoured by the Black Pythons.

However, this time round, when they hit the Golden Sky Wheels, the Sky Wheels suddenly rotated in the opposite direction. The Demonic Pythons lost control of themselves and turned back, bouncing forcefully on the undercurrents that were behind them.

Swish! Swish!

When the collision took place, black light spots burst out and devoured one another before dispersing. Although the Eight Sun Sky Wheel created by Mu Chen was not strong in its attack, its defense power was nearly perfect. As long as the attacks were within the acceptable range, it would bounce back all the attacks.

Garuda’s face was grim as he looked at the Golden Sky Wheels from afar. The Eight Solar Demonic Pythons he had created had never failed to devour his opponents’ spiritual energy. However, it was useless in the face of Mu Chen’s strong defense.

Garuda was not surprised, as he already knew that Mu Chen was tough to deal with after exchanging blows with him. He was as difficult to deal with as with Zhu Yan had been. Garuda would suspect Mu Chen was up to some tricks if he had been too easy to deal with.

As he looked down, he decided that since he could not win the fight with the eight suns, he would need to add more! Garuda stretched out his hand and formed a strange seal. He then sat down cross-legged on top of the Great Solar Undying Body. Eight black suns once again rose from the limbs, brows, elixir field, and eyes of the black Great Solar Undying Body, carrying with them a destructive force.

As the eighth black sun appeared, a black seed sprouted out of the black Great Solar Undying Body’s chest and expanded at a fast pace. It then formed the ninth black sun. At this moment, Garuda’s eyes had turned completely dark, and he looked terrifying. Activating the nine suns was the optimal in the Great Solar Undying Body Super Power!

When Mu Chen saw what had happened, his gaze suddenly became extremely serious. However, he was not surprised. In fact, he knew that given Garuda’s talent and strength, he should have no problem activating the ninth sun.


Mu Chen took a deep breath and dissolved the Sky Wheels that were around his body. The Eight Solar Sky Wheels did not seem to be able to take on any of the attacks that Garuda would be throwing out. He would have to use the same level of power in order to contend with the nine suns.

Mu Chen shut his eyes and formed an abstruse seal. Golden suns then rose up one after another from his golden Great Solar Undying Body. In an instant, there were eight of them. However, Mu Chen did not stop there. The Sovereign Sea loomed above the space behind him, and majestic spiritual energy surged crazily and entered continuously into his Great Solar Undying Body.

A dim golden light started to appear on the Great Solar Undying Body’s chest and expanded at an increasingly great speed. In a short while, a golden sun rose up from its chest. There were nine suns as well! Mu Chen opened his eyes and looked at Garuda. Immense killing intent exuded from both of them. In the next instant, they both changed their seals.

“Nine Sun Super Power, Nine Sun Demonic Hole!”

“Nine Sun Super Power, Nine Sun Divine Flag!”

When they shouted, vast amounts of black light spurted out from Garuda’s end and turned into a bottomless Demonic Hole in the sky. The Demonic Hole was pitch dark, and it seemed ready to devour the heavens and the earth. It was horrifying beyond description. When the Demonic Hole covered the area, even the square below started to crack.

On Mu Chen’s end, golden light started to surge. A golden flag took shape within the golden light. Nine golden suns appeared on the golden flag, and a mysterious fluctuation exuded from it. It remained immovable in the face of the horrendous Demonic Hole’s devouring power.

In some ways, the power of this Super Power that Mu Chen and Garuda had displayed was more formidable than any of the Super Power Arts that they had used earlier! The Great Solar Undying Body’s Sovereign Super Power was indeed powerful!

“You shall turn into dust in my Demonic Hole!” Garuda shouted with a savage look on his face. The Demonic Hole spread out and moved toward Mu Chen, ready to devour him.

If Mu Chen fell into the Demonic Hole, even if he possessed some other powerful means, his spiritual energy would be worn out, and his physical body would be destroyed.

Although his face had turned grave, when Mu Chen looked at the Demonic Hole, he did not show any sign of fear. He took a deep breath and changed his seal. The large golden flag shook violently and whooshed straight toward the Demonic Hole.

Buzz! Buzz!

Visible golden light ripples surged across the sky. The golden light seemed to carry with it a mysterious power that, regardless of the attacks that might come its way, could turn every one of them into naught. This included the horrifying Demonic Hole. When the golden flag whooshed down on the Demonic Hole, the horrifying black light paused for a while before dispersing and becoming illusory.

When Garuda noticed the change, he squinted. How can Mu Chen’s golden flag turn the power of my Demonic Hole into naught?

“Let me see how many times you can brandish your flag!” Garuda gritted his teeth, and a large amount of black light spurted out. The Demonic Hole moved forcefully toward Mu Chen, determined to devour him at all costs.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

At this moment, the Nine Sun Golden Flag whooshed down hard. Golden light ripples expanded and continued to brush against the Demonic Hole, making it more and more illusory. In the end, as the golden light spread out, it stopped the Demonic Hole from coming down on Mu Chen and prevented it from moving any further.

Mu Chen’s expression became more serious. The Nine Sun Golden Flag had the power to break down any special power. If any ordinary Complete Grade Nine Sovereign had received the blows from him earlier, his spiritual energy would have been dried up by now, but Garuda’s Demonic Hole had not dissipated and remained intact.

Boom! Boom!

Horrifying shockwaves spread out in the sky as the golden flag and Demonic Hole continued to attack each other. However, it was still a draw, and no one won.

“Crap!” When Garuda looked at the situation, he turned grim. His face was pale, and cold sweat started to break out on his forehead. It was a sign of huge depletion.

In the distance, Mu Chen was in a similar situation. This level of fight was a great burden to both of them. Although they had fought fiercely, they were still unable to defeat the other party. This deadlock would continue until both of them used up their spiritual energy…

Garuda was someone who disliked uncertainties. Light flashed across his eyes, and after a while, he gritted his teeth and looked grimly at Mu Chen. He seemed to have made certain decisions.

When Mu Chen noticed his looks, he was shocked and felt uneasy.

“I never expected you… to be capable of getting me to taking this step…” Garuda spoke in his deep voice, and he suddenly clenched his fist. A green stone carving appeared in his hand that looked like a picture of the Buddha sitting in a cross-legged position. A green sun was behind the Buddha’s head.

When Mu Chen saw the green stone carving, he was thunderstruck. He could feel a similar fluctuation from the green stone carving… the fluctuations of the Great Solar Undying Body!

The green stone carving was formed by a Great Solar Undying Body! However, this had not been cultivated by Garuda, and it possessed a different aura. It must have been cultivated by another person. As this person had failed to cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body, it had turned into a stone carving. This stone carving… had fallen into Garuda’s hands!

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