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Chapter 1150: Intense Battle

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Boom! Boom!

The Heavenly River rolled upside down and countless crown-like divine seals roared by, directing their bombardments at Xia Yu, who looked furious and grim.

“Ba*tard!” Xia Yu looked at the offensive attack, which had been rebounded, as he grit his teeth and cursed.

He was surprised that Mu Chen had used this method to easily resist his attack. And, when faced with the overbearing divine seals, Xia Yu did not dare belittle them.


He stomped his feet, causing the Great Heavenly King Celestial Body to suddenly open its mouth and growl, emitting visible sound waves that raged like a storm.

“Heavenly King Roar!” he yelled, as the sound waves raged on madly. Even the space was torn into numerous cracks. Meanwhile, the divine seals were torn into shreds.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In just a few moments, the divine seals were entirely swept away, while the surrounding river water rolled tumultuously forward, then gradually recovered its calm state.

In the distance, many strong men were shocked to see such destructive power. Xia Yu’s ability was indeed something that ordinary, which Complete Grade Nines could not even match!

“The Sovereign Celestial Body that you have practiced is in the same vein as Garuda’s!” Xia Yu glared at Mu Chen.

After previous exchanges, he saw clearly that this Sovereign Celestial Body was indeed similar to Garuda’s. The way the sun rose and the power erupted from it was almost exactly the same.

However, Garuda’s mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body was a bit more dark and cryptic. In contrast, the mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body that was practiced by Mu Chen was bright and magnificent.

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen was rather calm. It was clear that Xia Yu had fought against Garuda before, so he obviously had seen his Great Solar Undying Body.

“Hand over the method for cultivating your mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body to me. I will not only be able to give you a satisfactory price for it, but you will also be able to gain the Great Xia Dynasty as an ally.” Xia Yu looked at Mu Chen with bright eyes.

At the beginning, the main reason why he had been defeated by Garuda was that the mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body practiced by Garuda was even more powerful than his Great Heavenly King Celestial Body. Thus, according to his estimate, this mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body would rank within the top 30 on the List of 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies!

This was definitely a terrifying ranking, as even their Great Xia Dynasty’s highest level of Sovereign Celestial Body was just at number 40. This was the Imperial Ruler Celestial Body that was practiced by his father.

If he could acquire the mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body that Mu Chen practiced, he would have enough confidence to surpass Garuda, or even Zhu Yan, thus having the chance to become the true first person of the young generation in the Tianluo Continent!

Moreover, the power of the Sovereign Celestial Body was only truly revealed when one crossed the Sovereign-stage. As such, the more powerful the Sovereign Celestial Body, the more terrifying it would become! Thus, he must obtain this mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body!

“How is it that, as long as you open your mouth, the Great Xia Dynasty is willing to pay any price?” Xia Yu stared at Mu Chen.

However, in the face of his greedy eyes, Mu Chen did not say a word. He just stomped his feet expressionlessly, causing a golden light to float on the Great Solar Undying Body’s palm. The light then turned into a huge gold rod in the blink of an eye!

“Seven Suns Severing Sky Staff!” Mu Chen shouted, as he flicked his fingers, causing the golden staff to burst through the space, like a golden storm.

As fast as lightning, the golden staff made its way towards Xia Yu and the Great Heavenly King Celestial Body. Clearly, this was his answer.

“You are indeed stubborn! In that case, just wait until I torture it out of you!” A ferocious expression emerged on Xia Yu’s face.


His hands conjured up seals at lightning speed, while the Sovereign Sea behind him surfaced and a constant flow of spiritual power surged madly into the Great Heavenly King Celestial Body.

“Sovereign Super Power, Heavenly King Staff!” he yelled, as the mighty spiritual energy burst out, causing innumerable light beams to burst out of the Great Heavenly King Celestial Body.

The light beams then transformed into a light staff that belonged to the king. Then, the light staff shot out wildly. At this same time, the Heavenly River, as if it were torn apart at this time, send forth two waves of powerful offensive attacks.

Rumble! Rumble!

At the moment of bombardment, it was as if there were numerous raging thunderstorms, raging with wild and unparalleled power, causing the river water to roar turbulently.

Many of the strong men in the distance looked at the raging impact. All of them were astonished, especially when they found out that Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body was still golden and did not show any signs of decline, even in the midst of this ferocious bombardment!

“Mu Chen can actually fight Xia Yu to this extent?!” an audience member in the crowd exclaimed.

After all, Xia Yu had displayed all of his combat prowess, even using his Sovereign Superpower. Even so, the results were still unremarkable.

“His Sovereign Celestial Body must be extraordinary!” However, there were still some strong people with keen eyes, who could see at first glance that the real reason why Mu Chen was able to hold his own was because of the mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body.

“If this goes on, I’m afraid he really can’t do anything about Mu Chen.” A strong man sighed, as he glanced at Mu Chen in astonishment. After all, Mu Chen was able to take on Xia Yu with the strength of a new Ninth Rank Sovereign, which was enough to show how tough he was.

“After this battle, Mu Chen will definitely be ranked 5th on the List of Powerhouses.”

While Mu Chen and Xia Yu were engaged in a fierce battle, a golden light tore through the river in the distance, then headed straight towards the battle. Garuda stood on the Golden Dragon Token Amulet. He held a bronze mirror in his hand, which showed the scene of the fierce battle between Mu Chen and Xia Yu.

“The Great Solar Undying Body that he practices is different from mine. It seems that the Great Solar Undying Body is mysterious indeed.” Garuda looked at the Great Solar Undying Body in the bronze mirror, his gaze flickering.

“In the present circumstances, if Xia Yu wants to get rid of Mu Chen, he needs to wait for this boy’s spiritual energy to be exhausted, then let me end him.” Garuda smiled. He did not intend to defeat Mu Chen fairly. Instead, he intended to kill him with a thunderbolt when he was at his weakest!

As to whether outsiders would say that he had won the battle unfairly using unscrupulous means, Garuda did not care! In this world, only the last man standing wins!

With this thought in mind, Garuda urged the Golden Dragon Token Amulet forward to rush to the battlefield before Xia Yu defeated Mu Chen.


However, at this time, Garuda’s gaze suddenly turned sharp, and he pointed his fingers at the space ahead, where suddenly, there was a sword piercing through the void. Moreover, the sword was filled with a startling chill!


His fingertips landed on the cold, ice sword, as it shattered into countless ice shards. At the same time, a ghostly figure emerged from the space.

“Spiritual Doll!” Garuda looked at the figure and frowned slightly. He then turned his eyes towards the distance, where the river was rippling, only to see a slender silhouette with a golden glow at its feet, who appeared in front of him a moment later.

At the sight of the figure, Garuda raised his eyebrows. He immediately recognized that the figure was the mysterious girl called Lin Jing, who had been following Mu Chen.

“Hey, why don’t you collect your Heavenly River Spirits in an honest way, instead of running around sneakily?” Lin Jing gently tossed a black bead up and down, which seemed to be engraved with ancient and complicated runes. She had spoken at Garuda in a crisp and scolding voice.

Garuda narrowed his eyes at Lin Jing, his gaze landing on the black bead that she was tossing up and down. He could sense a dangerous aura radiating from it.

That black bead is actually a Sacred Artifact! Who the heck is this girl, that she would actually toss around a Sacred Artifact so casually?

Garuda’s eyes flashed, then he pressed the Golden Dragon Token Amulet and smiled, saying, “Even if you stop me, he will still die.”

Lin Jing refused to be fearful, so she grinned, then asked, “Shall we make a bet?”

Garuda smiled, but he did not answer her question. Obviously, he had no interest in the bet.

“Although you have stopped me for now, I’m afraid your men can’t help him. Xia Yu has found an ally.” Garuda looked into the distance as he spoke.

Meanwhile, at two other locations along the Heavenly River…

Zhu Yan appeared in front of Xiao Xiao. He did not strike, but was able to stop her from trying to get to the area where Mu Chen was located. Nine Nether also glanced coldly at Su Qingyin, who appeared in front of her, then said, “Xia Yu paid a big price and asked me to stop you. I don’t want to be ruthless, so just be still, okay?”

A chilling glint flashed in Nine Nether’s eyes, but she did not strike. Instead she stared at Su Qingyin, while enunciating her words slowly and clearly, “Xia. Yu. Will. Die!”

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