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Chapter 1177: A Fierce Fight

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Hoof! Hoof!

The black airflow was like an angry python that twined around Garuda. As it let out a deep roaring sound, it turned into a soundwave that was an actual substance and spread out. The space shook continuously due to the soundwave.


Garuda’s body was black all over. He stood on the ground like a Demonic God and looked imposing. The power of his physical body alone was so great at the moment that he could even contend with a Complete Grade Nine Sovereign.

Mu Chen looked at Garuda and turned grave. Garuda’s physical body was the most powerful among the peers that he had met all these years. If Mu Chen’s Dragon-Phoenix Body had not gone through the Baptism of the Heavenly River and been refined and forged vigorously, his physical body would not have had such a great improvement. If he had had to pit himself against Garuda based on their physiques, he might not have been able to defeat him.


Just as Mu Chen was feeling all tensed up, Garuda looked at him, and his eyes were filled with immense killing intent. Without any hesitation, he stomped his feet on the ground. The ground quaked, and all of a sudden, he disappeared into thin air.


Bright golden light burst out from Mu Chen’s body, and he was not flustered when Garuda suddenly disappeared. He clenched his fists and threw out a punch at the space on the right.

As he threw out the punch, the real dragon and real phoenix on his arm lingered around it. The loud cries of a dragon and phoenix resounded in the area, carrying with it power that was strong enough to crush the mountains.

The instant Mu Chen threw out the punch, a blurry black figure suddenly appeared in the empty space and threw out a punch as well. Vast rays of black light burst out from the fist.

Boom! Boom!

The two fists carried with them horrifying power as they shot directly across the sky like meteorites. They then hit hard against each other. Visible shockwaves burst out instantly, and the space continued to buzz and shake continuously. The space near the two fists started to twist around, and indistinctly, cracks started to spread out. The power of the shockwaves bounced back and whizzed toward Mu Chen and Garuda like a tsunami. Both of them were hit by the shockwaves, and they were thrown back a few thousand meters.


The moment the two of them managed to stabilize themselves, they shot out again at lightning speed.

Bang! Bang!

The two of them were like ghostly figures that kept appearing and disappearing in the Golden Square. They kept attacking each other using their fists and feet. So far, neither of them had used much of their spiritual energy. They were fighting against each other solely with their physiques.

Although they had not used much of their spiritual energy, the power of the shockwaves that burst out from the fight was so strong that it would cause even a Complete Grade Nine Sovereign to be wary of it. The power of their physical bodies was awe-inspiring.

In less than 100 breaths, Mu Chen and Garuda had exchanged a few hundred rounds of blows. The blows that they threw out were ruthless, and every attack was unusually tricky and targeted on the fatal points of their opponent’s body.


There was another loud explosion that made everyone jump. The two of them shot backward and created long scratches in the sturdy ground with their feet. Their clothes were torn apart, and their arms were injured and stained with blood. This was caused by the horrifying power that shot back at them as they were exchanging blows. Even so, as both of them had strong physiques, they did not come to any harm.

However, they were breathing more heavily now. The fight that they had had earlier was so intense and fierce that they had to stay very focused. As each was extremely powerful, neither of them dared to take the other lightly.

Garuda fixed his gaze on Mu Chen and looked at him grimly. He then brushed his palm across his arm, and the injuries on his arm recovered instantly. He said in a cold voice, “No wonder Xia Yu died at your hands. You are indeed powerful.”

After the exchange of blows, Garuda no longer took Mu Chen lightly. He was indeed a formidable enemy. Garuda only had this feeling once before when he had fought with Zhu Yan.

Mu Chen remained calm, and golden light burst out from his body. The spirits of the real dragon and real phoenix emerged outside his body as he looked warily at Garuda. When Garuda saw it, he laughed and said coldly, “No matter how good you are, only one of us can walk out alive today. However, it will not be you!”


The moment he finished his sentence, he punched out hard, and vast spiritual energy gathered crazily on his fists. It turned into a large fist ray that looked like a ferocious black beast as it swirled toward Mu Chen at lightning speed and engulfed him.

Garuda started to use his spiritual energy. It was apparent that he had no intention of continuing with the fight. The black fist ray permeated the area, and Mu Chen fixed his gaze and stayed focused. The space behind him surged, and his Sovereign Sea loomed above. The water in the Sovereign Sea rose up and turned into spiritual energy before swirling out.

As Mu Chen pushed lightly with his palms, majestic spiritual energy whizzed out and turned into a huge spiritual energy barrier in front of him. The spirits of the real dragon and real phoenix moved around above the barrier and provided Mu Chen with the utmost defense.


The forceful black fist ray hit hard against the spiritual energy barrier, but it only shook the barrier and could not cause any damage. Even so, Mu Chen did not let down his guard, as he knew that the powerful attacks had just begun.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just as this thought flashed across Mu Chen’s mind, thunderous sounds began to resound in the space. Mu Chen looked up and saw numerous black meteorites falling from the sky. The meteorites were formed by the fist ray, and from the magnitude of it, they seemed out to destroy anything that came their way.

Bang! Bang!

When the meteorites fell down and landed on the large spiritual energy barrier, ripples rapidly burst out from the spiritual energy barrier at an increasing speed. However, with the additional support from the spirits of the real dragon and real phoenix, the spiritual energy barrier provided Mu Chen with a strong defense. When the last meteorite fell on the spiritual energy barrier, although it was filled with cracks and was about to break, it remained steadfast before Mu Chen.

However, at this moment, Mu Chen’s heart jumped, and he sensed great danger. He looked up and saw Garuda standing on a golden pillar in the distance. He was forming a strange seal with his hands. Vast amounts of majestic spiritual energy surrounded him like a dense, black ocean. It looked daunting.

Garuda stared at Mu Chen with a mocking look and moved his fingers. Instantly, the spiritual energy that had turned into a black ocean started to surge. Some terrifying objects seemed to be brewing in the ocean, carrying with them a horrifying fluctuation.

Mu Chen looked extremely grave at that moment.

“I know that you are tough to deal with, and the earlier attacks are nothing to you. However, I have used them just to buy some time for myself.” Garuda smiled. He then stretched out his finger and tapped on the black ocean.

“Saint Demon Super Power, Saint Demon Hand!”


The black ocean tore apart forcefully and black air shot up into the sky. Mu Chen’s expression changed when he saw a huge black hand coming out of the black ocean as though it was from the netherworld. It seemed to have shuttled through space and shrouded the area. The huge black hand seemed to have covered every part of the area, and there seemed no way of escaping from it.

Mu Chen was taken aback when he saw this. Given the aura that it exuded, it must have been a Super Power Art! It had never occurred to him that Garuda had cultivated a Super Power Art as well!

The entire area was in darkness, and Mu Chen looked extremely grave. He then took a deep breath and shut his eyes. After a while, when he opened his eyes again, they had turned red. A horrifying killing intent burst out from his body.

Mu Chen looked up as he stood under the huge hand. He stayed put and did not run away. It might have seemed that he was at the mercy of the huge hand, but the aura of the Sacrifice Self to be Spellbound burst out from his body at that instant.

Garuda squinted when he saw the sudden change in Mu Chen’s aura. He then saw Mu Chen taking half a step backward as he formed an arc with his body. In the next instant, he threw out a simple punch with his right fist. At the same time, a deep voice resounded in the square, “Self-Sacrificing Demonic Fist!”

Mu Chen stomped his feet and shot up into the sky. He was tiny like an ant under the huge hand. However, he dashed toward the hand without showing any sign of fear. He then threw out a punch and hit hard against the huge hand.


When his fist hit the huge hand, the heavens and the earth as well as the space went into a dead silence. However, in the silence, large cracks started to form one after another where the fist and the hand met. The cracks were like the body of a large dragon, and they exuded a daunting fluctuation.


The space quivered at the collision. Afterwards, the huge hand started to shake violently. Cracks then spread all over the area and suddenly exploded with a blast. Mu Chen was badly hit by the explosion, and his body flew backward. He hit the golden pillars, and although they were sturdy, they were smashed into powder.

In the distance, Garuda did not move back but he looked grave. The pillar under his feet had been smashed into powder as well. Golden powder was flying around in the air.

After Mu Chen had stabilized himself, the two of them looked at each other. Blood appeared at the corners of their mouths. The power of the two Super Powers had shot back at them and inflicted injuries on them both.

Garuda looked grim. This was the first time that he had not managed to suppress his opponent and kill him after he had displayed the Saint Demon Hand. Mu Chen frowned as well. He had never failed to win a fight with his peers when he displayed the Self-Sacrificing Demonic Fist. However, Garuda had countered it…

Both of them shared the same thought. He is a strong opponent!

In the next instant, a black stone seal appeared in Garuda’s hand, and Mu Chen held the green feather fan in his hand.

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