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Chapter 1172: The Method of Breaking an Array

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The thick stone door slowly opened, while the light shone through the seam. Behind the stone door, there was a ruined hall that had apparently experienced a terrible war.

Inside the hall, a vast square with huge pillars of stone stood tall. The earth was covered with deep cracks, and the ground had clearly been reinforced by a spiritual array. Even so, it was now completely destroyed.

In the hall, some bodies were seen flickering with a bright white light. Several of these bodies were skeletons, and even after thousands of years, they still exuded an oppressive aura. Clearly, they had been powerful existences when they were alive.

The whole square was in a tragic state. However, Mu Chen did not care about the tragedy in this dilapidated square, as his eyes were focused at the end of the square. There, on the lotus platform that was carved out of blood jade, a dazzling flower that was as dark as ink sat quietly.

A circle of light bloomed faintly around the flower. The light was extremely dark, as if it could swallow all of the light rays. Within the dark light, many ancient runes emerged, revealing the flower’s extraordinary and divine nature.

Mu Chen stared closely at the devilishly charming flower, as he knew that this flower was Mandela’s original form, the true Ancient Mandala Flower!

“At last, I found it.” Mu Chen gazed at the flower, then lifted his head and exhaled a long breath.

As long as he took Mandela’s original form away, he would no longer have to fear Emperor Xia. However, even though Mandela’s original form was in front of him, he did not approach it recklessly.

Mu Chen surveyed the surroundings, his gaze stopping beneath the eight stone pillars. Under these pillars were eight corpses that looked like ordinary skeletons. However, Mu Chen knew that these eight skeletons were at the center of that spiritual array, which meant that they were the source of its strength!

“This spiritual array is no less powerful than the complete Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array,” Mu Chen murmured.

The spiritual array seemed to have no fluctuations, but once someone broke into it, it was bound to launch a destructive offensive attack. In that case, even an Upper Earthly Sovereign would be in danger!

“No wonder Mandela chose this place to hide! Otherwise, it would have been impossible to stop Lu Heng!” Mu Chen sighed helplessly.

This spiritual array had successfully blocked Lu Heng back then, but it was also blocking him now! It could thus be determined that Mandela and Lu Heng were only Upper Earthly Sovereigns at that time.

Gazing at the spiritual array, which currently enshrouded the square, Mu Chen remained silent for a moment. He then sat down at the edge of the spiritual array, closed his eyes, and began to explore it with his senses.

No matter how strong the spiritual array was, he must crack it. Otherwise, he would have to give up Mandela’s original form, which was right in front of him!

As his eyes closed, his Spiritual Energy Sensor spread out, and gradually, he could detect traces of the vast array clearly. The embryonic form of a spiritual array appeared in his mind.

This spiritual array was so majestic and mysterious, the domineering aura it radiated caused Mu Chen to tingle in fear. It was apparent that this spiritual array was a Middle Grade Ancestral Master Spiritual Array.

Back in the Second Hall, Mu Chen was able to break through the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array because he had obtained the incomplete Diagram Array of the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array. He had been studying hard for a long time, and it was only then that he was able to use some of its flaws to break through the spiritual array and control it.

However, this was an Ancestral Master Spiritual Array that Mu Chen was unfamiliar with. Thus, it was unlikely that he could crack it in such a short time.

Instead of being impatient, however, Mu Chen continued to explore every nuance of the spiritual array. If he wanted to break it, he had to know everything about it! That was the only way that he could find its weakest point.

As Mu Chen sat down and closed his eyes, the dilapidated hall fell once again fell silent. Mu Chen’s meditation took an entire day…

During this day, his body was as still as a rock and surrounded by an aura of spiritual light. There was a constant convergence of spiritual light before him, which seemed to be building a spiritual array model.

However, the model was obviously incomplete at first, so it was constantly crumbling, but Mu Chen just kept rebuilding it. This spiritual array model was clearly modeled after the powerful spiritual array that was now enshrouding the square.

Mu Chen then tried to look for flaws. While he worked, time passed quietly in the silent hall, and another half a day passed.


All of a sudden, the spiritual light in front of Mu Chen bloomed, and as it surged, an extremely complex spiritual array model completely condensed. Although it was only a model, astonishing fluctuations emanated from it.

Mu Chen’s eyes slowly opened, revealing traces of exhaustion. He had just spent nearly two days in analysis, which had left him fatigued.

However, Mu Chen knew that this was not the time for rest, so he immediately concealed his exhaustion. He cast his eyes on the spiritual array model in front of him, seeing that a strange light had just emerged within it.

“It’s a Middle Grade Ancestral Master Spiritual Array indeed! How complex!” Mu Chen sighed.

He had only worked out a model according to the spiritual array in front of him, and that had already exhausted him. If he had to lay out such a spiritual array, even if he used all of his remaining energy, it still would not succeed.

This was because this spiritual array would require at least a million spiritual seals. moreover, even a single misalignment of the various connections could lead to the entire collapse of the spiritual array!

However, Mu Chen’s time of analysis was not entirely in vain. Mu Chen’s eyes turned to the huge spiritual array above the square. From his previous analysis, he knew that, besides breaking it apart with brute force, he could only break its roots.

Mu Chen’s gaze turned towards the skeletons that were sitting cross-legged under the eight stone pillars. The power of the spiritual array came from them, and they formed a very balanced link between each other, which made the spiritual array even more powerful.

Due to this balance, no matter which direction Mu Chen forcefully invaded, the eight corpses would easily counterattack him. If this balance could be broken, then the unattended spiritual array would be in chaos, which he could then use to his advantage!

It may sound easy, but this would be extremely difficult to do. After all, as long as Mu Chen showed any slight sign of attack, it would trigger the spiritual array’s fierce counterattack, and that level of counterattack was something that he could not bear, even with the Spirit-slaughtering Troop!

Mu Chen’s brows knit together, his gaze flickering continuously. He thought over his plan, obviously considering which method to use in his attempt to destroy the balance.

I can’t strike at the spiritual array straightaway, as that would trigger a counterattack.

The balance of the spiritual array comes from the control of the center, which for the moment, are the eight skeletons and the pillars behind them. The skeletons are the source of the spiritual power and the pillars are the passage that connects the spiritual array.

So, if I can separate the skeletons from the pillars, the balance will be broken!

Mu Chen raised his head, light shining in his eyes. He stared closely at the eight pillars and skeletons. After a while, a smile finally appeared on his young face.

He then stamped on the ground gently, feeling the hardness of it under his feet. “It was so simple,” he said with a smile.

As he smiled, Mu Chen stood back. With a wave of his sleeve, the Commander’s Seal appeared.

As the blood light glowed, the Spirit-slaughtering Troop flashed out again. Mu Chen’s mind power then melted into the Spirit-slaughtering Troop’s fighting intent, activating them.


The Spirit-slaughtering Troop broke out in a low roar, and the majestic blood clouds howled and surged, transforming into a crimson red python. Upon the python, many countless battle runes flickered with light.

The python roared and swooped down, yet it did not strike at the spiritual array. Instead, it assaulted the north-west corner of the square.


The python thundered down, and suddenly, the whole hall was shaken. Although the ground had been tempered by spiritual power and was as hard as iron, the fierce bombardment of the Spirit-slaughtering Troop had still caused a huge pit to emerge.

The place was filled with smoke and dust, but Mu Chen did not take his gaze away from the stone pillar in the square. Mu Chen’s plan was simple, since he could not attack the spiritual array directly, he had launched an attack from the outside, transmitting the power into the spiritual array.

However, this transfer of power was bound to be extremely weak because of the isolation of the spiritual array. However, if it worked, the spiritual array’s balance would be successfully pierced.

Mu Chen stared intently at the skeletons beneath the pillar, calculating the time of the transfer of power. Eight seconds passed.

Mu Chen stared closely at the skeletons, his pupils contracting suddenly.

This was because he saw that the skeletons, which had been sitting under the pillars for thousands of years, had shaken imperceptibly, their positions moving just a little bit forward.

Although the movement was negligible, Mu Chen grinned. He knew that he had found a way to break through the spiritual array!

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