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Chapter 1156: Sense

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Above the Heavenly River, a furore arose. Garuda’s face was completely void of its usual calm.

He had not expected that Mu Chen would read his intentions so easily. Moreover, Mu Chen even described the situation nonchalantly, which was unbearable!

In the Great Thousand World, extraterritorial clans and spiritual beings were archenemies. However, any past feuds and rivalries were nothing compared to the apocalyptic crisis they were facing right now!

As such, anyone related to the extraterritorial clans instantly became the public enemy of the Great Thousand World! Of course, Mu Chen’s words alone were enough to shame Garuda.

“You deserved it!” Nine Nether felt satisfied, looking at Garuda’s sick face. She could not but laugh out loud.

Although he was shamed, Garuda recovered quickly, ignoring the many sardonic gazes around him. Instead, his eyes locked onto Mu Chen.

He then slowly said, “Brother Mu is sharp-tongued. But, do your capabilities match up with your tongue?” Though his tone was calm, anyone could feel the killing intent hidden deep within his words.

“You will have to see for yourself.” Mu Chen smiled nonchalantly.

They locked eyes, and faintly, an icy aura surged around them, exuding a terrifying killing intent. This shocked many powerful individuals who were present, as they obviously had not been aware of their feud.

“Hehe, if you gentlemen do not intend to fight, kindly leave, so that we can continue our baptism.” When they were about to draw their swords, a lazy laugh echoed from afar. Many turned their heads to see Su Qingyin. She was looking at the both of them lazily. Although the pair were boasting loudly, she could see that they would not about to fight here.

Cut short by Su Qingyin’s chiding voice, Garuda said to Mu Chen with a smile, “It seems like we have to postpone this for a bit.”

Mu Chen nodded. “Anytime.”

When Su Qingyin saw them both step back, she smacked her lips and stretched her back casually. Then, with a light stomp on her token amulet, an exuberant brilliance swept forth, sending light spots flying toward the sky.

A valiant gust overcame everyone’s spiritual energy fluctuations, then gushed out forcibly. This wave even made Qin Jingzhe frown a little, and he could not help from gulping when he saw the light spots. He then exclaimed, “Those are the 90 Heavenly River Spirits!”


The 90 Heavenly River Spirits were floating around Su Qingyin like stars. With a swipe of her hand, the Heavenly River beneath her began to swirl violently, forming a large whirlpool.


A huge light beam rose up suddenly from the middle of the whirlpool, reaching to the skies and finally connecting the void. The horizon was then filled with spiritual light. After a few breaths, a crystal clear river flowed out from the light as well.

This river was obviously 10 times greater than Qin Jingzhe’s little creek, and it was clearly more pure and strong. Many powerful individuals looked upon the Heavenly River with envious eyes, thinking that, if they were to receive such a baptism, they would certainly be completely transformed!

The river suddenly coiled in a spiral in mid-air, then fell down like a rain shower. However, facing such a rare opportunity, Su Qingyin did not imbue it into her Celestial Body. Instead, she sat down cross-legged in mid-air. At her glabella, a red light spot appeared, with a blood-red silkworm cocoon squirming out of it!

As the crystal clear river fell like rain drops, the water poured onto the blood-red silkworm cocoon, which it absorbed like a bottomless abyss. As it devoured more and more water, runes began to emerge on the cocoon, as well as streaks of cracks!

As the last drop of water dripped onto the cocoon, it was already covered with numerous cracks.


As the cocoon completely cracked, a red light burst forth from within it. Under countless gazes, a beautiful blood-red butterfly flew out of the cocoon, fluttering quickly around Su Qingyin.

Every time its wings flapped, a strong spiritual energy fluctuation was emitted. Even Complete Grade Nines would be wary of such fluctuations.

“Is that… Su Qingyin’s Life Spiritual Insect?” Mu Chen was a little surprised to see the blood-red butterfly.

It was rumored that every Spirit Bug User had a Life Spiritual Insect. Apparently, these insects could evolve as their masters improved, even sacrificing themselves to protect their masters in life-and-death situations! Thus, having such a Life Spiritual Insect was like having two lives!

Su Qingyin was quick to make the decision to invest in her Life Spiritual Insect instead of strengthening herself through the Heavenly River. So, ultimately, she was able to hatch her Life Spiritual Insect.

Now that she had this Life Spiritual Insect, Su Qingyin’s power would definitely rise exponentially. In fact, if she were to take the Dragon Entrance Gate’s test again, she would probably be awarded the Golden Dragon Disciple token amulet with ease!

After Su Qingyin’s successful baptism, Nine Nether and the rest could wait no longer. Nine Nether was the first to move, as the token amulet beneath her feet shot out 78 Heavenly River Spirits. Although this was less than Su Qingyin’s, it exceeded QIn Jingzhe’s, and was thus considered decent.

And, if Nine Nether could be considered decent in numbers, then Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing could then focus on impressing everyone on the Heavenly River. The token amulets beneath the both of them emitted a blinding light. Quickly thereafter, clusters of Heavenly River Spirits rose with a howl, surrounding them like stars.

There were surprisingly 99 Spirits! That was officially the pinnacle of a high class baptism!

Mu Chen hummed silently when he saw the Heavenly River Spirits surrounding them. It was clear that even Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing did not know how to obtain a hundred Heavenly River Spirits. Of course, he dared not say that his method was the correct one, as he was only gambling…

Zhu Yan and Garuda looked at the Heavenly River Spirits that were surrounding the girls, their eyes acutely focused. With a stomp, the Heavenly River Spirits rose from beneath their feet as well.

“There are the 99 Heavenly River Spirits!”


On the Heavenly River, countless exclamations resonated above, uttered by the onlookers. Powerful individuals from various clans were envious of their 99 Heavenly River Spirits, which were sufficient to activate the strongest high class baptism.

“But, why could they only get 99 Spirits?” one onlooker inquired. Many of the people wondered why Zhu Yan and the others were missing one Spirit.

“It seems like the perfect class baptism could not be achieved via the normal methods,” another onlooker answered. Then, many powerful individuals understood the theory after some thought. This explained why Zhu Yan, Garuda, Xiao Xiao and others could only obtain 99 Spirits.


While the crowd was still staring in awe at Zhu Yan’s and the others’ great number of Heavenly River Spirits, a giant whirlpool was stirring around the river beneath them. Then, a great light beam shot up to the sky! Directly after that, a creek appeared directly above Nine Nether. While the creek was smaller than Su Qingyin’s, it exceeded Qin Jingzhe’s.

Compared to Nine Nether, the other four’s ( Xiao Xiao’s, Lin Jing’s, Zhu Yan’s and Garuda’s) could be counted as earth-shattering! The Heavenly River whirlpool beneath them was ten thousand feet in diameter, and spiritual light filled the skies and the earth, turning into four huge lakes.

Within the lakes, spiritual light spread out everywhere. The lakes’ pure spiritual energies seemed a little viscous. Their brilliance shone through the lake, transforming into an astonishing spiritual bridge of light.

Many powerful individuals looked at the lakes with dropped jaws. Even Su Qingyin’s river seemed modest in comparison.

“Is this the epitome of a high class baptism? What strength!” An onlooker gasped aloud.

Countless powerful people looked on with covetousness in their hearts. If they could accept this baptism, their improvements would be incomparable! However, despite their covetousness, they didn’t dare move a single finger in front of the fierce Zhu Yan.

“Why hasn’t Mu Chen taken action yet?” As the rest of the crowd was distracted by the high class baptism of Zhu Yan and the others, some of the onlookers noticed that Mu Chen was also stepping on his Golden Dragon token amulet. However, his amulet seemed unusually dim.

“Why do I not feel any fluctuations of the Heavenly River Spirits coming from your token amulet, Brother Mu?” Garuda looked up at his giant lakes of spiritual light, then looked at Mu Chen with a half-hearted smile.

After he had asked this question, many looked at Mu Chen with doubt. On the other hand, Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, and Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen with worry. They also sensed that nothing was coming from Mu Chen’s amulet, not even a single Heavenly River Spirit. This meant that there wasn’t a single Heavenly River Spirit in it!

Had there been an accident when Mu Chen was collecting the Heavenly River Spirits?

Some powerful individuals thought of this and could not help but feel satisfied, especially Garuda, who was smiling faintly. But, Mu Chen ignored them, turning his focus instead to silently sense the fluctuations in the depths of the Heavenly River.

As he waited, his clenched his fists tightly. He wasn’t sure if his guess would work. If it failed, it would be a devastating defeat.

As time slowly passed, the furore outside the river quelled. Now, he could only feel the movement of water within the depths of the Heavenly River.


At that moment, a strange noise echoed from the depths of the Heavenly River. As Mu Chen opened his eyes again, an overwhelming expression of joy filled his pupils. He could once again sense the seals that he had marked upon the Heavenly River Spirits!

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