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Chapter 1157: A Competition of Celestial Bodies

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Mu Chen’s glaring eyes showed surprise when a strange response came out from deep beneath the Heavenly River. This was because he realized the imprints he left on those spirits of the Heavenly River had once again showed up in his senses.

However, it seemed that the waveform emitted by the imprints wasn’t exactly the same as the ones before. This was because there weren’t 99 of these waveforms responding. Instead, there was only one!

Yet, Mu Chen’s mind was astonished by the waveform emitted by merely one imprint. If those 99 spirits of the Heavenly River were the sparkling stars, this particular waveform would then be as bright as the sun, enlightening the world with its endless supply of light.

Mu Chen couldn’t help but react with a smile as soon as he noticed the changes. His guess was more or less accurate judging by current situation.

It’s pretty obvious that the so called 100th spirit of the Heavenly River cannot be obtained with ordinary methods.


While Mu Chen was surprised by the situation, the enormous lake made up entirely of spiritual light located above Zhu Yan, Xiao Xiao, Garuda, and Lin Jing—who were on the Heavenly River’s surface—began to shake. The lake began to pour down as it shook, and a gigantic waterfall could be seen descending from the lake as it surrounded them.

The waterfall contained energy with extreme purity so pure that the liquid was in a viscous state, and some shimmering dust could even be vaguely seen throughout the liquid. The dust was known as a form of extremely refined spiritual energy. A droplet alone could perhaps easily outmatch tens of thousands of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid droplets. Besides that, the level of refinement was even more astonishing.

Hence, while such a spiritual light waterfall descended from above, Zhu Yan and the others immediately activated their Sovereign Spiritual Bodies to get ready for the baptism.

Zhu Yan took the lead unveiling his Sovereign Spiritual Body, and majestic flames started to condense on his back, forming a huge fire giant in the blink of an eye. The fire giant was surrounded by overbearing fire which distorted the air, making him look like a Fire God from afar.

“Is this the Fire God Sovereign Spiritual Body Zhu Yan has been practicing? It’s said that this is one of many Flame Spirit Clan’s guardians, and it’s ranked 34th on the list of 99 Sovereign Spiritual Bodies!” Countless voices blasted out into the atmosphere the moment Zhu Yan unveiled his Vulcan-like spiritual body. Nearly all the strong ones were envious of his Sovereign Spiritual Body. This was because the ownership of a Sovereign Spiritual Body with such high ranking was almost unheard of, even among the factions in Tianluo Continent such as the Great Xia Dynasty, further showing its extreme rarity.

Mu Chen was no different. He couldn’t help but sigh as he stared at the Fire God Sovereign Spiritual Body behind Zhu Yan. In his estimation, this Fire God Spiritual Body was perhaps powerful enough to rival the Great Solar Undying Body he had been practicing.

After all, despite the Great Solar Undying Body’s huge potential, it was just one of the most basic Sovereign Spiritual Bodies. Besides, the Great Solar Undying Body ranked 30th, which was not much higher than the Fire God Spiritual Body.

In the past, when Mu Chen was rather weak, the enormous strength of the Great Solar Undying Body could easily crush any encountered supreme talents with a relatively weak foundation. As the encountered opponents became stronger and stronger, so did the strength of those Sovereign Spiritual Bodies he would be up against. It was conceivable if that continued, perhaps one day he would meet a Sovereign Spiritual Body even more powerful than the Great Solar Undying Body.

When that happened, it may be that he would taste grievances when his Sovereign Spiritual Body was suppressed. Therefore, he must acquire the evolution method from this ancient heavenly palace for the Great Solar Undying Body to prevent this from happening. Only by evolving it again could he maintain this absolute advantage.

While Mu Chen was deep in thought, an overwhelming brilliance was condensing behind Lin Jing. The brilliance felt extremely gentle, as if it could accommodate and fuse with everything.

As the brilliance condensed, it transformed into a giant bright figure. That bright figure had a jade-like color scheme scattered all around, as if it could blend with all things regardless of status. She also held a jade flask in her hand, and a trembling waveform could be vaguely seen flowing out of the opening, as if some horrifying creature was being fed inside.

It startled the strong ones above the Heavenly River for a moment as the Sovereign Spiritual Body appeared. Moments later, as someone finally figured out something, the sound of people gasping for air immediately followed.

“The one Lin Jing has been practicing is actually the God of Jade Spiritual Body, ranked 28th on the list of 99 Sovereign Spiritual Bodies?!” Mu Chen couldn’t help but feel shocked, and it was truly reflected on his face.

The God of Jade Spiritual Body was not famous in the Great Thousand World. This was not because it didn’t live up to its name, but because of the extremely harsh conditions required to practice it, along with the resources it took to master it. Even so, there was no guarantee of success, even after draining a top faction’s worth of resources.

The famous part of the God of Jade Spiritual Body wasn’t about its ranking but the singular ability to accommodate all beings. Once an individual mastered the spiritual body, if they ever wanted to practice higher-ranking Sovereign Spiritual Bodies in the future, instead of starting from scratch, they could use the God of Jade Spiritual Body as the foundation. In this case, not only would the speed of practicing the new Sovereign Spiritual Body be faster, but the power output would also have the advantages of both spiritual bodies, which made it truly mysterious. Hence, although the God of Jade Spiritual Body was ranked only 28th, the plasticity it possessed was more than enough to get it a ranking in the top ten or even higher!

“It really is important to have a good father.” At this point, even Mu Chen couldn’t help but sigh. Perhaps only an existence like the Martial Border and Martial Ancestor could provide Lin Jing all the mandatory conditions to practice the God of Jade Spiritual Body.

Zhu Yan was obviously slightly surprised when he saw the God of Jade Spiritual Body. He quickly took a deep look at Lin Jing. The foundation she had shown shook even him. As a matter of fact, her background must have been terrific and was no weaker than Xiao Xiao’s at the very least.

The sight of Garuda was filled with darkness. With no expression on his face, it was hard to tell what he was thinking.

“I wonder which Sovereign Spiritual Body Xiao Xiao could have mastered?” While sensing the waveform from deep beneath the Heavenly River, Mu Chen once again looked at Xiao Xiao. The Sovereign Spiritual Body her father had prepared for her must be something extraordinary since he was the renowned Flame Emperor.

Apparently the legendary Martial Ancestor and Flame Emperor had never come face to face, yet their daughters could be seen competing on behalf of their fathers.

Xiao Xiao’s eyes were slightly closed, and behind her there was a colorful light spray. A huge figure had also appeared among the lights. The figure was also slender and was obviously a woman’s shape. However, what surprised people was the colorful snake tail under the woman’s waist. The snake’s scales shined as if they were some sort of demonic light, stinging people’s sight.

“What is that Sovereign Spiritual Body?” Mu Chen once again couldn’t help but stare the moment he saw the Sovereign Spiritual Body with the torso of a human and the tail of a snake. It was because as far as he knew, there seemed to be nothing similar to it that could be found on the list of 99 Sovereign Spiritual Bodies.

Evidently, the mysterious Sovereign Spiritual Body Xiao Xiao had mastered wasn’t included in the ranking system, but the bizarre fluctuation emitted by that being was so strange, even Mu Chen could sense a slight indication of danger. The power of this spiritual body was perhaps no weaker than the Great Solar Undying Body’s.

“Would it be a Sovereign Spiritual Body created by Flame Emperor? If that is the case, Flame Emperor Yan is more fearsome than ever.” Mu Chen was slightly amazed as well as slightly surprised.

On the Heavenly River, the hustle and bustle continued. The strong ones were apparently confused by the mysterious Sovereign Spiritual Body Xiao Xiao possessed. However, they weren’t aware of Xiao Xiao’s identity, and therefore couldn’t speculate, so they left it hanging in the end.

It was at this time that Mu Chen turned his slightly sharp gaze toward Garuda. Surprisingly, the latter turned his head toward Mu Chen at the same time. He stared at Mu Chen, and the intent to kill quickly rushed through his eyes. He then chanted and formed a seal with his hand. A vast amount of spiritual energy immediately gathered behind him. The shocking waveform blasted in all directions, causing the surrounding space to oscillate.

Everyone witnessed the rising sun the moment the majestic light condensed behind his back. Under the gigantic sun, a giant figure sat cross-legged, looking down on the crowd as if it were watching over the world from high up.

A boundless energy flooded the space.

Mu Chen looked at the Great Solar Undying Body that appeared behind Garuda. His pupils couldn’t help but vigorously contract.

The Great Solar Undying Body Garuda had mastered appeared to be somehow similar to what Mu Chen had been practicing. However, instead of a gold color, the Great Solar Undying Body Garuda had mastered was a dark, ghostly color.

Moreover, the big sun floating behind his head was a big, pitch black sun instead of Mu Chen’s golden sun. The big sun rotated slightly, as if it were a black hole about to swallow the world.

If the Great Solar Undying Body practiced by Mu Chen was like a great sun of glory, destined to walk the majestic path of a king, the Great Solar Undying Body Garuda had masted, however, would be a black hole in the sky, dark and weird, strange and daunting.

It was the same Sovereign Spiritual Body, yet it had diverted into totally different paths when practiced by two individuals. However, the moment Garuda condensed his Great Solar Undying Body, the spiritual energy around Mu Chen suddenly and violently boiled up. The light began to condense on his back as the Great Solar Undying Body he had mastered shockingly went a little bit out of his control and was about to appear.

He was finally able to suppress the phenomena, but he also looked deeply at Garuda. Somehow, he had a feeling that one of the two Great Solar Undying Bodies owned by them would have to be destroyed.

Out of the two, only one could live!

Garuda looked at Mu Chen indifferently. He smiled and said, “Once I’ve finished this baptism, my Great Solar Undying Body will reach its peak. When the time comes, I will destroy your Great Solar Undying Body.”

Mu Chen looked up and said, “I think your Great Solar Undying Body might become my sharpening stone.”

“Oh? How so? For one who lost even his baptism?” Garuda replied with a fake smile.
A strange smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face. He stared at Garuda, smiled lightly, and said, “Do you actually think I have lost the baptism?”

At this moment, his arms slowly opened.

Garuda couldn’t help but squint slightly. Just when he about to say something, his eyes instantly became fierce. This was because he suddenly saw a super bright light bursting out from the Heavenly River under Mu Chen’s feet.

There seemed to be a round, infinitely hot sun rising rapidly from beneath the Heavenly River!

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