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Chapter 1141: The Tremendous Momentum

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Three golden light beams rose up into the sky, illuminating the land from far above. Everyone was staring at the light beams with the eyes full of shock. They had experienced how rare a Golden Dragon Disciple was, therefore, they clearly understood what it meant to be one. It indicated that the one who obtained the title would possess supreme talents, and even if they were at the Ancient Celestial Palace, whose forces had been dominating the entire Tianluo Territory, they would still be one of the top powers.

In the Tianluo Territory today, according to the public assumption, only the top four on the List of Powerhouses would be qualified to become Golden Dragon Disciples. However, what was in front of them was unbelievable, because the three persons there were like strangers.

Countless horrified voices exploded after a moment of silence. “All three of them are Golden Dragon Disciples?”

“Impossible! It isn’t so easy to obtain the title of Golden Dragon Disciple. Do you think they cheated?”

“Ha… if only if we could cheat at the Dragon Entrance Gate, it wouldn’t be so difficult to produce Golden Dragon Disciples.”

“These three are definitely something else.”


There were some doubts among the various voices, but the majority of them chose to accept the fact rationally because they been through the journey of the Dragon Entrance Gate. Therefore, they could clearly understand the power within. It would be difficult for one to find a loophole.

In the midst of the furor, the fighters from the Great Xia Dynasty were staring with their mouths agape. Moreover, Xia Hong’s face turned pale. After a long while, he said to Mu Chen in a low voice, “You? By looking at your level of power, how is it possible for you to become a Golden Dragon Disciple?”

Back when Mu Chen had been battling him, Mu Chen was only a Half Ninth Grade Sovereign. Even though he had some outstanding fighting capabilities, he could only match with a Ninth Grade Sovereign. However, in order to become a Golden Dragon Disciple, one had to be at least a Ninth Grade Sovereign with extraordinary trump cards.

All the other fighters from the Great Xia Dynasty became silent. The previous arrogant momentum faded because they had no morale in front of the three of Golden Dragon Disciples, even though they outnumbered them.

“Shut up!” Xia Yu stared brutally at Xia Hong, who was yelling, and then he turned to have a look at Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing. At that moment, he realized their existence had became a threat.

Although Mu Chen seemed to be a beginner who had just attained Ninth Grade Sovereign, with Xia Yu’s sensitive intuition, he felt that Mu Chen was an expert in hiding his potential.

This time… he had actually been fooled.

Xia Yu’s face twisted slightly as he felt a sense of regret for not eliminating Mu Chen when they had met in the space passageway. He could have solved this trouble if he had killed him then.

Xia Yu was curious about how Mu Chen managed to find two such powerful and mysterious helpers. Against Mu Chen’s lineup, he would not benefit much if a real fight broke out between them now.

The three golden dragon light beams lasted for awhile and then faded. Mu Chen and the other two apprentices put away their Golden Dragon Tokens and then looked at Xia Yu and the rest. “Do we still need to hand over our treasure to you?”

Xia Yu’s eyes were gloomy at first. He then suddenly moved towards Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing with a gentle smile. “Please, allow me to ask, where did you two beautiful ladies come from? Have we ever met in Tianluo Territory in the past? I am Xia Yu, crown prince of the Great Xia Dynasty. If you could stay away from the bad blood between me and Mu Chen, I’d definitely send a decent gift to you.”

Although Mu Chen was also one of the Golden Dragon Disciples who was feared, if the two mysterious ladies could stay away from their conflict, Xia Yu would still have the confidence to get rid of Mu Chen himself. Since he was also a Golden Dragon Disciple, he believed that he was capable enough to defeat Mu Chen.

Mu Chen did not stop Xia Yu from poaching. Instead, he looked at Xia Yu with a smiling face because he did not think that words from a Great Xia Dynasty leader could affect the two ladies with extraordinary backgrounds.

Mu Chen’s assumption was correct. Xiao Xiao only gave Xia Yu a cold look and then turned away as if she were too lazy to even bother with his request. However, Lin Jing seemed to thinking of something. She took out a golden scroll from her sleeve and said, “So you are the crown prince of the Great Xia Dynasty. Well, that’s just nice. There was a time when your little brother lost his bet of 100,000,000 spiritual liquid drops to me, and he assured me that the Great Xia Dynasty would pay up.”

Xia Hong went pale. Xia Yu, who was standing right beside him, twisted his lips, gave Xia Hong an unbelievable look, and said, “One hundred million spiritual liquid drops? That would wipe out almost the entire national treasury of the Great Xia Dynasty. Even his father would definitely be unwilling to take care of the cost.”

“What now? I guess the Great Xia Dynasty is about to welch on me this time,” Lin Jing said as she saw their expressions.

Xia Yu took a deep breath and said, “These numbers are too big. We can’t make the decision ourselves. We suggest you talk directly to our father.” He would definitely pay, but if Lin Jing were to show the bill to his father, she would certainly be eliminated immediately. There had only been a few individuals who dared to blackmail the Great Xia Dynasty throughout these past few years.

Lin Jing did not seem to realize the consequences after listening to Xia Yu’s suggestion. She nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll go and redeem it from your father, then.”

Xia Yu and Xia Hong gaped and looked at Lin Jing as if she were an idiot. However, as they were staring at Lin Jing, they realized that Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and the rest had been looking at them all the while. Both of them were shocked and felt something was wrong with that.

Mu Chen was not interested in explaining to them about Lin Jing’s true identity, but soon they would know how dumb they were. These idiots actually thought that no one would dare collect the debt from the Great Xia Dynasty. If they dared to welch on the daughter of the Martial Ancestor, she could simply summon a senior from the Martial Border to teach the Great Xia Dynasty a lesson.

Mu Chen smiled at Xia Yu and said, “Well, Mr. Xia. If there is nothing else, then I suppose we will take our leave.”

He did not take the initiative to put a hand on Xia Yu and Xia Hong because they had quite a number of people with them. Once it got ugly, it would take a lot of time to fight, and the most important task now was to get to the Sky Pool for the baptism. As for Xia Yu, there would be plenty of time to get rid of him afterwards.

Xia Yu could not help but clench his fist as he saw Mu Chen smiling at him. It made him angry because an ant that he could have easily crushed was now a free man walking in front of him that he dare not touch. However, regardless of the grievances in his heart, Xia Yu could no longer say a word of provocation because he knew that if a fight started, they would not get any benefit from it.

The fighters from the Great Xia Dynasty remained silent because they dared not raise an objection in front of Xia Yu.

Between the heavens and the earth, the people who saw this scene could not help but sneer. Xia Yu’s previous arrogant attitude towards Mu Chen was a joke because he thought he could easily suppress him. However, the scenario changed in the blink of an eye, which put him in an awkward situation.

Countless people were rejoicing in Xia Yu’s calamity. He soon realized it, but he could only face it brazenly. On the other hand, Mu Chen only smiled as he saw that Xia Yu and the rest had gone silent. He did not want to waste his precious time arguing with them. He took a leap and charged into the distance. Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, and Nine Nether then followed.

As the four of them left, they were watched by countless fighters. However, none of them would dare to block their way. They did not even have the guts to be jealous of Mu Chen obtaining the Dragon Island’s treasure.

Three Golden Dragon Disciples were enough to shock everyone.

Xia Yu and the rest could only look on miserably as they left. None of them had the courage to speak out. Their arrogant demeanor vanished as they had been slapped in the face.

“Brother…” Xia Hong could not help but talk to Xia Yu. They thought they could play Mu Chen this time as revenge for his broken arm. However, things had gone south because Mu Chen was overpowered, and even Xia Yu could not help but stand down in front of him.

“Shut your mouth!” Xia Yu’s face was pale as he gave him a ruthless look. If only this fella had not unwittingly offended Mu Chen, things would not be so complicated.

One would stress out facing Mu Chen’s lineup, even if he or she was as powerful as Xia Yu. This was because even if one was confident enough to suppress Mu Chen, one would not be against the mysterious Lin Jing and Xiao Xiao.

Xia Hong went pale upon getting scolded. After a while, he clenched his teeth and said, “Are we letting it slide just like that? Father mentioned before that no one could trample the reputation of the Great Xia Dynasty, moreover a mere Half Grade Nine.”

Xia Yu’s expression was grim when he stared in the direction where Mu Chen had gone. A moment later, he said ruthlessly, “I will not let this incident slide just like that. Though we do not know where or how he managed to find such powerful helpers, I have my own connections, too. I think Garuda and his team would treat them with defensive hostility. When the time comes, we could make an alliance with them against these outsiders!”

At this thought, Xia Yu’s expression became ruthless. “This Mu Chen… dared to offend our Great Xia Dynasty. This is ridiculous! Let us see if he stands a chance in front of us!”

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