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Chapter 1167 - Here at Last

There were pillars that stood standing in the hall that was covered with damage from the intense battle that once took place here.

The ground was evidently enhanced by Spiritual Arrays in the past; but despite that, there were deep marks on the ground from the battles.

Mu Chen could also see sparkling corpses that still emanated powerful fluctuations even after their deaths. Evidently, they had to be powerful existences when they were still alive.

It was a tragic scene but Mu Chen wasn’t bothered about his surroundings. His gaze was on the pitch-black bewitching flower at the end of the hall that was emitting a dark lustre, as if it could devour the rays of light. There were also ancient runes in those lustres.

Mu Chen’s gaze was glued onto the flower. He knew that it was Mandala’s main body, the Primordial Mandala Flower!

“Found it at last.” Mu Chen breathed out in relief as he looked at the flower. As long as he could take Mandala’s main body out, then he wouldn’t have to worry about the Xia Emperor being a threat.

Although Mandala’s main body was just before him, he did not act recklessly because he could sense the Spiritual Energy hidden in the surroundings.

He knew that with those eight corpses as the origin, the power remnant in those corpses was the source of this Spiritual Array’s power.

“This Spiritual Array isn’t any weaker to the completed Nine Dragon God-Killing Array.” Mu Chen’s expression turned grave. He gained information on the Spiritual Array based on his perception. Although this Spiritual Array might look calm, he knew that if he recklessly stepped in, then he would suffer destructive attacks that would make even a Greater Earth Sovereign fall when facing those attacks.

“No wonder Mandala chose to hide here back then. Otherwise, I’m afraid that she wouldn’t be able to stop Lu Heng from getting to her.” Mu Chen helplessly sighed. But although this Spiritual Array had blocked Lu Heng back then, it was also blocking him as well.

In his view, Mandala and Lu Heng should have been in the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm back then.

Mu Chen squinted his gaze at the Spiritual Array and fell into silence. He sat down at the edge of the Spiritual Array before closing his eyes and started to study this Spiritual Array.

No matter how powerful this Spiritual Array was, he had to break it or he would have to give up on Mandala’s main body.

As he closed his eyes, his Spiritual Energy perception spread out and he gradually gained information on this Spiritual Array as it appeared in his mind.

This Spiritual Array was profound and had vaguely emitted a powerful feeling that even made Mu Chen feel fearful.

Evidently, this should be a Middle Rank Scholar Grade Spiritual Array.

Back when Mu Chen was in the Second Hall, the reason why he could easily control the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was that he had obtained an incomplete diagram about it and even spent time to study it. Thus, he was naturally able to find the flaws and gain control of that array.

But this Spiritual Array before him was an unfamiliar Scholar Grade Spiritual Array.

Thus, it’s highly impossible for him to break it in a short period of time.

Mu Chen calmed his heart and started to sense every single point of the Spiritual Array. If he wanted to break this Spiritual Array, then he would have to gain sufficient knowledge about this Spiritual Array so that he could search for its flaws.

As Mu Chen sat with his eyes closed, this entire area returned to silence, encased in a desolate aura.

Before he knew it, he had been in his position for an entire day. He sat there without moving and a spiritual lustre was surging around him that constantly condensed into the model of a Spiritual Array. However, the model wasn’t complete and it constantly crumbled. However, Mu Chen persisted and constructed it again and again.

This Spiritual Array was naturally the powerful Spiritual Array that covered this entire hall. Mu Chen was trying to deduce its flaws.

Another half a day passed and suddenly, a spiritual lustre blossomed before Mu Chen and the model of an extremely complicated Spiritual Array was formed. Although it was only a model, it still emitted an astonishing fluctuation.

Mu Chen slowly opened his eyes, looking a little exhausted. It was even more tiring than fighting with Elder Zuo.

But he knew that this wasn’t the time to rest. He suppressed his exhaustion and looked at the model of Spiritual Array with his eyes flickering.

“A Middle Rank Scholar Grade Spiritual Array indeed, to actually be so complicated.” Mu Chen sighed. He had only traced the outline to form a model, which had already taken all his energy. If he wanted to set it up completely, then even if he had drained himself dry, he also wouldn’t be able to succeed.

This Spiritual Array required at least a few million spiritual seals and if he made the slightest mistake in linking them, it would cause the collapse of the Spiritual Array. So one could imagine how difficult it was to set up such an array.

But his efforts weren’t in vain. He looked at the massive Spiritual Array before him. He already found out the method to break this Spiritual Array. Aside from using force, he could only resort to cutting its source of power.

Thereafter, his gaze shifted towards the corpses under the eight pillars. They were the source of energy for the Spiritual Array. They had formed into a balanced link between them.

Because of this balance, Mu Chen would suffer the attacks from the eight corpses no matter which side he entered from. Thus, he could only resort to breaking the balance. Without anyone controlling this Spiritual Array, the Spiritual Energy would lose control, which might give him an opportunity.

Although it sounded simple, it was extremely tough to put it into action. After all, the moment Mu Chen showed the slightest sign of attacking, he would be attacked by this Spiritual Array instead and even his Spirit-Slaughtering Army wouldn’t be able to bear it.

Thus, he had to destroy that balance without triggering the Spiritual Array.

Mu Chen knitted his brows as he fell into thoughts on how to break the balance.

“I can’t attack the Spiritual Array or it would be triggered and the balance comes from the central control, which are the pillars behind the eight corpses. The corpses should be the source of Spiritual Energy and the pillars are the bridges to link them up.”

“So if I can separate the corpses from the pillars, then I will be able to disrupt the balance!”

Mu Chen raised his head with his gaze flickering. He stared at the eight pillars and the corpses, determining their locations and a smile appeared on his face.

He gently stomped on the ground to test how sturdy the ground was before smiling. “So it’s so simple.”

Mu Chen started to move back and the Army Seal appeared in his hand. He summoned the Spirit-Slaughtering Army with their crimson Battle Will sweeping out from them while he fused his intent within.

The Spirit-Slaughtering Army unleashed a roar and a massive crimson python was formed above their heads with countless Battle Runes flickering on its body.

Unleashing a roar, the python dived down in a terrifying momentum, but it wasn’t targeting the Spiritual Array, but a corner in the northwest.

The entire hall trembled under the python’s attack. Although the ground was refined with Spiritual Energy, making it as sturdy as steel, a crater was still formed out of the ground from the attack of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

A cloud of dust rose, but Mu Chen did not look at the crater. Instead, his gaze was on a pillar, since his attack would bring ripples towards the pillar to affect it.

Mu Chen’s thinking was simple. Since he couldn’t directly attack the Spiritual Array, then he could only rely on shock waves to affect the Spiritual Array.

However, due to the isolation of the Spiritual Array, the shock wave would definitely be greatly weakened. But the moment it worked, then it would achieve the outcome that he wanted.

Although the explanation might make the entire task look simple, one must know the model of the Spiritual Array, to begin with, or it would be futile.

Thus, Mu Chen’s gaze was fixed on the corpse beneath the pillar at this moment.

Roughly eight breaths later, Mu Chen’s eyes abruptly narrowed when he saw the corpse tremble. Although it was barely noticeable, the corpse still moved a little towards the front.

Mu Chen couldn’t help revealing a grin, since he had finally found the method to break this Spiritual Array.

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