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Chapter 1152: The Power of the Demonic Fist

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

A majestic killing intent burst out from Mu Chen’s body, polluting the water in the river. The water turned red in an instant.

When the top powers saw this from afar, they were shocked. They could feel their blood boiling and they started to lose control of themselves, a killing intent overtaking their hearts.

“What an overbearing killing intent!” one of the top powers exclaimed. They were all shocked when they noticed it.

“What is this that Mu Chen has cultivated? Why does it have such a horrifying killing intent?” another top power looked at Mu Chen, dumbfounded.

Soon, all of the powerful top powers were freaking out in excitement…

“It is a Super Power!”

“Has he successfully cultivated a Super Power Technique?”

The Super Power Techniques were formidable, but only the Earthly Sovereigns could successfully cultivate them. Even if ordinary people managed to obtain them, they would not be able to cultivate them. Thus, when they saw that Mu Chen had displayed a Super Power Technique, they were taken aback.

Even Xia Yu was stunned. He turned pale when he noticed the strong killing intent, then looked at Mu Chen with fear.

They had Super Power Techniques in the Great Xia Dynasty, which Xia Yu had read about, so he knew how difficult it was for a Grade Nine Sovereign to display such a technique. Till now, he had not successfully cultivated a Super Power Technique himself.

“Mu Chen is truly talented. Today, I must kill him!” Xia Yu gritted his teeth, a cold light surging in his eyes.

He wanted to kill Mu Chen, as Mu Chen’s talent and potential filled him with fear. Also, he was an enemy of the Great Xia Dynasty, so Xia Yu had to kill him before he grew even stronger!

“Let me see how powerful your Super Power is!” Xia Yu shouted.

He had sealed up Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body, so he knew that Mu Chen should be at his weakest. Even if he had displayed a Super Power Technique, the power would still be restricted.

As for Xia Yu, he had his Great Heavenly King Celestial Body to help him, which should be more than enough to suppress Mu Chen. As Xia Yu thought of that, he threw out a Heavenly King Punch toward Mu Chen. As he did so, light burst out and destructive waves shot forth.

Mu Chen fixed his gaze on the Heavenly King Punch, looking indifferent. He was now in the Self-sacrificing State. As such, even if a Heavenly Sovereign was before him, he would not hesitate to put his life on the line.

If one was not in the Self-sacrificing State when using the Self-sacrificing Demonic Fist, he would not be able to display it or bring out its full force. Thus, when Mu Chen displayed it, he had to be ready to give up his life.

Mu Chen slowly threw out a punch, and the world suddenly became still in his eyes. Other than the black gas that was circling around his fists, there was nothing special about his punch. In fact, from the looks of it, Xia Yu’s Heavenly King Punch looked far superior to Mu Chen’s punch.

However, Mu Chen was oblivious to that. He slowly threw out his punch, which hit hard against the Heavenly King Punch that had just come down from the heavens.

The Heavenly King Punch was huge and had spiritual light that swirled above it. It also had the face of the majestic Heavenly King on it. Any ordinary top powers would be terrified by such a blow.

As compared to the huge Punch, Mu Chen’s fist was like an ant. There was a vast difference between the two. However, just as they were about to hit each other, visible ripples of energy swirled out.

Xia Yu was taken aback by the sudden turn of events. This was because, when his Punch and Mu Chen’s fist hit each other, Mu Chen remained immovable! His fist was like a rock, as it remained completely stationary!

However, the overwhelming punch started to shake crazily. The fearless aura of the Sacrifice Self to be Spellbound exuded from the little fist onto Xia Yu’s heart, causing his heart to shake.

He then looked faintly at Mu Chen. He knew from Mu Chen’s aura that he had determined to put his life on the line.

“Crazy fella!” Xia Yu muttered. He was obviously shocked by Mu Chen’s insanity.

After all, he had never thought of putting his own life at risk in this fight. Besides, he was the Prince of the Great Xia Dynasty, so he would not be silly enough to give up everything just to fight Mu Chen!

In fact, nothing was more important to him than his own life. With this in mind, Xia Yu immediately wanted to retreat. He did not want to fight this lunatic! However, it was too late now…


Fine cracks suddenly appeared on the Heavenly King Punch, then speedily spread out. In split seconds, the punch was completely filled with cracks.


The punch, which contained Xia Yu’s consolidated power, exploded and turned into spiritual energy light spots. The top powers dropped their jaws when they saw the light spots.

Xia Yu, who was bearing the brunt of it all, was badly injured. Mu Chen’s punch that contained his Self-sacrificing aura had not only hit his heart, but had utterly destroyed his fighting spirit!


Xia Yu spewed out a mouthful of blood and flew backward, the majestic spiritual energy in him dwindling instantly. When Mu Chen hit the Heavenly King Punch, he did not stop there, but stepped forward and appeared before Xia Yu. He then threw out another punch at Xia Yu’s chest.

It was a simple punch, but the killing intent and fighting desire behind it engulfed Xia Yu like the God of Death. This caused great fear to fill Xia Yu’s heart. He knew that, if he was hit by the punch, he would definitely die!

“Heavenly River Seal, Heavenly River Barrier!” Xia Yu yelled.

During this life-and-death situation, Xia Yu had to use his Heavenly River Seal. He activated its last usage, summoning the Heavenly River Seal to appear before him like a barrier.


As Mu Chen’s fists hit on the Heavenly River Barrier, blood shot out from them. His flesh tore, but he was not bothered by it. Instead, he looked indifferent and continued to punch mercilessly.

Boom! Boom!

Mu Chen hit hard on the Heavenly River Barrier, completely disregarding the blood that was spurting out from his fists. He simply stared at Xia Yu with his red eyes and continued to punch crazily.

“Crazy fella!” Xia Yu was shocked by Mu Chen’s crazy attacks. He quickly shouted, “Mu Chen, you win! I admit defeat! I will retreat immediately!”

Although Mu Chen had activated the Super Power Technique, he knew that it would not last forever, so he would become weak soon. Xia Yu would then take the opportunity to kill him.

Boom! Boom!

However, to Xia Yu’s great surprise, Mu Chen ignored him! Mu Chen remained expressionless and continued to punch on, even though his fists were badly injured. Xia Yu was now truly fearful of Mu Chen.


As Mu Chen continued to punch, the Heavenly River Barrier finally could not take the blows. With a loud bang, it broke into pieces.


Xia Yu spit out a mouthful of blood when he saw the Heavenly River Barrier smashed into pieces. He then turned ghastly pale, as he saw Mu Chen lifting up his injured fist…

“Mu Chen, if you kill me, our Great Xia Dynasty will make sure that you pay for it!” Xia Yu shouted.

When Mu Chen heard Xia Yu’s threat, he suddenly stopped. Xia Yu was elated. Although Mu Chen was crazy, he still clearly knew the consequences of offending Xia Yu’s father.

Just as Xia Yu was about to retreat, Mu Chen fixed his gaze on him with a sneer. “I don’t think that your Great Xia Dynasty will stop creating trouble for me if I let you off.”

Mu Chen smiled. As he was sure that Emperor Xia would not let him off, especially since he had beaten Xia Yu up so badly, he did not see why he should show any mercy now!


Mu Chen looked indifferent. He lifted up his fist that was encircled by the black light and punched out.

Xia Yu was appalled by this action. The spiritual energy in him surged, while he retreated frantically. At the same time, he prepared himself to display his various means of protection.


However, Mu Chen wasted no time and punched out. Although the punch was slow, it pierced through the space and hit Xia Yu’s head.

The black light then burst out and the space broke into pieces, like a shattered glass. As the space cracked, one could see that Xia Yu’s shocked look was filled with resentment!

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