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Chapter 1170: First Battle with an Earthly Sovereign

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Inside the dilapidated hall, the two thousand strong Spirit-slaughtering Troop roared, only to see a bloody torrent of fighting intent sweeping out from their crown. The torrent then formed a massively thick cluster of blood clouds above them.

That horrendous fighting intent was far beyond any army that Mu Chen had ever commanded. Even a Lower Earthly Sovereign would not dare underestimate it.

The fighting intent surged, as the surrounding space collapsed continuously. Dark spatial cracks spread out, revealing how domineering and tough the fighting intent was.

As he stood before the stone gate, Elder Zuo of the Saint Demon Palace looked at the scene before him in shock. His high and mighty demeanor had vanished entirely.

He gazed in horror at the bloody clouds of fighting intent that enveloped the whole hall. He then turned his attention to Mu Chen, whose face was calm as he stood behind the Spirit-slaughtering Troop. Until now, he would never have believed that Mu Chen could command such an elite army.

“How is this possible?” There was a tremor in Elder Zuo’s hoarse voice.

The present situation had changed too fast! Originally, he had thought that he could end Mu Chen easily, but in a blink of an eye, Mu Chen now held a terrifying power that frightened him!

“You seem to be disappointed that I am able to command this army.” Mu Chen looked at Elder Zuo’s face and smiled, his heart fluttering with excitement.

In the past, if Mu Chen had encountered a Lower Earthly Sovereign, the only option would have been to escape as fast as he could. Now, he was able to see fear in the eyes of this Lower Earthly Sovereign!

Mu Chen glanced at the ancient Commander’s Seal, which he held tightly in his hand. Although he was only able to contend with a Lower Earthly Sovereign when he relied on the Spirit-slaughtering Troop, he was still confident that he would soon have the kind of strong force that emboldened him to act on his own accord.

“Are you still going to try to stop me here?” Mu Chen smiled at Elder Zuo and asked.

“Don’t be arrogant, kid, there’s nothing that I haven’t seen before. If you want me to retreat on the mere basis of one army, that would be too naive of you.” Elder Zuo’s gaze was chilling.

He was indeed shocked by the cards that Mu Chen had shown, but he still a true Lower Earthly Sovereign. As such, he refused to retreat.

After hearing his words, Mu Chen smiled and said, “Then, I would have to ask you to test how much power this Spirit-slaughtering Troop really has.”


When Mu Chen finished speaking, he stepped out among the Spirit-slaughtering Troop, then sat down and closed his eyes. As he did this, his mind power gushed out and converged with the majestic blood clouds.

Roar! Roar!

As Mu Chen’s mind power mingled with the Spirit-slaughtering Troop’s fighting intent, roars that were filled with fighting intent echoed in his mind. He then felt a force of terror surrounding his mind power, which was at his disposal.


The thick blood clouds loomed, as tens and thousands of bloody waves surged forward. The space shattered and enveloped Elder Zuo immediately.

As the bloody waves rolled in, Elder Zuo’s face grew extremely solemn. He could sense the horrifying power they contained.

“This brat!” Elder Zuo gnashed his teeth, enraged.

He then stretched out his palm. His delicate skin was as smooth as a baby’s, and his fingers had a glossy shine to them, as if they’d been made of jade.

He stretched out his palm and it expanded in the wind. In a flash, it pressed down, crushing the space, then landed on the tumultuous blood waves.


The two forces clashed together harshly, as massive stone pillars crumbled in the hall. Visible ripples spread, layer by layer, causing the space to distort and shatter.

The terrible spiritual power swept through the hall, and Elder Zuo’s body suffered a shock. He took half a step back, his face gloomy.

It was obvious that, in the previous exchange, he had faintly shown signs of losing. If he had been in his heyday, he would have had no fear of this Spirit-slaughtering Troop.

But now, because of the great price he had paid for entering the Ancient Celestial Palace, his strength was less than half of what it usually was. As such, he knew that he would not be able to resist this horrendous aggression of fighting intent.

Boom! Boom!

After Mu Chen had felt the horrifying power of the fighting intent, he still felt that his desire had yet to be satisfied. That kind of power obviously made him envious.

As soon as he waved his sleeve, the heavy blood clouds surged and countless blood red fighting intent spears were condensed. There were at least a few hundred thousand battle runes on the spears, each spear having enough power to make a Complete Grade Nine feel intense fear.

“Go!” Mu Chen flicked his finger, sending countless fighting intent spears whistling out like a rainstorm of arrows. The spears then completely enshrouded Elder Zuo.

“Appearance of the Heaven and Earth!” Mu Chen shouted, as blood-red silhouettes pierced through the space.

Elder Zuo did not dare underestimate this attack. He stomped his feet and roared ferociously.

Meanwhile, the spiritual energy in the heavens quickly converged, then condensed into a huge mountain. The mountain peak was crystal clear and colorful, as it had been condensed by the purest spiritual energy between heaven and earth. Only an Earthly Sovereign could accomplish this.

Clang clang clang!

The spiritual energy mountain was like a barrier, blocking Elder Zuo, while also acting as a shield to stop the countless fighting intent spears that were charging towards it. However, when the fighting intent spears fell, the spiritual energy mountain burst into bright spots of spiritual light, then dissipated into the sky.

“You arrogant brat, did you think that I would fail to suppress you?” After Mu Chen’s aggressive attacks, Elder Zuo’s face was calm.

He snorted coldly, then turned his jade-like palm over. As his palm turned over, Mu Chen felt as if the whole world had shrunk.

In the darkness of heaven and earth, a boundless jade pillar fell from the sky, suppressing Mu Chen, who was under the guard of the Spirit-slaughtering Troop. Such an attack was extremely overbearing, and without the Spirit-slaughtering Troop’s protection, Mu Chen would have had no way of escape. He would have been reduced to ashes!

“Well, if you were operating at your full strength, I’m afraid that it would be hard for me to defeat you today, but in your current state, how can you match me?” Mu Chen looked up at the boundless jade pillar that was descending upon him. He knew that it had been sent by Elder Zuo.

Mu Chen took a deep breath, then roared, “Spirit-slaughtering Troop, kill!”


Two thousand Spirit-slaughtering Troop soldiers suddenly opened their eyes, then raised their heads and looked at the boundless jade pillar. The bloody fighting intent in their eyes surged, transforming into two thousand fighting intent ribbons that swept through the space.


The blood-red fighting intent howled, and the boundless jade pillar burst into pieces. The darkness between heaven and earth dissipated rapidly, and Mu Chen found himself returning to the hall.

The dark scene of the past was like an illusion, and when he looked at Elder Zuo, he could see that one of his fingers was quivering slightly. Upon it, a faint red stain of blood could be seen.

One finger, which possessed such powerful means, shook Mu Chen to the core. Elder Zuo was indeed an Earthly Sovereign!

Envy surged in Mu Chen’s eyes. In these short encounters, he had experienced the overwhelming power of an Earthly Sovereign, which was simply not comparable to a Complete Grade Nine.

However, it was about time…

Mu Chen licked his lips and smiled at Elder Zuo, then said, “Although I would like to experience more of an Earthly Sovereign’s power, my time is precious, so I won’t play with you anymore.”

He bit his fingers, causing red blood to flow from his fingertips. He then drew patterns gently on the space in front of him, which formed an ancient blood rune.

“Spirit-slaughtering Battle Array!” he yelled.

The blood runes then fell into the thick red clouds of blood, while countless beams of bloody light swept out. These crimson beams of light gradually formed a huge blood-red battle array.

Upon seeing the blood-red battle array, Elder Zuo’s expression twisted terribly. He could sense the aura of death from this battle array!

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