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Chapter 1145: Spirit of the Heavenly River

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Swoosh! Swoosh!

The sound of the wind shook loudly as countless light rays emerged at the side of the Heavenly River. All of it seemed to be directed at the cracks in the Heavenly River’s seal.

When the curse was broken, anyone could feel the vast and unlimited power coming from the Heavenly River, and most people who came there were not ordinary. They all knew the importance of this Heavenly River in their journey to the Ancient Celestial Palace. Even in that era, only a few disciples of the Ancient Celestial Palace wished to enter the Heavenly River.

However, as of today, the Ancient Celestial Palace had collapsed, and only the Heavenly River remained. If this opportunity was rightfully seized, it would bring great advantage in future cultivation. There could even be some who were so lucky that they could achieve instant success in their cultivation, and they would become envied among all the new generation. Hence, in this very moment, no one could stay rational, and everyone just rushed into the Heavenly River.

According to the Ancient Celestial Palace rules, only those who obtained all nine mansions’ items could enter the Heavenly River. However, there was no longer a protector of the Heavenly River, thus when the seal was broken, those who were empty-handed seized the opportunity to break into the Heavenly River.

Mu Chen did not hesitate to rush to the Heavenly River with the crowd. When they arrived at the seal, they looked in each other’s eyes and then rushed straight into it.


When their feet stepped through the cracked seal, they directly entered into all dimensions of the Heavenly River. A wave of ancient wind blew in their faces, leaving them slightly disoriented. An ancient scene slowly emerged in front of their very eyes. One by one, powerful figures rushed into heaven, and light rays shined from their bodies, covering them. Then, they started to chase the stars.

The scene quickly disappeared. Mu Chen and his party awoke from the situation. They nodded and then gazed at the vast Heavenly River. The river was crystal clear, and it was as though unlimited power was concentrated in it. Every time the river flowed, a wave crashed, and even the dimension was distorted. Every droplet of water from the river seemed to weigh 1,000 pounds.

Behind them, the crowd of people never stopped rushing in. When they looked at the river, their faces filled with covetousness.


There were some who could not resist the temptation, and they rushed directly into the Heavenly River, falling into the raging waters.


However, the moment they went in, cries and screams followed. Only the wave in the Heavenly River could be seen. One wave was enough to crush the powerful individuals who were Peak Grade Nine Sovereigns into a pool of blood.

The screams echoed, and the powerful individuals who had just rushed into the space of the Heavenly River suddenly changed their emotion. They retreated and looked at the Heavenly River with horror.

No one could ever have thought that this Heavenly River would be so dangerous!

“What happened?” Lin Jing asked, as she was also shocked by the scene. If she had jumped down blindly just now, she, too, would have had to bear serious consequences.

“This Heavenly River River contains extremely dangerous powers. It is suicide to jump in without taking any precautions,” Mu Chen explained calmly. It seemed that he had expected the situation.

“What should we do?” Xiao Xiao asked Mu Chen.

Mu Chen smiled, made a fist with his hand, and the Golden Dragon Disciple Amulet Token appeared in his hands. He dropped the Golden Dragon Token into the Heavenly River. Suddenly, a golden light shined brightly, and the token quickly expanded. It seemed to have formed a canoe shrouded in golden light.

Mu Chen moved lightly and stepped on the token as though as he were riding a canoe. He moved freely on the Heavenly River.

Many powerful individuals saw the scene. “I never knew that the identity token had this effect.” Suddenly, their eyes lit up, and they imitated Mu Chen by dropping the identity token. Without failure, their token quickly enlarged. While the token was shrouded in light, it took the form of canoe.

However, the other canoes were different due to different levels of token. They presented a variety of colors. From the point of view of protection, they were obviously far inferior compared to the boat of the Golden Dragon Token.

This Heavenly River contained extremely dangerous power. If bare flesh came in contact with it, one would inevitably die. Only with the protection of identity tokens could they move freely, but the identity token also had different strength levels. The higher the level, the deeper it was able venture into the Heavenly River and withstand the Heavenly River’s strong pressure.

Mu Chen stepped on the token, followed by Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, and Nine Nether. They were obviously very curious about the canoe under their feet, especially the lively Lin Jing, who constantly poked the cover of light with her beautiful fingers.

“What are we going to do next?” Lin Jing asked with excitement.

“As long as you enter the Heavenly River without doing anything but merely cultivating, it is of great advantage to you,” Mu Chen answered and smiled. As long as he cultivated here with the vast spiritual power in the Heavenly River, the effect of one day’s cultivation was worth one month’s outside of the Heavenly River.

However, they obviously were not satisfied given their expressions. After that, Mu Chen continued, “If you want to get more benefits, you must go deep into the river.”

“What about the baptism of the Heavenly River?” Xiao Xiao asked. In her eyes, it was natural that she did not value the usual benefits. Only the Heavenly River’s baptism attracted her.

“According to the rules of the Heavenly River, if you want to attain the Heavenly River’s baptism, you have to collect the spirit of the Heavenly River. Only when you get enough Heavenly River spirit can you then have a perfect level of Heavenly River baptism to change yourself utterly,” Mu Chen answered with a smile.

“The Spirit of the Heavenly River? What is that?” Lin Jing was a little troubled. She did not expect this Heavenly River baptism to be so troublesome.

Mu Chen raised his fingers and pointed to the depths of the Heavenly River. A cluster of light that looked like a star would float through once in a while. Even though it was separated from them by a far distance, they were still able to feel the strong power emitting from the stars.

“That is the spirit of the Heavenly River. Every one of them contains the power of pure and unparalleled energy. It is the source of strength for the baptism of the Heavenly River. The baptism of the Heavenly River is also divided into low-level baptism, advanced baptism, and perfect baptism. Perfect baptism requires the power of 100 Heavenly River spirits to succeed,” Mu Chen said.

Having that said, Mu Chen shrugged and continued, “But it is not easy to get a perfect baptism. It is said that even in the Ancient Celestial Palace, the disciples who could get the perfect baptism were quite rare.”

“Then I have to try it,” Xiao Xiao replied with excitement. With her pride, she naturally wanted to get the best results.

“If that’s the case, then let’s do it,” Mu Chen replied with a smile. Then, he stepped lightly, and the Golden Dragon Amulet Token moved forward with a burst of golden light and entered directly into the deep center of the Heavenly River.

Within the Heavenly River, the spirit of the Heavenly River was also quite scattered. It was not efficient to take on this task together, so the four people decided to separate temporarily and head straight into the Heavenly River.

When they set off, there were constant sounds of footsteps. Many powerful individuals had their feet on their tokens as well. They rushed out and went straight for the star-like spirit of the Heavenly River.


The Golden Dragon Token at Mu Chen’s feet quickly cut through the Heavenly River shrouded by the golden light cover. This golden light cover was quite peculiar. No matter how extreme the pressure of the Heavenly River was that hit it, it did not seem to even shake.

However, as he entered into the deeper levels of the Heavenly River with the protection of the golden light cover, Mu Chen gradually felt a sense of suppression, which made him secretly worried. Without this token’s protection, even with his strength, it would be impossible to enter the Heavenly River.

A dazzling light ray passed by in front of Mu Chen’s eyes, which left him surprised. When he looked up, he saw a star drifting, the ray of light radiating from it, and a wave of spiritual power rippling and swaying the river.

That was a spirit of the Heavenly River.

Mu Chen stared at the Heavenly River spirit appearing in front of him and approached it excitedly. At the same time, he remained vigilant. These seemingly quiet stars gave him a sense of danger.

Buzzz. Buzzz.

As soon as Mu Chen got closer, the quiet Heavenly River spirit seemed to be aware of his presence. It shook slightly, and then it suddenly jumped up and charged directly towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen was alerted to the situation and shocked by it. He did not dare to slow down. The golden light on his body was surging. He transformed the spiritual power on his body into a golden fist bursting through the golden light cover towards the Heavenly River spirit.

The spiritual power seemed to be unimpeded in the Heavenly River. When Mu Chen’s attack penetrated the cover, it was not crushed by the pressure of the Heavenly River, but instead rushed toward the Heavenly River spirit with greater momentum.


The golden fist hit the Heavenly River spirit, but it seemed that such a powerful force only stopped the spirit for a while. Then, the golden fist exploded.


The star-like spirit of the Heavenly River arrived with extreme force, crashing fiercely into the golden light cover.


At this time, the entire cover was shaken vigorously, sending out ripples in a wide circle. The token took a strong hit that decreased its power.


Mu Chen looked at the terribly shaken golden light cover, and he couldn’t help but inhale a mouthful of cold air because he felt that the Golden Dragon Token under his feet seemed to tremble at this time. Obviously, the Golden Dragon Token could not bear much more of this attack. Plus, once the token was broken, Mu Chen’s Heavenly River trip would probably end.

The Heavenly River spirit’s attack had power to this extent! This was almost the same power as a Completed Ninth Grade Sovereign!


In this very moment when Mu Chen was shocked, a star-like spirit of the Heavenly River was once again bursting towards Mu Chen.

“D*mn it!” Faced with the strong assault by the Heavenly River spirit, even Mu Chen could not help but curse. His face tightened, and only then did he understand how hard it was to attain the Heavenly River baptism.

It would be extremely difficult to get the perfect level of Heavenly River baptism.

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