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Chapter 1166 - Sovereign Immortal Body

Crimson lustres gushed out from the crimson cloud above the Spirit-Slaughtering Army and had linked together with a terrifying fluctuation being emanated.

With a grave expression, Mu Chen’s seals changed and the Battle Will constantly condensed, forming into a massive Battle Formation in the hall.

A Battle Formation that was unique to the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, the Spirit-Slaughtering Battle Formation!

Mu Chen wasn’t a stranger to this Battle Formation as he had witnessed it for himself when this Battle Formation annihilated 8 Earth Sovereigns.

Although the Spirit-Slaughtering Army was no longer in their pinnacle state, Elder Zuo was also much weaker than those 8 Earth Sovereigns.

Thus, Elder Zuo’s face had turned dark when he saw the terrifying Battle Formation. His eyelids were twitching as all the colour drained from his face.

This wasn’t in his expectations, since he never thought that a lowly being that he could easily crush would transform into a ferocious tiger.

He felt the danger of death from the Battle Formation and he might die if he wasn’t careful.

Elder Zuo felt that it was unbelievably comical when he thought about this, since he was actually about to be forced by a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign to the edge of death.

However, he knew that if he doesn’t do anything to retaliate, he might really die here.

“Brat, don’t take it too far!” Elder Zuo roared as he stomped his feet. Spiritual Energy burst out from his body and condensed into a silhouette in the sky that made even the entire heavens and earth suppressed by it.

Mu Chen looked at the massive silhouette with a slight change in his expression. He could sense that it should be the Sovereign Celestial Body that Elder Zuo had cultivated.

Elder Zuo roared and an unbelievable scene appeared. The massive silhouette was sucked into his mouth.

Elder Zuo actually devoured his Sovereign Celestial Body?!

Elder Zuo’s body started to expand and in just a few breaths’ time, he had turned into a thousand-foot high silhouette, covered with runes that were formed with massive Spiritual Energy.

Elder Zuo stood between the heavens and earth with clouds exiting his mouth, along with violent gales and thunderstorms.

At this moment, Elder Zuo looked as if he was the sovereign and creator here.

“This is the legendary Sovereign Immortal Body that only an Earth Sovereign could refine?” Mu Chen looked at Elder Zuo as he took in a deep breath.

It was said that upon entering the Earth Sovereign Realm, the Sovereign Celestial Body would undergo a change and one would be able to fuse with their Sovereign Celestial Body, no longer called the Celestial Body but the Immortal Body.

“Spiritual Energy extract!” Elder Zuo pointed towards Mu Chen as he roared.

A peculiar fluctuation spread out and Mu Chen could sense the Spiritual Energy in this region having a rejection for him. He had been isolated from the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth.

“This is the Earth Sovereign’s Law Words?” Mu Chen’s face turned grave. If he was merely an ordinary Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign. Just those words from Elder Zuo would land him in a bad situation.

Truly, there’s a huge gap between the Earth Sovereign and the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

Fortunately, he had no intention to rely on Spiritual Energy in this fight, but Battle Will. Naturally, even Elder Zuo couldn’t isolate him from the Battle Will of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

“Lightning!” Elder Zuo roared and countless lightning soared in this area, containing destructive power that swept towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen did not dare to relax and had immediately controlled Battle Will to form some defences, akin to a turtle shell that protected him along with the Spirit-Slaughtering Battle Formation.

Ferocious attacks constantly crash and the layers of Battle Will were pushed back, but they were still endlessly gushing out from the clouds.

“Wind! Fire! Mountain!” Elder Zuo started to unleash attacks and the Spiritual Energy in this region started to move as he willed, forming into terrifying attacks that swept towards Mu Chen, constantly pushing the crimson Battle Will back.

But Mu Chen did not panic because the Spirit-Slaughtering Battle Formation had just started to form. Even if Elder Zuo had used his Sovereign Immortal Body, it’s still impossible to break through the protection of the Battle Will.

Elder Zuo had clearly sensed this and his face turned even darker with reluctance and rage in his eyes. He never expected that he wouldn’t be able to suppress Mu Chen even with his Sovereign Immortal Body.

Finally, when the attacks gradually weakened, Mu Chen raised his head and indifferently looked at Elder Zuo before the crimson clouds started to dissipate, revealing a completed crimson Battle Formation.

“Since you have attacked, it’s my turn now. Elder Zuo, have a taste of my Battle Formation.” Mu Chen smiled. He clenched his fist and an endless blood lustre gushed out from the Battle Formation, dying the entire region in red.

The blood lustre constantly spread out, attempting to encase Elder Zuo within it.

The moment he falls in, then Mu Chen would trigger the Battle Formation to kill him.

Elder Zuo’s face was drained of all colour before he took a deep breath and he started to shrink to his original size. Thereafter, he stomped his feet, which caused the surrounding space to distort and he turned into a streak of light and soared.

The roof of the hall broke apart and Mu Chen was dumbfounded as he watched a streak of light disappearing from his sight.

Elder Zuo actually… escaped?!

Mu Chen was dumbfounded at this scene. How could an Earth Sovereign escape like this?

Mu Chen took a long while to recover from his shock, then felt depressed. He had even brought out the Spirit-Slaughtering Army’s trump card; but in the end, Elder Zuo actually chose to escape.

Mu Chen had a feeling of punching against cotton itself.

“How decisive…” Mu Chen sighed. Earth Sovereigns were truly decisive. The moment that they saw that the situation wasn’t favourable to them, they would choose the most rational action.

Elder Zuo was in a terrible state and if he continued to fight, he might have to pay some price. But the most important factor was that there’s a possibility of him dying there.

Thus, after weighing the benefits, he had chosen his life over his task. Even if Lu Heng punished him, Lu Heng also wouldn’t claim his life, but Mu Chen dared to kill him there.

“What a pity.” Mu Chen shook his head in pity, since he initially wanted to experience how powerful the Spirit-Slaughtering Army’s Battle Formation was.

However, he also felt relieved. After all, if an Earth Sovereign was to put their life on the line, then it wouldn’t be easy for him. Thus, it was a good outcome that Elder Zou escaped.

Forcing a Lesser Earth Sovereign to escape, if this news entered the Greatlaw Continent, it would definitely raise his fame but a huge chunk.

Mu Chen sighed before he called off the Battle Will and lifted the Army Seal, recalling the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

He came before the gate. Mandala’s main body should be behind this gate.

Mu Chen tensed his body up as he stretched his hands out and slowly pushed open the gate.

As the gate open, a desolate aura blew against his face.

Mu Chen directed his gaze over and saw the pitch-black bewitching flower at the end of the damaged hall.

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