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Chapter 1176: The Fight with Garuda

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When Mu Chen stepped into the star, he felt the surroundings start to change. Space warps were formed, and a vast golden Square appeared before his eyes. The Square was dazzling.

Golden pillars stood tall in the Square and shot up into the clouds. The whole area was filled with an indescribable majestic power.

Mu Chen stood in the golden Square and looked at the golden altar that was in its center. Golden light circled above the altar, and a thin golden page hung quietly within it.

Mu Chen gazed at the thin golden page and felt his temples throbbing. He figured that this was because he was allowing himself to get too emotional and light-headed! After all, he had been pursuing the Immortal Golden Body all of these years, and now, it was right before his eyes!

Although the Immortal Golden Body was before him, he was not naïve enough to think that he could easily lay his hands on such a sacred object! As he thought of this, Mu Chen tried to calm himself down.

He stood in the golden Square, looking around it carefully. Space warps were formed and golden light gathered in every corner. Then, a figure suddenly appeared.

Mu Chen looked calmly at the familiar figure and was not surprised at all. It was Garuda, who had also cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body.

Since Saint Demon King had groomed Garuda to cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body to its optimum, Mu Chen understood that Garuda had the means to reach this place. As Mu Chen looked at Garuda, Garuda opened his eyes and noticed him.

His expression changed, and he no longer looked relaxed…

“You are still alive!” Garuda frowned and squinted his eyes.

The elder from Saint Demon Palace, who had stopped Mu Chen, had paid a high price in order to enter the Ancient Celestial Palace. Given his power, he could easily kill a Complete Grade Nine Sovereign.

Garuda had left, thinking that Mu Chen was dead. He could not figure out how Mu Chen had managed to escape from the hands of a Lower Earthly Sovereign.

However, the things that he thought were impossible had happened! Mu Chen was now standing before him, smiling at him, and telling him that he had successfully escaped from the elder!

“How can I die before I get my hands on the Immortal Golden Body?” Mu Chen asked with a smile.

Garuda looked gloomy, but he was a devious person, so he quickly came to himself and said flatly, “I don’t know how you escaped Elder Zuo, but it doesn’t matter. I will kill you regardless, so it makes no difference.”

Mu Chen stared at Garuda and asked with a smile, “Did it not occur to you that he escaped from me?” In fact, if Elder Zuo had not run away so quickly, once Mu Chen had set up the Battle Array, he would have been the first Earthly Sovereign to die at Mu Chen’s hands.

Garuda folded his arms and sneered, “If you truly possess such great power, would you still allow me to stand here and talk to you?”

Mu Chen grabbed his palm and the Commander’s Seal appeared. He infused his spiritual energy into it and activated it. He then squinted his eyes and shook his head.

He had failed to summon the Spirit-slaughtering Troop! As this place had clearly alienated him from his Spirit-slaughtering Troop, he knew that this must be the doings of the Pavilion…

“Do you want to watch a life and death battle that seems fair?” Mu Chen muttered in sympathy. After all, only the one who possessed the most powerful Great Solar Undying Body could evolve it.

The means of selection was similar to the rearing of venomous insects. Only the strongest would emerge. As such, if he had used the Spirit-slaughtering Troop to kill Garuda instantly, it would not fit into the selection method of the Immortal Golden Body.

“If I had known that this would happen, I would have killed him earlier.” Mu Chen shook his head with regret.

When he had first used the Spirit-slaughtering Troop to deal with Elder Zuo, he was not sure if he could defeat him. In such a situation, he only got Garuda out of the way as a precaution.

If Garuda and Elder Zuo were to gang up against him, Mu Chen dared not imagine what would happen. He would rather deal with them separately.

Although he could not activate the Spirit-slaughtering Troop now to deal with Garuda, Mu Chen was not afraid of him. Garuda looked at Mu Chen, who was shaking his head. He felt that he was lucky to have escaped from Elder Zuo.

He smiled coldly and pointed at the altar in the golden Square, then asked, “Do you know what that is? That is the altar for sacrifice! Do you know what is to be sacrificed upon it?” Garuda licked his lips and looked deviously at Mu Chen.

He then said, “We need to sacrifice a Great Solar Undying Body!”

Mu Chen was shocked when he heard this.

“Unless you sacrifice a Great Solar Undying Body, you will not be able to light up the divine fire and burn the golden page. With its power, you can then enhance your Celestial Body and evolve it.” Garuda gave a petrifying smile and said, “I am happy that you are here. If I was the only one to light up the divine fire, I would have to suffer.”

“I see.” Mu Chen was enlightened. It had never crossed his mind that a sacrifice was needed.

The Saint Demon King must have given this information to Garuda. After all, the Saint Demon King knew all of the secrets of the Ancient Celestial Palace.

“I feel better after hearing what you have said.” Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

He did not know the secret to evolve the Immortal Golden Body. So, it was fortunate that he did not kill Garuda when they were outside!

“Presumptuous fella!” Garuda had meant to upset Mu Chen by making such a remark, but when he saw that Mu Chen was not affected by it, he became gloomy. He stopped talking to Mu Chen, then stamped his feet suddenly!


Spiritual energy burst out from Garuda’s body and surged out like a windstorm. It swirled all over the area and shook the space.

After the Baptism of the Heavenly River, Garuda’s strength had reached the Peak of Complete Grade Nine! With his talent, if he could walk out of the Ancient Celestial Palace alive, he would likely step into the Earthly Sovereign realm.

As Mu Chen sensed the majestic spiritual energy from Garuda’s body, he turned grave. Without the assistance of the Spirit-slaughtering Troop, he must not take Garuda lightly.


Mu Chen took a deep breath and looked solemn. This was a crucial fight in determining the winner. Between the two Great Solar Undying Bodies, only one of them could go through the evolution. Thus, it would be a fierce fight.


The spiritual energy of a Complete Grade Nine burst out from Mu Chen’s body, and a golden light surged on his body, while the cries of a dragon and phoenix resounded. As the spirit of the real dragon and real phoenix moved around the surface of his body and gave him much power and protection, Mu Chen stood quietly and exuded an intimidating oppression.

“Hohoho, I never expected you to have such a powerful physique!” When Garuda saw the real dragon and real phoenix looming behind Mu Chen, he squinted his eyes.

After he saw Mu Chen display his power a couple of times, he started to have regrets. When he first met Mu Chen, he was not wary of him. He had never considered Mu Chen a threat, given their disparity in strength.

Yet now, he was surprised that Mu Chen’s strength had grown so rapidly, such that he had even stepped into Complete Grade Nine within such a short period of time! He had even escaped from Elder Zuo.

If he had known that this would happen, when Xia Yu was dealing with Mu Chen, he would have joined forces with him to kill Mu Chen. Then, he would not have had to face these problems!

However, even though it was a bit troublesome, it was still not too late…

“Do you think that you are the only one with a strong physique?” Garuda smiled deviously.

He grabbed his fists and dark spiritual energy burst out from his body. At the same time, his body expanded.

His body was like a steel and was very powerful. Ancient black runes surfaced on his body, carrying with them a horrifying power.

Then, Immense killing intent burst out in the golden Square as Garuda shouted, “Saint Demon’s Body!”

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