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Chapter 1142 - Great Harvest

Mu Chen stood on the Golden Dragon Plaque while looking at the lively Heavenly Lake. However, he did not continue to stay in one place. He controlled the plaque and moved deeper into the Heavenly Lake, since he wished to test and see if his idea was effective.

Due to the boundless Spiritual Energy, the Heavenly Lake was filled with a terrifying Spiritual Energy pressure. The deeper one went, the stronger the pressure would be. Ordinary Disciples wouldn’t be able to venture too deep; but fortunately, Mu Chen had the highest Golden Dragon Plaque, which enabled him to travel freely in the Heavenly Lake.

As he headed deeper, the number of people had also decreased, before he chose a quiet place to settle down.

Sitting down on the Golden Dragon Plaque, his ten fingers gently moved and spiritual seals flew out from his fingertips. They shot out and swiftly integrated into the atmosphere.

In just ten-odd breaths of time, a Spiritual Array had already appeared before him.

This Spiritual Array didn’t have any offensive capabilities, it was just a Spirit Convergence Array and this was the bait he set up for the fishes, which were the Spirits of the Heavenly Lake.

Mu Chen realised that the appearance of every Spirit of the Heavenly Lake would be places with extremely dense Spiritual Energy. Evidently, those Spirits of the Heavenly Lake would head towards those places with denser Spiritual Energy by instinct to strengthen themselves.

Since that’s the case, then Mu Chen wouldn’t have to bitterly search for the Spirits, since he could set up in a place with dense Spiritual Energy to lure those Spirits over into his trap.

Naturally, along with bait, there would be a fishing net as well.

Mu Chen looked a the Spirit Convergence Array with and slightly smiled before some spiritual seals flew out and integrated into the atmosphere again.

As spiritual seals constantly flew out, a Spiritual Array was swiftly formed.

However, Mu Chen did not activate it. He had hidden it before setting up several more Spiritual Arrays.

Those Spiritual Arrays were only Heaven Grade Spiritual Arrays, so Mu Chen had to make up for the quality with quantity. Naturally, if he wanted to deal with those Spirits that were equivalent to Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns, just these Spiritual Arrays alone were insufficient.

Therefore, after setting up ten-odd Heaven Grade Spiritual Arrays, Mu Chen took a deep breath and his face turned solemn.

Countless spiritual seals flew out from his hands and danced in the sky before integrating into the atmosphere before the outer layer of a Spiritual Array was gradually formed.

This array had cost Mu Chen quite a bit of time. This was the Incomplete Scholar Grade Spiritual Array, the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array.

When the last spiritual seal integrated into the atmosphere, Mu Chen only felt relieved when he saw that they started to link together.

He looked up ahead with a smile on the corner of his lips. Although his place seemed calm, only he knew that he had set up a dragon’s lair where even a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign wouldn’t be able to escape death.

“Now, let's see if this is useful.” Mu Chen’s eyes flashed with expectation as he flicked his finger. A lustre blossomed from that Spirit Convergence Array before a suction force burst out.

The surrounding lake water started to ripple and a visible Spiritual Energy gushed over, then gathered into the Spirit Convergence Array.

Because of how massive the Spiritual Energy in the Heavenly Lake was, the effect of the Spirit Convergence Array was also extremely good. In just ten-odd breaths of time, the lake water in the array had started to condense into crystals with traces of spiritual mist being emitted.

The Spiritual Energy in this area was much purer and denser than some of the other places in the Heavenly Lake.

Mu Chen slightly nodded his head at this scene. The bait had already been set up, so now it’s time to see if there were any fishes. If it didn’t work, then he could only choose the most primitive method to gather those Spirits of the Heavenly Lake.

Mu Chen quietly sat on the Golden Dragon Plaque before he slowly closed his eyes and set up a Spiritual Array that concealed his own Spiritual Energy around him so that he wouldn’t be discovered by the Spirits of the Heavenly Lake.

The depths of the Heavenly Lake were silent, with only the occasional sounds of waves.

While time gradually passed, there still wasn’t anything and Mu Chen frowned upon this sight. Could it be that his idea wasn’t usable?

“Let’s wait longer and see.” Mu Chen suppressed the anxiousness in his heart and continued to wait.

Ten-odd minutes passed but the quiet surroundings had left him disappointed. Just when Mu Chen was about to give up, his expression suddenly changed when he noticed a movement from the lake water before him.

A streak of light appeared in the distance and it was swiftly approaching. Joy flashed in Mu Chen’s eyes, since he knew that it was a Spirit of the Heavenly Lake.

The Spirit of the Heavenly Lake swiftly flew over with a lustre that emitted from that seemed somewhat impatient as it rushed towards the Spiritual Array.

Mu Chen rejoiced in his heart. His idea was, indeed, as useful as he had expected.

As the Spirit flew over and appeared outside the Spiritual Array, it suddenly slowed down as if it had sensed something while Mu Chen’s heart leapt to his throat.

This Spirit of the Heavenly Lake seemed to have sensed the peculiar Spiritual Energy fluctuation around the lake water.

The Spirit of the Heavenly Lake circulated around the Spiritual Array with hesitation. The dense Spiritual Energy being emitted from the Spirit Convergence Array was akin to a delicacy to it.

The Spirit of the Heavenly Lake revolved around the array. Its simpleton intellect wasn’t able to give up the temptation before it and charged into the array.

When it entered the array, it violently devoured the robust Spiritual Energy with buzzing noises emitting from it, as if it was expressing its joy.

While the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake was happily devouring the Spiritual Energy, a smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face. The fish had finally bit the bait. Now, it’s time for the net to be cast!

With a will in his heart, the numerous Spiritual Arrays around the Spirit Convergence Array were triggered as spiritual runes appeared and enveloped the Spirit Convergence Array.

The sudden burst of Spiritual Energy startled the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake and it turned into a streak of light and tried to escape.

However, it was too late for it to escape. The Spirit of the Heavenly Lake crashed against the first layer and the Heaven Grade Spiritual Array instantly shattered, which followed to the second… third layer.

When Mu Chen saw this, he inwardly smacked his lips. Fortunately, he was well-prepared or he wouldn’t be able to trap this Spirit of the Heavenly Lake.

Layers of Spiritual Arrays shattered under the impact of the Spirit. However, the speed of the Spirit had also gradually slowed down. It was clearly exhausted from the Heaven Grade Spiritual Arrays.

After a short minute, practically all of the Heaven Grade Spiritual Arrays had crumbled.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t worried about that, because his trump card was the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array that he had set up at the outermost layer.

When the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake reached the last outer layer, the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array triggered and a boundless Spiritual Energy turned into a dragon that clashed with the Spirit.

Waves swept up from the clash and the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake suffered a heavy blow before it was pushed back, even the surrounding lustre had dimmed down by quite a bit.

Evidently, the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was much stronger than the previous ones.

Mu Chen’s heart stabilised at the sight of this, since this Spirit of the Heavenly Lake was already trapped.

The Spirit continued to attack but it couldn’t compete with the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array and was pushed back numerous times with the lustre around it having also started to dim down.

When the last clash was completed, the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake had shrunk down by half of its size.

Mu Chen stood up at this moment and appeared above the Spirit. With a slap of his hand, a boundless Spiritual Energy burst out that tangled the Spirit before he clenched his fist, swiftly compressing the Spirit and it turned into a crystal.

The crystal flew up and landed in Mu Chen’s hand before he gently tossed it around with a satisfied smile, then innumerable spiritual seals flew out and recreated the arrays that the Spirit had previously destroyed.

That’s because he could sense that there was a Spirit swiftly making its way over.

For the next half-hour, the region that Mu Chen was in became lively. One Spirit of the Heavenly Lake after another was lured over and fell into the trap.

Facing the traps, the Spirits of the Heavenly Lake that didn’t have much intellect could be believed to have fallen into the trap on their own.

In just half an hour, Mu Chen had already collected 13 crystals!

Even Mu Chen’s face was covered with smiles, even with his composure. According to this speed, gathering 30 Spirits wouldn’t be difficult.

But while Mu Chen was intending to harvest the Spirits of the Heavenly Lake in a great amount, the Spiritual Array fluctuation was also spreading out, which attracted the attention of many.

When they saw how Mu Chen was easily capturing them with the use of Spiritual Arrays, their eyeballs popped out of their eye sockets from the shock and greed was flashing in their eyes.

However, they did not lose their rationale because of greed. They could sense how terrifying those Spiritual Arrays were. Even the Spirits of the Heavenly Lake, which were akin to Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns, couldn’t escape from the Spiritual Arrays, not to mention them.

Thus, even if their eyes had turned red, they could only watch and did not dare to go up.

However, that didn’t apply to everyone.

Mu Chen had obtained another Spirit of the Heavenly Lake that he stored with a wave of his hand. However, he did not continue to make a move, but stood up and looked at the distant space with indifference.

There was a golden beam that streaked over, which appeared before him in a few breaths time.

That person was standing on a plaque that emitted a golden lustre with dragons on it. Evidently, it was a Golden Dragon Plaque with a familiar figure standing on it, Xia Yu.

Xia Yu stood on the Golden Dragon Plaque and looked at Mu Chen with a smile and gently clapped. “I didn’t think that you could capture the Spirits of Heavenly Lake with this method, what an eyeopener.”

Mu Chen stared at Xia Yu without any expression, nor did he reply to his words.

Xia Yu wasn’t angered by Mu Chen but gently smiled. “Give half of your Heavenly Lake Crystals to me. Otherwise, I will make a move and destroy your Spiritual Arrays, so that you cannot obtain them so smoothly.”

When Mu Chen heard his words, a smile appeared on his face as he raised his head and pointed towards another direction. “Get lost.”

Facing Xia Yu’s threat, Mu Chen replied with the simplest and crudest answer.

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