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Chapter 1158: The Perfect Baptism

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When the endless beams blasted out of the Heavenly River beneath Mu Chen, countless gaze turned to observe. Looks of disbelief and bewilderment filled the faces on the onlookers.

Top powers with sharp senses stared specifically at the Heavenly River beneath Mu Chen. At that point, a terribly frightening wave was rolling out from somewhere deep inside the river.

“What is that?” one of the top powers asked, a bit terrified. Then, everyone looked at Mu Chen questioningly.

Could Mu Chen have caused this odd change?

Garuda was watching the situation with a cold heart. The corner of his eyes couldn’t help but twitch a little, as he unexpectedly felt a wave of uneasiness. After all, this was the first time that Mu Chen had made him feel as if he was losing control of the situation.

Zhu Yan and Su Qingyin were also looking at Mu Chen with astonishment. On the other hand, Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, and Nine Nether were pleasantly surprised. They were starting to feel sorry for him, but now, it seemed that Mu Chen had a hidden ace up his sleeve all along!

“What exactly is that?” was a question that was racing through everyone’s mind.

Finally, amid all of their questioning gazes, the river beneath Mu Chen started to boil. The endless beam was actually pierced through and had blasted out of the river!

At that moment, a tremendous halo appeared in the Heavenly River beneath Mu Chen’s feet. The vastness of the halo was terrifying, as it covered a lofty area and made Mu Chen, who was standing above it, seem so tiny in comparison.

However, once the halo had completely departed from the Heavenly River, it started to shrink rapidly. In just a few seconds, the halo had transformed into a large glowing ball that was floating in the air before Mu Chen.

Above the Heavenly River, everyone was stupefied. After a moment, their expressions changed, as they began to feel the rippling movements of the Heavenly River Spirit from within the glowing ball!

These rippling movements were so powerful, they made their blood run cold. It seemed like, even if the 99 Heavenly River Spirits from Zhu Yan and Su Qingyin were to be placed together, they would still be far inferior to this dazzling bright ball!

“What is this thing?!” Numerous top powers cried out involuntarily.

As they continued to gawk, Mu Chen gently tapped his finger, causing the sudden appearance light dots within the glowing ball!. They looked like fireflies, each single dot containing ripple movements that gave a chill one’s bones. Moreover, there were exactly 99 lights spots!

The top powers stared at the glowing balls. When they realized there were 99 of them, a gleam raced across each of their eyes. Awe and utter disbelief were evident on all of their faces.

Assuming that the 99 light dots were all spirits of the Heavenly River, adding that to the outer giant circle that was also a Heavenly River Spirit would mean that Mu Chen now had one hundred spirits! As such, a hundred Heavenly River Spirits could initiate the most perfect baptism!

These thoughts drifted across everybody’s minds, including the powerful Zhu Yan and Su Qingyin, who were now looking at Mu Chen gravely. They both had obtained 99 Heavenly River Spirits, which is why they understood the difficulty of obtaining a hundred, not to mention that they themselves had failed to do it!


Garuda’s expression was grim, and he couldn’t help but clench his fists and stare at Mu Chen solemnly. He had initially thought that Mu Chen had messed up the baptism at the Heavenly River. But, in reality, Mu Chen had surpassed everyone and gotten a hundred Heavenly River Spirits!

Even though it was just one extra spirit than they had, the difference between the two was like an impassable chasm! Specifically, it was the difference between a high rank and the perfect baptism.

“Mu Chen, is this the hundredth Heavenly River Spirit?” asked Xiao Xiao, who was beside Lin Jing and Nine Nether, all of whom were watching the situation in utter astonishment.

Mu Chen smiled and nodded. “Yes. It is the hundredth Heavenly River Spirit. I merged it with the 99 spirits. It seems like luck was on my side.”

Now, Xiao Xiao and the rest of the bunch realized how the hundredth spirit had come about. Even though Mu Chen’s description of everything sounded simple, they felt that some sort of special technique had definitely been required.

Inevitably, one had to have an eminently calm mind and enough courage to collect that last spirit. So, Mu Chen’s action had indeed been a gamble. He had ultimately chosen to go with the very risky perfect baptism instead of a high-ranked baptism that was a certainty.

Above the Heavenly River, many top powers took stock of themselves, asking themselves if, now that they knew the technique, would they ever choose to take such a courageous risk?

“This Mu Chen is indeed remarkable,” on of the top powers uttered in awe.

A few top powers were looking at Mu Chen with admiration. After all, they figured that an amateur Grade Nine Sovereign who was able to kill Xia Yu must have many hidden talents!

Even Zhu Yan felt a slight sense of dread as he looked at Mu Chen. He wasn’t necessarily afraid of Mu Chen, he just felt that the next time they met, Mu Chen may truly be his match.

Mu Chen didn’t seem to care about all of the looks he was getting. He glanced at the gloomy Garuda and smiled, not caring that the latter’s gaze was getting colder by the second. He tapped a finger, and the giant glowing ball swooshed up to the sky.

Zoom zoom!

The glowing ball soared high into the skies. Then, an infinite splendor filled the entire space.

The splendor seemed infinite. In fact, it covered the entire skies above the Heavenly River. The mightiness of the scene caused all of the top powers to gape in awe.

This scene was rapidly followed by an influx of spiritual clouds that shrouded the atmosphere. A few moments later, a clear dripping sound echoed throughout the sky.

The spiritual clouds became distorted. Then, under everyone’s fixed stares, the clouds started to disperse. As they faded away, a scene in the sky appeared clearly before their eyes.


Suddenly, a shocking sound of shocked inhalations rang out in the air.

“Th…that’s?” Some top powers were so stunned, they began to stutter.

Zhu Yan, Xiao Xiao, and Lin Jing all looked up. Even Garuda had all ten of his fingers clutched tightly together.

Mighty sounds of the river water resonated with clarity high up in the atmosphere. It seemed like an infinite Heavenly River was forming in the sky!

Comparing the infinitely boundless Heavenly River to Zhu Yan’s gigantic lakes, the lakes appeared to be extremely small. Also, there were crystals suspended within the river, all sparkling and glittering. A spiritual energy that was this condensed could only be achieved by someone who had stepped into the Earthly-Sovereign level.

Added to these other phenomenons, spiritual clouds would rise from the river’s surface occasionally, then transform immediately into the shapes of a dragon, a phoenix, a tiger or a leopard. They would even make roaring sounds, which were extremely mystical!

“Is this the legendary perfect baptism?” an onlooker asked.

The top powers had started to regain their senses, but their faces still registered shock. Mu Chen had not summoned a Heavenly River! In comparison with this Heavenly River, all of the abnormal scenes from other baptisms paled in significance.

“Mu Chen sure scored big this time!” Lin Jing exclaimed.

There was no jealousy in her words, as she was genuinely excited for Mu Chen’s achievement. Even though baptism in the Heavenly River was a precious event, to Lin Jing, who had seen all sorts of rare treasures and miracles, she wasn’t really phased by it.

Among all the admiring gazes, Mu Chen looked up to observe the mighty Heavenly River in the sky. He couldn’t help but smile. In fact, it seemed like he would be smiling all the way through this gamble!

As he spread out both of his arms, a golden light burst from behind him, then a giant shadow appeared. Behind the shadow was a golden solar flare, spectacular and domineering.

As Mu Chen’s Great Solar Undying Body appeared, the audience burst into an uproar. The astounded gazes couldn’t stop wandering back and forth between Mu Chen and Garuda.

Obviously, the audience may not know the origin of the Great Solar Undying Body, but the people could definitely sense that the sovereign celestial bodies from Mu Chen and Garuda were extremely similar. In fact, they may even be from the same source!

Amid their astonishment, high up in the atmosphere, a colossal tributary from the mighty Heavenly River plunged downwards like an enormous dragon, enveloping Mu Chen.

The perfect baptism had been officially activated!

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