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Chapter 1166: Battle Runes

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In the great ancient palace, Mu Chen walked into the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array. The moment he entered, the nine dragons dissipated and the whole spiritual array calmed.

Hence, the array did not cause any obstruction to Mu Chen’s entry. After a few minutes, Mu Chen finally arrived at the throne.

However, just as he was about to climb the royal stone ladder, in the rear, where the Spirit-slaughtering Troop was, a light surfaced on some of the soldiers’ bodies. These were the soldiers who had recovered their strengths!

The soldiers then stepped forward at the same time, causing the great hall to tremble. A terrible sense of oppression swept through like a massive dragon, heading straight towards Mu Chen.

Sensing the oppression, Mu Chen immediately he took a step back from the stone ladder. At that moment, the pressure immediately dispersed, while the Spirit-slaughtering Troop also stepped back in place.

“Even without their spiritual intelligences, they are still guarding the Second Hall Master?” Mu Chen’ s quizzical gaze flashed.

This Spirit-slaughtering Troop had lost their strength, so they had not resisted when Su Qingyin took action, but now that their strength had been restored, they naturally were carrying out their responsibility to guard the Second Hall Master.

If that had been the case before, the moment Su Qingyin dared to step into the range of the throne, she would have immediately attracted the destructive attack of two thousand Spirit-slaughtering soldiers!

“What a lucky woman.” Mu Chen murmured. Then, without hesitation, he took a decisive step forward again.


Light condensed in the hollow eyes of the Spirit-slaughtering soldiers, and a terrible aura of oppression swept out again. This time, there was a faint bloody aura roaring in their bodies, while a force of extreme terror gathered above them. That was the power of fighting intent!

However, as the terrible fighting intent, which was comparable to an Earthly Sovereign, converged, Mu Chen immediately took out the Commander’s Seal and raised it with one hand. The mottled ancient Commander’s Seal lay quietly in Mu Chen’s hands.

The, as if it had been summoned by something, it started vibrating slightly. At the same time, an ancient cry of the battle horn rang out.

As the sound of the horn reverberated in the hall, the Spirit-slaughtering Troop, who was about to launch an attack, suddenly froze. The fighting intent above them dissipated, then they stepped forward and each knelt on one knee in Mu Chen’s direction.

As they had become corpse soldiers, they were no longer intelligent, so they could not make a sound. However, when they knelt down, the space itself seemed to be shaking.

Mu Chen grinned at the sight. It seemed that, even after thousands of years, this Commander’s Seal still worked!

However, Mu Chen’s smile did not last long, as he quickly changed his facial expression to conceal his emotions. He knew that, although his holding a Commander’s Seal qualified him to take control of the Spirit-slaughtering Troop, it did not mean that he had the ability to activate the Spirit-slaughtering Troop.

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered, and he immediately stepped up the stone ladder. He went to the throne, looked down at the Spirit-slaughtering Troop from above, and sat down upon the throne.

He had not led an army in a while, but it did not mean that his power as a war troop dispatcher had lessened. As his strength continued to grow, similarly, his talent at being an excellent war troop dispatcher also grew. He just hadn’t had a suitable opportunity to show it.

Now, it was time to test the fruits of his year-long constant cultivation as a war troop dispatcher. Mu Chen gradually closed his eyes, then opened them again. When they opened, his eyes had become crystal clear.

Then, a strange, strong wave, like ripples, surged in the space. That wave seemed to have little destructive power, but when it appeared, the Spirit-slaughtering Troop was activated.

In their eyes, a real glow of blood could be seen. Meanwhile, above their heads, the gathering of the blood-red light turned into thick clouds of blood. These blood clouds were stacked in layers and permeated the entire hall.

A palpable wave spread out from the thick blood clouds, raising a chill in Mu Chen’s heart. These blood clouds were the manifestation of the Spirit-slaughtering Troop’s fighting intent, and the power within them was absolutely terrifying!

This was the most powerful fighting intent that Mu Chen had ever seen! As such, it was hard to imagine how powerful the Spirit-slaughtering Troop was in the peak of their power. This power, which could annihilate even Earthly Sovereigns, was no joke!

However, Mu Chen did not retreat, a passionate gaze of desire burning in his eyes. He would not give up easily.

It was just like a master chef encountering a recipe’s top ingredients, only when he had an elite army could he show his splendor. After all, without an army, a war troop dispatcher was only a joke.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and repressed his surging mood. He then conjured up seals with one hand, as strange waves that swept through his body suddenly distorted in mid-air to form numerous rune patterns as they spread out. From afar, they resembled layers of dragon scales!

Mu Chen watched the lines of runes closely. This was the physical embodiment of the battles runes.

Even if Mu Chen was not yet in control of his fighting intent, he could still detect how many battle runes he was capable of condensing. A year ago, Mu Chen was only an ordinary ten thousand battle rune war troop dispatcher, but he had now grown far beyond that.

The strange lines of runes spread rapidly in the air, and in a few moments, there were a hundred thousand runes. A hundred thousand battle rune war troop dispatcher was comparable to a Ninth Rank Sovereign!

Despite this miracle feat, Mu Chen’s gaze was still calm. A hundred thousand battle rune war troop dispatcher, who had been insanely powerful in his eyes before, was nothing to him now.

Moreover, if he really could only produce 100,000 battle runes, there was no need to try to control the Spirit-slaughtering Troop, because that was still simply impossible. According to Mu Chen’s estimation, the master of the Spirit-slaughtering Troop, who had once annihilated Earthly Sovereigns, must have been a million battle rune war troop dispatcher.

Although the Spirit-slaughtering Troop had been greatly damaged, if he wanted to take control of it completely, he had to reach at least 600,000 or 700,000 battle runes! Mu Chen’s gaze grew brighter at this thought, his mind power rising like a volcano from his forehead.

In mid-air, the battle runes that had condensed starting spreading out. In just a dozen moments, the light runes in mid-air multiplied into 400,000 battle runes! This quantity was already quite astonishing, but Mu Chen frowned, because it still was not enough.

Give me more! Mu Chen roared in his heart, and a gleaming swirl of light emerged on his forehead, causing his mind power to surge out fully. The number of battle runes in mid-air increased again…

430,000…. 460,000… 500,000… 540,000…

By the time the number reached 560,000, Mu Chen’s face had turned completely pale, and the sharp pain in his mind made him feel like his head had been cut open. That was a sign that his mind power was about to be exhausted.

However, Mu Chen still did not give up. He clenched his teeth and forced himself to endure the sharp pain, a dizziness gradually spreading in his mind.

As wisps of crystal light constantly gushed out of his eyes, the battle runes began to increase again…

580,000… 590,000… 600,000!

When the number of battle runes finally reached 600,000, Mu Chen suddenly felt the sky whirl and his ears buzzed. He took a deep breath and summoned his power, seeing that the 600,000 runes had turned into a torrent.

Sweeping past, they crashed into the formation of heavy blood clouds that was above the Spirit-slaughtering Troop. Only after going through the Spirit-slaughtering Troop’s fighting intent could he gain true recognition and display their fighting intent thoroughly.


When Mu Chen’s mind power rushed into the heavy blood clouds, he immediately sensed a change in the scene around him. He was no surrounded by an ancient battlefield that was filled with flames of war!

He was stunned! Then, he suddenly sensed a surge of a horrifying force around him. He hurriedly looked up, his scalp tingling, only to see that thousands of troops were standing in the sky, completely surrounding him!

The army, donned in heavy armor, radiated a bloody aura and an endless crimson red fighting intent swept through the void. The entire space was made vulnerable by that force.

Mu Chen looked at this terrible army, and his pupils shrunk. This was because he realized that this army was the Spirit-slaughtering Troop at its most complete and powerful state!

To Mu Chen’s utter dismay, he seemed to have changed greatly. He was no longer a young figure, but an old, wizened figure. Then, a terrifying spiritual energy erupted from within him. This was the same degree of power that an Earthly Sovereign possessed!

Mu Chen froze, as the realization dawned on him. This must have been the Earthly Sovereign who was annihilated by the Spirit-slaughtering Troop!


As Mu Chen was stunned, the Spirit-slaughtering Troop launched their attack, sending millions of bloody beams of light surging out, charging straight towards his mind power viciously!

Detecting how terrifying this attack was, Mu Chen’s scalp tingled and grew numb.

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