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Chapter 1160: Incomplete?

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The moment Mu Chen opened his eyes, a dazzling ray of light appeared out of thin air between heaven and earth. As the ray of light flooded the world, no one dared to look straight at it.

The source of the light was, shockingly, Mu Chen’s eyes! At that time, his eyes looked extremely dark and deep. In the depths of his pupils, it almost looked like a falling Milky Way, the appearance of which was marvelous!


At the same time, a surly force of spiritual energy abruptly swept out from Mu Chen’s body, then wreaked havoc within the world, like a furious storm.

“The force of Spiritual Energy fluctuation must be the pinnacle of Grade Nine!” As the numerous top powers were feeling the Spiritual Energy fluctuation, their eyes flashed in an instant.

It seemed like Mu Chen had used the help from the perfect baptism to accomplish the breakthrough and entered the pinnacle level of Grade Nine! But, this upgrade was not what the people found to be surprising. Instead, they were surprised because the perfect Heavenly River baptism had only managed to bring Mu Chen to this level!

After all, Mu Chen was already in the early stages of entering the pinnacle of Grade Nine. As such, he only had to spend some time to steel himself, then entering the pinnacle of Grade nine would be a natural achievement! Therefore, this relatively insignificant result was unbelievable.

“Eh, this is not right! Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy is still getting stronger!” The people suddenly realized that the Spiritual Energy that was sweeping out from Mu Chen’s body had yet to stabilize, meaning that it was still growing dramatically!

Boom! Boom!

Waves of majestic Spiritual Energy came down in torrents. The waves of the fluctuations swiftly climbed to the highest point of the pinnacle of Grade Nine, then probingly lashed out, attempting to rise to Complete Grade Nine.

However, they were unsuccessful the first couple of times, only reaching the doorstep of Complete Grade Nine. The good news was that the Spiritual Energy that burst out of Mu Chen was very tough, and after multiple unsuccessful attempts, a step over was finally achieved!

The Spiritual Energy that was expanding and contracting back and forth suddenly poured out, like a dam finally being released of its stored water. At this moment, Mu Chen stepped into Complete Grade Nine!

“The perfect Heavenly River baptism’s reputation is indeed fully justified.” Above the Heavenly River, the numerous top powers secretly sighed. A baptism of this sort was almost satisfying enough to make all of the years spent in hard work worth it!

Even though they were faced with Mu Chen, who had successfully stepped up two levels, they were not too surprised. After all, it was a perfect baptism.

As the people were amazed at how Mu Chen’s powers had grown, in the other direction, Xiao Xiao, Nine Nether, and Lin Jing were slightly knitting their brows. The others might think that it was pretty satisfying that Mu Chen could step up two levels, but they did not see it that way.

This is because they had clearly seen that Mu Chen’s previous breakthroughs, where he had experienced multiple shocks before managing to barely step into the Complete Grade Nine. This was a sign of a breakthrough that lacked Spiritual Energy.

This situation had never appeared before, even with Qin Jingzhe and Nine Nether, who only had the high level baptisms. But, for Mu Chen, his was the perfect baptism!

This Heavenly River baptism was one of Ancient Celestial Palace’s foundations, and the perfect baptism was of the utmost importance. It was said that, in that generation, almost every disciple that had a perfect baptism in the Ancient Celestial Palace went on to become one of the most important people in the Ancient Celestial Palace. This showed the power of the perfect Heavenly River baptism!

Originally, according to Xiao Xiao and the others’ estimations, Mu Chen could have steadily stepped into Complete Grade Nine. But, the current situation made them indescribably puzzled.

Xiao Xiao and the others caught glimpses of The Great Solar Undying Body under Mu Chen’s feet. Although, at that time, the Sovereign Celestial Body was emitting a lofty golden light, after Heavenly River baptism, this Sovereign Celestial Body had obtained a great elevation. Yet, this elevation had yet to reach the predicted degree.

Xiao Xiao and the others looked at each other in dismay. The Spiritual Energy of the perfect baptism had not allowed Mu Chen to step into Complete Grade Nine steadily, nor had it allowed Mu Chen’s Sovereign powers to become extremely intrepid. This left them to wonder where the Spiritual Energy went…

Xiao Xiao and the other two let out several sighs. They sympathized with Mu Chen, who was supposed to stand in the same position as Zhu Yan, Garuda, and the others. However, this unforeseen event had led that to become only an empty hope.

Although Mu Chen had managed to barely attain Complete Grade Nine, members within Complete Grade Nine still had different capabilities and rankings. For example, if Qin Jingzhe was going to fight Garuda, both of whom are members of Complete Grade Nine, there would be no doubt that Qin Jingzhe would lose the match.

Of course, Mu Chen couldn’t use common judgements and magnanimity, as this was what allowed him to defeat Xia Yu when he had first joined. Now that he was officially a member of Complete Grade Nine, he was ready for any battle, even if it was against the strongest, most powerful member. Today, it seemed that things would only get more complicated.

When Xiao Xiao and the rest breathed a few sighs of sympathy, the intense Spiritual Energy that burst out of Mu Chen was immediately weakened. He bowed his head to catch a glimpse of his feet, where The Great Solar Undying Body scattered and disappeared.

Surprisingly, he looked fairly calm. After all, he had been baptized, so he knew for sure that he and The Great Solar Undying Body both had room for improvements.

“Hehe, looks like you’ve run into some bad luck!” The mocking voice travelled from afar. As Mu Chen looked up, he saw Garuda snickering at him. Clearly, he had discovered that Mu Chen’s perfect baptism was not complete.

“You’re right,” Mu Chen nodded in agreement, seemingly unaffected by Garuda’s mocking tone.

When Garuda witnessed Mu Chen’s calmness, he smiled and said, “Such a pity! I thought we were going to have a serious fight, but by the looks of it, you did not grab the opportunity.”

As Mu Chen’s perfect baptism was incomplete, even though his strength was still amplified exponentially, Garuda could sense that there still existed a big gap between them. While he had been in Complete Grade Nine for many years, thus having experienced endless hardcore training and slowly accumulating knowledge and experience, Mu Chen had just entered Complete Grade Nine.

So, in regards to knowledge and experience, Mu Chen was nowhere near his level! Hence, if there really was going to be a bloody battle, Garuda was confident that he would be the victor.

Hearing Garuda’s words, Mu Chen only stared at him and nodded in agreement. He then replied a few moments later, “It is indeed a pity.”

When his words reached Garuda, the smile on his face faded a little. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Mu Chen, thinking to himself that this punk in front of him really needed to be taught a lesson!

However, Garuda just smiled at Mu Chen and said, “I am looking forward to the day when your Great Solar Undying Body is destroyed. Then, I’ll see if you can still remain this calm!”

“Sure.” A smile instantly appeared on Mu Chen’s handsome face.

Looking at Mu Chen’s smile, Garuda felt an involuntary twitch in his eyelids. For some unknown reason, he felt uneasy…

This kid is only a punk, who barely made the cut into Complete Grade Nine. His knowledge and experience are no match for me, and his tricks are no match either!

His Sovereign Truth Body is also inferior to me, and yet he’s dreaming about winning this match? Those are just completely the ravings of a lunatic!

Garuda took a deep breath. As many thoughts flashed across his mind, he gave Mu Chen a dead stare. Without another word, he waved his sleeve and turned into a stream of light, projecting upward from the Heavenly River and immediately disappearing out of sight.

Following Garuda’s departure, the Heavenly River became lively again. At the same time, the top powers transformed into streams of light, rushing toward the Ancient Celestial Palace.

Zhu Yan took a look at Mu Chen, then slowly turned toward Xiao Xiao. As he did so, Xiao Xiao noticed, but coldly and lazily looked the other way.

Zhu Yan did not say much, but his eyes revealed his eager thoughts of battle. At that moment, he stomped his foot and transformed into a stream of flames, then quickly disappeared.

Su Qingyin shyly smiled at Mu Chen, as if she was interested in him. But, in the end, she waved her hand and left as well.

As everyone began to leave, Mu Chen appeared beside Xiao Xiao and the rest. He looked up and stared at the deep end of the Ancient Celestial Palace, then smilingly said, “Let’s go. The Heavenly River baptism is over, so we should proceed on our journey.”

His next target was the Hidden Scripture Pavilion of the Ancient Celestial Palace, as The Great Solar Undying Body’s evolution method was most likely there. That would also be the place where the battle to the death between him and Garuda would take place.

Mu Chen stared in the direction where Garuda had left, a smirk slowly appearing on face.

To defeat you, I have made many preparations. So, I hope that when the time comes, you will not disappoint me…

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