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Chapter 1163: Phoenix Bug

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The figure clad in purple robes stood in front of the throne. His majestic aura swept out, and a terrifying oppression engulfed the entire palace hall. Mu Chen entered the great hall and was shrouded by the terrible pressure. Immediately, his body became tense, and the golden light on the surface of his body circulated. The sound of the dragon’s roar and phoenix’s cry resounded in his body as his flesh became as solid as a Vajra.

In the face of this unknown situation, Mu Chen obviously dared not relax in the slightest. These former formidable characters could make him pay a very heavy price with the flick of a finger.

With his best efforts to activate a defense, Mu Chen cast a watchful look at the purple-robed figure. An appalled glint flashed in his gaze. In the moment before, he was clearly aware that there was a wave of life in the Second Hall Master’s body.

Has the Second Hall Master not fallen completely? But he doesn’t seem like he still has a sense of rationality in him…? Mu Chen frowned and walked around so he could see the Second Hall Master’s face clearly. When Mu Chen caught a clear glimpse, his face changed dramatically as he gasped.

The Second Hall Master’s face was determined, his eyes glaring furiously as he raised his head to look at the sky. However, what caused Mu Chen to feel horrified was not his frozen expression, but the fact that there was a dark bloody gash on the Second Hall Master’s forehead.

The bloody gash was about the size of a finger, seemingly unremarkable. However, Mu Chen knew that this was a force that had instantly destroyed all traces of life in the Second Hall Master.

It was hard to say how strong a Complete Earthly Sovereign was, but he knew that in today’s Tianluo Continent, there were only a handful of them. However, such a terrifying existence had been wiped out by one finger. How powerful must that person have been to do so?

Chills surfaced on Mu Chen’s skin, and he looked up into the dome of the great palace hall. Spiritual light condensed in his eyes as he surveyed the surroundings before his gaze stopped at a particular spot.

The dome had an equally dark little black hole. The black hole was as small as a needle in the great dome of about 1,000 feet, but at the sight of it, Mu Chen’s hair stood up.

There was an indescribable rush of fear.

At that moment, Mu Chen’s mind visualized the scene then, when the Extraterritorial Race invaded Tianluo Continent, and an unimaginable and powerful presence landed in the Ancient Celestial Palace. The moment he appeared, he casually struck before the Heavenly Emperor could do so.

He just dealt a blow so casually, then a small black hole appeared on the Second Hall’s dome. When the Second Hall Master, who had just noticed it, stood up, a bloody gash suddenly appeared on his forehead, and it was in this moment that all traces of his life were completely destroyed.

With one finger, a Complete Earthly Sovereign was annihilated.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and exhaled. Such a terrifying power… Other than the Demon Emperor who had perished together with the Heavenly Emperor, who else would be capable of this? What’s more, he was able to take a step ahead of the Heavenly Emperor, which was all the more frightening.

There is such a presence in the Extraterritorial Race. It is no wonder that it was possible to force all the creatures of the Great Thousand World to ally together. Mu Chen’s face was solemn, and there was a growing sense of the Extraterritorial Race’s terror and strength in his heart. This was the true enemy of the Great Thousand World, indeed.

Even now, the Extraterritorial Race was still eyeing the Great Thousand World covetously, trying to launch a total invasion to occupy it. Mu Chen sighed before concealing his emotions. The Extraterritorial Race was too powerful for him, and he was still too weak. Even such a powerful figure like the Second Hall Master was killed with one finger. Only a true Heavenly Sovereign could become the top power and be a formidable asset in the war.

After managing his emotions, Mu Chen’s gaze shifted away from the Second Hall Master as he looked at the other places in the great hall. After all, the most important reason why he came to the Second Hall was not for the Second Hall Master. He needed to search for the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop.

As Mu Chen began to survey the surroundings, he rediscovered the vastness of the great hall. Previously, the Second Hall Master’s fate was so shocking that he had ignored everything else.

The Second Hall Master stood in the center of the great hall, and under his throne was a 100-foot-tall stone ladder. Behind it appeared black figures who were clad in heavy armor. When Mu Chen saw the figures, his eyelids twitched quickly, his heart beat faster, and his gaze swept towards them eagerly.

More and more black-armored figures appeared in his sight like a silent army standing behind the Second Hall Master, guarding him. There were about 5,000 people dressed in heavy black armor, and their faces could not be seen. There were dark red runes engraved on the heavy armor. The runes looked as if they were made from blood, and they emitted an ominous aura. The figures also held heavy halberds with crimson tips, as if a bloody aura surrounded them.

It was clear that when the army had been alive, they had emerged victorious in countless bloody battles, and even Earthly Sovereigns had been wiped out by them.

Mu Chen’s gaze blazed, and he clenched his fists as he looked at the army. This army must be the Spirit-Slaughtering troop that he had been looking for! However… Mu Chen’s excitement quickly waned, for his Spiritual Energy Sensor detected that amid this 5,000-man-strong Spirit-Slaughtering troop, there were no hints of fluctuations at all.

This Spirit-Slaughtering troop had been utterly destroyed.

Mu Chen’s expression turned downcast. If he could not control the Spirit-Slaughtering troop, he could not bring Mandela’s actual form out from where it was heavily guarded.

“How did that happen?” Mu Chen’s brows knit together tightly. As a matter of fact, for such elite troops, when there were soldiers who were at their dying breath in battle, most of them would activate their black magic and deprive themselves of life. They would then transform into corpse soldiers, so even if they were dead, they could still be a member of the army. These corpse soldiers, to some extent, were no longer living creatures, so they could withstand the erosion of time. In that case, why couldn’t Mu Chen detect any life from them? It was as if they were truly dead.

As Mu Chen ruminated, a gentle laugh rang from behind him. “That’s because this army is lacking a trigger to activate them.”

Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed as he turned around slowly. A slender and graceful figure stood at the door. It was Su Qingyin.

Who would have thought that she had arrived at the Second Hall, too?

Mu Chen’s expression was calm, but spiritual energy circulated in his body. Although he and Su Qingyin were not enemies, they were not friends, either.

Su Qingyin smiled as she saw Mu Chen’s wariness. “Don’t be so nervous. I don’t want to fight you right now, so let’s work together. I think it might be better.”

“Work together?” Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed.

Su Qingyin glanced at Mu Chen as she said meaningfully, “Your target is this army? Haha, you are ambitious, indeed. This army cannot be controlled by anyone.”

“I believe that has nothing to do with you then,” Mu Chen replied nonchalantly before he asked, “What did you mean by trigger?”

Su Qingyin smiled casually and said, “This army has not yet been completely destroyed. When the Second Hall Master was killed, the army burned their spirit directly and poured its strength into the Second Hall Master, trying to preserve traces of his life. If you want this army, you have to give them their strength back.”

Mu Chen frowned as he said, “Preserving a Complete Earthly Sovereign’s traces of life just by doing so? That’s too simple.”

Su Qingyin nodded and said, “Of course it’s not possible just by doing so, but the Second Hall Master has a Phoenix Bug, which is a rare Spiritual Bug. This worm can revive once for its master to restore vitality, but it needs an extremely large force to support it.”

“Phoenix Bug?” Mu Chen’s heart jolted. Were the traces of life from the Second Hall Master the supposed Phoenix Bug? In this way, does the Second Hall Master have a real chance of resurrection?

“The Second Hall Master has fallen completely and will not be resurrected again.” As if aware of Mu Chen’s thoughts, Su Qingyin lightly shook her head and said, “The attack on the Second Hall Master was too destructive, turning everything inside him into ashes, so even the Phoenix Bug can’t save him.”

Turning to Mu Chen, she said, “My target is the Phoenix Bug. As long as I can get it, I can use black magic to push out the strength of the army it absorbed, and then you will be able to get that army.”

“So, we can work together.” Mu Chen’s gaze flickered, and a moment later, he said, “Then what do I need to do?”

No matter whether it was true or false, he didn’t mind trying, and if the girl tried to deceive him, he would make her pay.

Seeing that Mu Chen was convinced, Su Qingyin smiled happily, and then she looked solemnly at the great palace. She pointed a finger, and a beam of spiritual energy surged out.


When the spiritual energy rushed into the hall, suddenly the whole hall vibrated. Countless rays of spiritual power condensed in mid-air, and suddenly there was the sound of a dragon’s roar as a huge spiritual array enveloped the entire hall.

Looking at the terrifying spiritual array, Su Qingyin said softly, “I need you to break this spiritual array apart for me.”

Mu Chen looked up at the great spiritual array, and a look of astonishment and shock appeared on his face, for he found that the spiritual array before his eyes was so familiar. That was clearly a Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array! However, this spiritual array was complete!

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