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Chapter 1178: The Fight Between Two Sacred Objects

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When the black stone seal appeared in Garuda’s hand, the sound of a roaring sea resounded in the area. Black sea water then surged out from the stone seal, turning the space into a black ocean.

Garuda stood on the surface of the sea and looked coldly at Mu Chen. “I have never expected myself to use the Seal of Tumbling Sea on you. You are indeed amazing, Mu Chen!” Garuda said in a petrifying voice.

The Seal of Tumbling Sea was a genuine Lesser Sacred Object and the Palace Master had paid a high price for it. He had given Garuda the Seal of Tumbling Sea to help him accomplish his mission.

Given Garuda’s strength, coupled with the help of the Seal of Tumbling Sea, he would be able to instantly kill anyone below an Earthly Sovereign level, although he was still unable to contend with a Lower Earthly Sovereign.

After all, the Sacred Object was more powerful than the Divine Artifacts and Quasi-Divine Artifact. As Sacred Objects were rare, even a Lower Earthly Sovereign might not possess a Lesser Sacred Object.

“Is that a Lesser Sacred Object?” Mu Chen lifted up his eyes and looked at the black ocean in amazement. He was clearly a bit fearful of its power.

Garuda seemed prepared. However, he would not be able to win the battle with a Lesser Sacred Object, as Mu Chen had one as well!

Mu Chen smiled at Garuda and grabbed the green feather fan. The Sovereign Sea loomed behind him and hurled up a tidal wave. His spiritual energy whizzed out continuously and entered the green feather fan.

Buzz! Buzz!

The green feather fan suddenly buzzed and expanded into a large green palm-leaf fan. The fan was imprinted with complicated ancient runes, each of which possessed a powerful spiritual energy.

“Divine Wind Fan!” Mu Chen yelled as he grabbed the green palm-leaf fan and fanned it hard.

A green hurricane whizzed out and turned into several windstorms, which circled around Mu Chen. The windstorms were like a huge raging dragon, tearing the space apart.

Mu Chen was surrounded by the windstorms, and anyone who barged in would be attacked by them severely. The windstorms were so powerful, any Complete Grade Nine Sovereign would be torn into pieces by them instantly!

A green windstorm then appeared under Mu Chen’s feet and carried him up to the sky. When he was on the same level as Garuda, he smiled at him in the distance.

He then fanned his green palm-leaf fan and said, “What a coincidence. I have a Sacred Object as well.”

Garuda looked grim and stared at the green palm-leaf fan in Mu Chen’s hand. He had not expected Mu Chen to possess a Lesser Sacred Object! In fact, Mu Chen had so many trump cards, it caught him off guard.

“Well, let’s see whose Sacred Object is more powerful!” Garuda snorted.

There was no way out now. One of them had to die, as both of them refused to let go of the Immortal Golden Body! In that case, he decided that he would use Mu Chen’s body as his stepping stone to cultivate the Immortal Golden Body!

“Deicide Tide!” Garuda shouted as black light burst out from the stone seal that was in his hand. The black ocean rolled up and suppressed the space, moving toward Mu Chen with a destructive force.

The black waves covered the sky and a huge shadow engulfed the region. The scene looked terrifying! With the power of the Sacred Object, Garuda’s attacks had surpassed the level of a Complete Grade Nine!

In the face of such a powerful attack, Mu Chen somehow was able to remain calm. He fanned the green palm-leaf fan in his hand and shouted, “Divine Wind Scroll!”

A gale swirled up and green tornadoes gathered together to form a humongous tornado. From afar, it looked like a huge green dragon.


When the tornado swept across, it hit the black waves and the area started to quake.


The black waves splashed out and a deluge of rain hit the ground. The green tornado then dispersed and cut through everything that got its way, like a razor!

The rain covered the area where Mu Chen was standing, and the green Razor Wind passed through it, engulfing Garuda entirely. When the black raindrops fell to the ground, deep holes started to form on the hard, golden ground. Even if a Complete Grade Nine Sovereign had come into contact with these raindrops, he would rot!

The green Razor Wind was so sharp, as it passed through the space, it would quietly leave a trail behind it. As the attacks from the Sacred Objects were extremely destructive, Mu Chen and Garuda dared not take them lightly.

Mu Chen activated the green tornado around him to fend off the black raindrops, while Garuda turned the black sea water into a water shield around him, which he then used to consume the penetrating Razor Wind.

As the black torrential rain and the Razor Wind swirled around them, Mu Chen and Garuda looked at each other from afar with immense killing intent. They each knew that their opponent had great strength. Moreover, since they had become mortal enemies, they knew that one of them had to die to avoid future repercussions.


The two of them infused vast spiritual energy into their Sacred Objects to activate them simultaneously. The effect was earth-shattering! The green Razor Wind and the black water filled up the whole space!

Boom! Boom!

The black sea water dashed out like a flood dragon, but it was being torn apart by the green Razor Wind. The fierce attacks continued…

Boom! Boom!

The black torrential rain and the Razor Wind whizzed across the sky above the golden Square and attacked each other. Mu Chen and Garuda shook, then both moved back in sorry states.

They looked a little pale, as they had used much spiritual energy to activate their Sacred Objects. Before that, they had been using their Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

In slightly more than 10 minutes, both of them had used a few hundred thousand Sovereign Spiritual Liquid each! So, they had no choice but to use their own spiritual energies.

They could have used their own spiritual energies earlier, but their spiritual energies were extremely precious at this level of fighting. They knew that once their spiritual energies were depleted, they would lose the fight!

At the moment, light glittered in Mu Chen’s and Garuda’s eyes. Garuda even found it hard to swallow. He had thought of using the mighty power of the Seal of Tumbling Sea to kill Mu Chen, but he had not expected Mu Chen to possess the same grade of Sacred Object, thus bringing the situation to a standstill!

If this continued, he would not know what to do, especially if he used up his spiritual energy. Although Mu Chen was clearly in the same situation, Garuda would not place his bet on any uncertainties.

Thus, he had to end the fight while he still had sufficient combat force. As Garuda was a decisive person, after he made up his mind, he immediately waved his sleeve and the black stone seal disappeared from his hand.

Meanwhile, Mu Chen had kept his Divine Wind Fan as well. The two of them stood on a golden pillar each, looking at each other with immense killing intent. In the next instant, both of them shut their eyes.

A black light swirled out from Garuda’s body and gathered behind him to form a huge figure. The black figure sat cross-legged in the sky, a large black sun rotating slowly behind its head.

When the black figure appeared, golden light burst out from another direction and a huge bright golden figure appeared behind Mu Chen. The two figures were similar, except that one was black and the other was golden.

One looked dark and eerie, like a black hole, whereas the other looked bright like a sun. Both of them opened their eyes and formed the same seal!

The sky above the golden Square echoed with two simultaneous voices, both of which yelled, “The Great Solar Undying Body!”

The two Great Solar Undying Bodies looked at each other and were filled with immense killing intent!

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