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Chapter 1146: Capture

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The Heavenly River Spirit, which was as vast as the stars, vibrated continuously, and the surrounding river rippled with the vibrations. Mu Chen looked at the shimmering Heavenly River Spirit, his expression growing solemn.

According to his estimate, every attack by the Heavenly River Spirit was comparable to an attack by a Complete Grade Nine. Moreover, when its owner was in the middle of the Heavenly River, the Heavenly River Spirit’s power was also increased, making it even more terrifying!

After experiencing the power of the Heavenly River Spirit, Mu Chen realized how difficult it was to get a Heavenly River baptism. Even the lowest level of Heavenly River baptism required at the activation of at least 30 Heavenly River Spirits. As for the perfect level of baptism, that needed 100!

Now, as even one Heavenly River Spirit was so difficult to deal with, if he wanted to obtain 30, the difficulty was overwhelming. Although his heart lamented these difficulties, Mu Chen was not discouraged at all.

In fact, there was an unshakeable perseverance in his dark eyes. This was because, over the years, he had experienced a lot of difficulties. Therefore, no matter how difficult the Heavenly River baptism was, he would not give up easily.


As Mu Chen’s gaze grew more determined, the Heavenly River Spirit shook again. The next moment, it erupted in a direct burst of light, like a ball of light, charging towards Mu Chen fiercely.

Its violent impact created an extremely violent ripple of force, which washed away the surrounding rivers. It was so fierce, even a Complete Grade Nine would not dare to clash with it!

“I cannot let it attack the Token Amulet’s light barrier again.” Mu Chen’s gaze flickered, as he whispered to himself.

The Golden Dragon Amulet Token was the pillar of support for his journey through the Heavenly River. If it was destroyed, it would be hard to locate what he needed in the Heavenly River.


At this point, a bright golden light burst out from Mu Chen’s body, while the roars of a dragon and the cries of a phoenix reverberated throughout the surrounding space. Behind him, a Sovereign Sea emerged, a vast spiritual power sweeping out of it.

As Mu Chen clenched his fist, the Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear flashed out. The tip of the spear trembled, then shot out a fierce spear beam. As the red ribbon of power swept across the space, it collided with the Heavenly River Spirit.


As the two clashed together, spiritual power spread out in a frenzy and nearby rivers were oppressed, then squeezed into a vacuum space.


However, this time, the Heavenly River Spirit was no longer able to easily break through Mu Chen’s attack. Although the Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear buzzed and vibrated with the shock, the Heavenly River Spirit was shaken and retreated hundreds of feet.

Although he had caused the Heavenly River Spirit to retreat, there was no joy on Mu Chen’s face. Instead, it grew solemn. This was because the retreating Heavenly River Spirit stormed forward again, with an even more ferocious demeanor!

This time, the rolling river roared, like a water dragon, swooping in swiftly. Within Mu Chen’s body, majestic spiritual power continuously surged into the Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear. Then, the spear transformed into a crimson beam and shot out fiercely.

Meanwhile, in the middle of Mu Chen’s forehead, a vertical eye emerged. In the next moment, a domineering beam roared out, and the crimson beam bombarded the Heavenly River Spirit.

With the help of two Quasi-Divine Artifacts, the Heavenly River Spirit was once again severely repelled. The bright light, which seemed to have been struck, also became much fainter.

“It’s too difficult.” Mu Chen frowned at the scene, as he had expected to use the power of two Quasi-Divine Artifacts to thwart the Heavenly River Spirit. However, it is too late for Mu Chen to worry about that now, as the Heavenly River Spirit turned in a frenzied manner, then charged at Mu Chen like a mad dog!

In the face of its fury, Mu Chen used his strongest counterattack. With the help of the Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear and the power of the Exterminating Eye, he was able to constantly repel it, again and again.

Boom! Boom!

Violent and unparalleled shocks continued to erupt within the Heavenly River. The river, which was heavy as mountains, raged turbulently.

This almost insane battle lasted nearly half an hour until the Heavenly River Spirit grew weaker. The Heavenly River Spirit was dimmer than it had been before, its power apparently having been consumed by this crazy attack.

The Heavenly River Spirit had exhausted itself too much, but Mu Chen did not look particularly good either. His breathing grew heavy and sweat flowed down his forehead.

Clearly, in response to the terrible attack of the Heavenly River Spirit, he had also lost a great deal of spiritual power. Fortunately, the spiritual energy in this Heavenly River was so abundant, he was able to recover himself as he was fighting. Otherwise, he may not have been able to hold on for so long.


The Heavenly River Spirit was constantly shaking, and it was obviously no longer as strong as it was before. Its light flickered in a puff, then it suddenly turned around and fled.

“Where do you think you are going?” Mu Chen asked.

At this point, he had prepared himself, so he clasped his palms, radiating five beams of spiritual light out from his fingertips. The beams immediately encircled the Heavenly River Spirit, causing an explosion of suction force that pulled it back fiercely.

Although the Heavenly River Spirit put up a wild struggle, with each passing moment, it was forcibly pulled back by Mu Chen. Finally, it turned into a ray of light about the size of a baby’s fist, then fell into Mu Chen’s hands.

As its spiritual light condensed, a clear crystal stone was formed in Mu Chen’s hands. That crystal stone exuded a pure and vast fluctuation.

“Is this the real form of the Heavenly River Spirit?” Mu Chen wondered aloud, while looking at the crystal in his hand.

Mu Chen carefully put away the Heavenly River Spirit, feeling very dissatisfied with the efficiency of the collection. After all, he had only managed to collect one in these past two hours, and even that effort had exhausted him.

If this continued, even if he spent the whole day capturing Heavenly River Spirits, he could only get four or five per day. Hence, it would take five or six days to get thirty. Thus, if he wanted to get the perfect Heavenly River baptism, it would take at least half a month!

Normally, Mu Chen would not mind slowly collecting these spirits, but now that the Heavenly River was under a seal and no one knew when the open seal would be closed, he had to complete the collection as soon as possible to begin the baptism!

After a moment of contemplation, Mu Chen raised his head and looked in the distance. There, in the middle of the Heavenly River, he saw all kinds of silhouettes passing by. These were all of the strong men, who were catching the Heavenly River Spirits.

However, these strong men were all in precarious positions, as they were facing the abnormally ferocious Heavenly River Spirits. Therefore, some strong men had to join hands to encircle and suppress the spirits. But, this caused their efficiency to slow, which resulted in extremely heavy losses!

After repeated failures, some of the strong men were forced to give up and find a place to start practicing instead. Apparently, they had given up on achieving the baptism of the Heavenly River, opting to retreat to the next place, where they could cultivate their spiritual energy power.

As this was taking place, the whole Heavenly River became unusually lively. After watching the scene for a while, Mu Chen finally glanced away and murmured, “I must think of another way.”

If he had used the same method as he had previously to gather up thirty Heavenly River Spirits, he was afraid that he would be exhausted. However, in order to capture the Heavenly River Spirits, he had to exhaust them first! There was simply no other way.

This would clearly be a headache, but Mu Chen was determined to not be impatient. So, he sat down on the Amulet Token, then moved forward slowly, his eyes remaining fixed on the occasional Heavenly River Spirits that would appear. He was not in a hurry to act, but simply observed quietly.

These Heavenly River Spirits were no ordinary forms of energy, as they were born from the Heavenly River. They possessed some simple spiritual intelligence, which meant that they must have some laws to follow.

Under Mu Chen’s quiet observation, half a day’s time passed. After which, Mu Chen’s gaze grew solemn.

He clenched his fist, causing a light to emerge from it, which was accompanied by surprised smirk on his face.

He waved his sleeve robes, rose from the Token Amulet, and murmured, “I sure hope this works.”

For the first time, a smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face. If his observations were correct, it would not be impossible for him to gather 30 Heavenly River Spirits!

Moreover, if all went well, he might even be able to challenge the higher levels of the Heavenly River baptism!

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