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Chapter 1141 - Capture

The Spirit of the Heavenly Lake that was akin to a star constantly trembled, making ripples on the surrounding lake, and was vaguely emitting an extremely terrifying and overbearing Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

Mu Chen looked at the dazzling Spirit of the Heavenly Lake and his face turned grave. The offensive abilities displayed by the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake even made him feel terrified.

According to his estimation, every single attack from the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake was akin to an attack made by a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign. Furthermore, since he was in the Heavenly Lake, the Spirit was even amplified, so the power would be even more terrifying.

After experiencing the power of the Spirit himself, only then did he discover how tough it would be to obtain the Baptism of the Heavenly Lake.

That’s because even the lowest grade of the baptism required at least 30 Spirits of the Heavenly Lake. As for a Perfect Baptism, it would be as high as 100!

Mu Chen even had trouble dealing with one, so one would foresee how tough it would be to obtain 30.

Although he was sighing at the difficulty of the Heavenly Lake’s Baptism, he wasn’t demotivated in the slightest. Instead, his black pupils flashed with unwavering resolution. He had gone through tons of tough experiences in the past year, which sharpened his firm heart. Therefore, no matter how hard the Heavenly Lake’s Baptism was, Mu Chen would definitely not give up so easily.

When Mu Chen’s eyes flashed with resolution, the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake moved again and in the next moment, it burst forth with a myriad-foot wide light that was akin to a comet as it charged towards Mu Chen.

The simple and crude impact contained extremely violent energy fluctuations that even caused the surrounding lake water to be pushed away.

It was a clash that not even a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign would dare to face so easily.

“Can’t afford to let it crash against the barrier again.” Mu Chen’s eyes flashed. The Golden Dragon Plaque was his only support to travel in the Heavenly Lake. If it was destroyed, then it would also mean that his steps would be paused.

As he thought about that, the surface of Mu Chen’s body burst with a dazzling golden lustre, accompanied with a draconic roar and phoenix cry before his Sovereign Sea appeared behind him with a massive amount of Spiritual Energy gushing out.

Mu Chen clenched his fists and a crimson spear appeared. The tip of the spear trembled with a crimson lustre that exploded, making it akin to a dragon as it bolted towards the incoming Spirit of the Heavenly Lake.

The two heavily clashed with violent Spiritual Energy shock waves sweeping out, emptying the surrounding lake from the shock waves.

But this time, the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake wasn’t able to break through Mu Chen’s attack. Although the crimson spear was buzzing from the clash, it still managed to push the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake back a hundred feet.

Mu Chen showed no trace of joy on his face after pushing back the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake; instead, his face grew more solemn. That’s because after the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake was briefly pushed back, it charged forth in an even more terrifying manner.

This time, the torrential lake water whistled as it pounced forth, akin to a dragon.

Boundless Spiritual Energy endlessly poured into the crimson spear from Mu Chen’s body before the spear turned into a beam of light and flew out.

At the same time, a vertical eye opened on Mu Chen’s forehead and a black light gathered into a beam that shot out, aiming towards the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake, along with the crimson beam.

This time, with the help of two Quasi-Saint Artifacts, the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake was greatly repelled and the lustre on it also seemed to suffer a heavy blow, causing it to dim down a little.

“Too difficult to deal with.” Mu Chen knitted his brows at this scene. He never thought that the two Quasi-Saint Artifacts would only manage to deplete a little bit of the Spirit.

Before Mu Chen could ponder further, the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake seemed to have gone berserk from being pushed back numerous times. It was like a mad canine as it frantically pounced towards Mu Chen.

Facing its insanity, Mu Chen launched counterattacks with the power of the Crimson Dragon Spear and Life Annihilation Pupil to constantly push it back.

Violent shock waves constantly swept out, causing the dense lakewater to constantly lift.

Both sides had crazily clashed, which lasted for half an hour before the lustre on the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake started to dim and it slowed down.

Compared to before, the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake had dimmed down considerably, it was also greatly exhausted from the battle.

However, Mu Chen didn’t fare much better, since his breathing had deepened. Evidently, he had also exhausted a great amount of his power when facing the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake.

Fortunately, this Heavenly Lake was filled with Spiritual Energy, so he could recover as he fought. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t be able to last for so long.

The Spirit of the Heavenly Lake constantly trembled, but seeing that it no longer held the advantage, it had actually started to flee when it had realised how tough its opponent was. If this continued, it would definitely be completely exhausted and captured.

Despite only being an energy form, it also possessed some simple intellect.

“Where are you going?” After exhausting it for half an hour, Mu Chen naturally couldn’t let it escape so easily. He was already prepared to make his move. Five spiritual beams shot from his fingers like a net and tangled around the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake before pulling it back.

The Spirit of the Heavenly Lake had also violently struggled but as time passed, Mu Chen still managed to pull it back before turning it into a fist-sized lustre that fell in his hand.

As the Spiritual Energy lustre gathered, it had actually formed into a transparent crystal in Mu Chen’s hand. The crystal looked to have liquid from the Heavenly Lake inside it with a pure and boundless fluctuation emanating from it.

“Is this the main body of the Spirit?” Mu Chen looked at the crystal and couldn’t help exclaiming in surprise. Something so small had actually caused such trouble for him earlier.

Mu Chen carefully stored the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake. Although he finally got something, he wasn’t too happy, since it had taken him too much trouble for such a small crystal.

He only obtained one in half an hour and even greatly exhausted himself for it. Going at this rate, even if he spent an entire day hunting for them, he would only be able to obtain four to five of them. If he wanted to get 30, then he would have to spend five to six days… And if he wanted to obtain the Perfect Baptism, then it would take him at least half a month!

If it was the usual time, Mu Chen naturally wouldn’t mind doing it slowly. But he had no idea how long the seal of the Heavenly Lake would be opened for. Therefore, he had to gather them at the fastest speed and start the baptism.

As Mu Chen pondered, he raised his head and saw the streaks of light in the sky. They were experts trying to capture the Spirits of the Heavenly Lake.

However, every single one of them was in an extremely pathetic-looking state. Facing the ferocious Spirits of the Heavenly Lake, aside from some experts, most of them were forced into a dangerous situation.

Thus, some of them had to join forces to hunt them, but the efficiency would definitely be slower and their losses would be even greater.

Some of them could only give up after numerous failures before searching for a place to cultivate. They had obviously given up the baptism and chose to cultivate their Spiritual Energy here.

At this instance, the Heavenly Lake became extremely bustling.

Mu Chen watched for a moment before retracting his gaze and muttered, “I have to think of another method, then.”

If he continued according to his current method, then it would be unbearable if he wanted to gather 30 Spirits of the Heavenly Lake.

However, if he wanted to obtain those Spirit of the Heavenly Lake, he could only exhaust those Spirits before he could capture them and there’s no other alternative.

This was clearly a headache matter, but Mu Chen wasn’t impatient. He sat on the boat and started to slowly travel forth. He would occasionally see Spirits of the Heavenly Lake, but he wasn’t in the rush to make his move. Instead, he chose to quietly observe them.

Those Spirits of the Heavenly Lake weren’t normal energy forms. They were born from the Heavenly Lake, possessing simple intellect. Therefore, there had to be a pattern in them.

Time passed under Mu Chen’s observation before half a day passed in the blink of an eye.

At some point in time, Mu Chen focused his gaze and a lustre beamed in his eyes. His hands suddenly clenched as a smile hung on the corner of his lips.

He waved his hand as he stood up on the boat and murmured to himself, “I hope that it’s effective.”

For the first time, a smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face after entering this place. If what he had observed was useful, then it wouldn’t be impossible to gather 30 Spirits of the Heavenly Lake.

It was so much so that if it went smoothly, he might even be able to challenge a higher grade of the baptism!

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