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Chapter 1175: In Search of the Immortal Golden Body!

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The moment that Mu Chen stepped into the pavilion, a vast amount of light shined before his eyes. After a while, the light dimmed, and there was darkness. A boundless stretch of starry sky appeared before him.

Mu Chen walked in the starry sky and looked out. There was only vastness before him. The stars were glittering in the sky, some more brightly than others. The sky was packed with so many stars that it was extremely beautiful.

“Is this the inner section of the pavilion…?” Mu Chen muttered to himself as he looked at the vast starry sky. Apparently, he was taken aback by the scene that was before him. He had expected to find bookshelves piled with various Super Power’s secret manuals. However, he did not see a single one.


Just as Mu Chen was looking around in bewilderment, the starry sky suddenly quaked. Following this was a wailing sound. He saw streamers outside the starry sky, moving in his direction in large numbers, filling up the sky.

When the streamers were near Mu Chen, he realized that they were shooting stars. The shooting stars came in all sorts of colors, looking vibrant and majestic. However, Mu Chen was taken aback when he took a closer look. This was because there were no meteorites in the shooting stars but instead, scrolls.

Have the Super Power’s secret manuals been transformed into shooting stars? Mu Chen was stunned. He suddenly sensed something and looked up. As he looked at the stars that seemed to be beyond his reach, spiritual light gathered in his eyes. At that instant, he saw ancient scrolls looming within the stars, exuding a mysterious fluctuation. Apparently, the Super Power’s secret manuals were hiding in the stars.

Where can I find the Immortal Golden Body among these secret manuals? Mu Chen furrowed his brows. The number of secret manuals in the pavilion was too great. According to Mu Chen’s estimation, the pavilion had been around for so long that it was comparable to some of the primordial races. It would not be easy for him to locate the cultivation method of the Immortal Golden Body without any clue.

Although Mu Chen was vexed, he did not give up. After pondering for a while, he made up his mind. He turned into a streamer and shot out toward the numerous shooting stars in the sky.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

As Mu Chen went past the shooting stars, he was very focused. Since he had cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body, he would be able to sense the Immortal Golden Body in some ways. He should be able to sense it if it was near him.

While he was searching for the Immortal Golden Body, Mu Chen did not get distracted and look at the other Super Power’s secret manuals. He was not sure of the number of selections that he could have in the pavilion. If he had simply taken one of secret manuals and was then sent out of the pavilion, he would regret it for the rest of his life. He had to be focused under such uncertain circumstances, so he kept his eyes on his target.

Mu Chen was like a space traveler in the vast starry sky. Time was no longer of the essence to him in this place, and he was adamant in searching out his target. He had seen many Super Power’s secret manuals along the way that were within his reach, but he was not swayed by them and was adamant in searching out the Immortal Golden Body.

Time passed by as he moved on.

Mu Chen was now outside a big blazing star. The star exuded a red light that looked like a flame as it swirled out continuously. The temperature was so high that it caused space warps to form. Mu Chen stared at the star and saw an ancient red scroll within it. Flaming dragons appeared on the scrolls and were entrenched around it. Mu Chen could indistinctly see some ancient text appearing on the scrolls: Grand Super Power, Manual of the Dragon Armageddon.

Mu Chen squinted and realized that it was a Grand Super Power Art… The highest level of Super Power that he had cultivated was the defective Self-Sacrificing Demonic Fist. If the Self-Sacrificing Demonic Fist was complete, it was comparable to a Grand Super Power Art. However, since it was defective, the Self-Sacrificing Demonic Fist could only be classified as a Minor Super Power. Any Upper Earthly Sovereign would yearn to possess the secret manuals of the Grand Super Power.

As Mu Chen looked at the red star, he had a premonition that he would need to have great success if he wished to possess it. He was silent for a while, but in the end, he chose to turn around and leave. Although a Grand Super Power was precious, it would not be able to sway him away from his target.

After traveling a long distance, all the shooting stars had disappeared. Mu Chen fixed his attention on moving around the stars. He went through the motions of searching for his target. Although the action was monotonous, he was determined to find it. However, he had not sensed anything so far.

Mu Chen walked among the stars and suddenly stopped. He looked at the vast amount of stars and wondered which was the star that represented the Great Solar Undying Body. However, he had a feeling that he might not be able to find it if he went around searching for it.

Mu Chen seemed to have some insights. The Immortal Golden Body was the second stage of the evolution of the Great Solar Undying Body. The third stage would be the legendary Primordial Immortal Body, one of the Primitive Celestial Bodies. Given its power, it should be placed somewhere esteemed in the pavilion. Even if one was determined to search it out, he might not be able to find it unless it appeared willingly.

Mu Chen looked down and decided to sit cross-legged in the starry sky. Majestic spiritual light burst out from the surface of his body, and spiritual energy gathered behind him. It gradually turned into a huge golden figure, and a large golden sun appeared at the back of the figure’s head. It was the Great Solar Undying Body that Mu Chen had cultivated.

The Great Solar Undying Body followed after Mu Chen and sat cross-legged in the void. As the sun rotated, golden light shined out into the starry sky. Mu Chen went into a state of calmness. He had given up his proactive search for the Immortal Golden Body and allowed the Great Solar Undying Body to exude its radiance.

As the golden light filled the starry sky, there was silence all around. Time passed by very slowly, and there was dead silence. Mu Chen felt as though he had been there for several years. The waiting game was so boring that one could easily go insane.

Mu Chen continued to activate the spiritual energy in his body to support the Great Solar Undying Body. Gradually, he felt that his spiritual energy started to exhibit signs of drying up. He had to use a great deal of spiritual energy in this stretch of starry sky in order to provide continuous support to the Great Solar Undying Body. However, he was unable to absorb spiritual energy from any source.

Even so, Mu Chen did not give up. He infused all of the spiritual energy in his body into the Great Solar Undying Body…

This continued for a long while.

The spiritual light around Mu Chen started to dim down, and the Great Solar Undying Body that was behind him was no longer shining brightly. The light started to flicker, and it seemed ready to dissipate at any time. Even so, the Immortal Golden Body had not appeared.

“Is this method not workable…?” Mu Chen muttered in a hoarse voice. No matter how determined a person was, he would be disappointed with such an outcome. He started to doubt the effectiveness of this method and was downcast. After pausing for a while, he looked down. He then calmed down and activated the last bit of spiritual energy from his Sovereign Sea and infused it into the Great Solar Undying Body.

The Great Solar Undying Body brightened up again, but it was a terminal lucidity. After it shined brightly, the Great Solar Undying Body suddenly dimmed down and became illusive. As the spiritual energy dwindled, the light spots behind Mu Chen dispersed.

As Mu Chen had used up all his spiritual energy, darkness came before his eyes, and he started to shut them. However, just as Mu Chen was about to go into total darkness, a sudden fluctuation surged from within him. He suddenly sensed something out of the blue.

He opened his heavy eyes. When he saw what was before him, he broke out into a smile. A huge star had appeared out of nowhere in front of him, and it seemed to be made of gold. It was indistinct and ancient. As the golden light swirled out, it turned into a golden dragon and lingered around.

Mu Chen saw a thin golden page within the star. Ancient runes were imprinted on the golden page, and each rune seemed to be made by the heavens. The runes possessed the magical power of calling the wind and summoning the rain.

Mu Chen fixed his gaze on the golden page. He could see through the golden light that ancient text was moving around on the page: The Immortal Golden Body.

Mu Chen looked at the mysterious golden page, and after a long while, he laughed. He slowly lowered his head and looked at his fists. His fists that were usually steady like a mountain were shaking uncontrollably. He shivered as he felt the coldness in his body.

He had longed for this moment for so many years. He had been yearning for it every night and had worked hard towards it. As Mu Chen looked at the golden scroll, he suddenly realized that after all these years, he had truly grown up…

He smiled and put one hand behind his back. He then stepped forth and walked toward the golden star. Although the golden light was glaring, he ignored it and stood within the golden star.

The Immortal Golden Body… I have finally found you.

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