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Chapter 1140: Enemies are Bound to Meet

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When Mu Chen emerged from the thick venomous fog, he instantly felt a glance that was as sharp as a knife upon him. He frowned and looked up to meet the gaze of Xia Yu.

There was a hint of a smile at the corners of his lips. However, it was a smile that contained cynicism and mockery. Mu Chen regained his calm after seeing Xia Yu’s negative reaction, a razor sharp aura filling his eyes.

Regarding the passageway at the entrance of the Ancient Celestial Palace, Xia Yu harbored dark intentions. He was plotting to destroy the passageway, maliciously hoping that Mu Chen and his underlings would perish within the chaos.

“Hehe, Brother Mu, how about a chat?” asked Xia Yu, while smiling warmly at Mu Chen from afar.

Surrounding Xia Yu were ten top powers, all of whom were glaring at Mu Chen with mean looks, as if they were watching prey fall into a trap!

Now of course, armed with their battle array, they had renewed confidence. After all, these elite ten top powers from the Tianluo Continent were the top fifteen on the List of Powerhouses, each having skills that had stepped into the Peak of Grade Nine! Moreover, the fourth-placed Xia Yu, who had stepped into the Complete Nine Grade, was the most powerful person among the younger generation of the Tianluo Continent.

Meanwhile, Mu Chen was merely a boy who had just stepped into Nine Grade. As such, they could take him down effortlessly!

Behind Xia Yu, the one-armed Xia Hong was also staring at Mu Chen venomously. His eyes were full of pleasure, as he was clearly thinking of Mu Chen’s inevitable demise at their hands.

All of those who saw the scene silently shook their heads, throwing sympathetic looks at Mu Chen. They saw him as a truly pitiful fellow.

Knowing Xia Yu’s character, if Mu Chen fell into his hands, it didn’t matter whether he had picked up a treasure on the Dragon Island or not, he’d be skinned alive! Seeing the looks of pity, Mu Chen threw Xia Yu a smile, then shook his head and said, “I don’t know you well, so I don’t think so.”

Hearing Mu Chen’s reply, Xia Yu was stunned for a while. He then shook his head and laughed it off.

“You idiot! Did you think that the Xia’s brothers were actually asking for your opinion?” A man with forceful spiritual energy laughed grimly. “Well, if you’re not coming over here, then let me personally invite you!”


The moment the nameless man finished his sentence, a tremendous spiritual energy instantly burst from within him. He had clearly stepped into the Complete Nine Grade, as he had just revealed that he was no weak opponent!

As the man’s spiritual energy was flowing forth, he took one step forward, appearing instantly before Mu Chen, like a ghost. Then, a spiritual light surfaced on his large hand, after which, he instantly grew exponentially in size.

At the same time, the hand slapped towards Mu Chen, attempting to catch him. This immediately evoked hurrahs and exclamations from the numerous top powers that were watching…

“It’s the Giant Spiritual Hand!”

“The body of Lu Qiu is extremely powerful! He once killed three Nine Grade Sovereign with a single punch.”

“That fellow really doesn’t know his place! How dare he talk back to Xia Yu?”

Among the hurrahs, Mu Chen looked up to see the large hand coming towards him. Instantly, a cold gleam skimmed across his pitch-black eyes.

At that moment, golden light flowed out of his body, while the cries of a dragon and a phoenix were heard. Immediately thereafter, a real dragon and real phoenix surfaced on his right arm. As the dragon stretched its claws and the phoenix flapped its wings, they melded perfectly with Mu Chen’s five fingers.

As all of this was happening, a terrifying force, like mountain torrents, was exploding out of Mu Chen’s arm. Through it all, Mu Chen remained expressionless. He then threw a punch. As he did so, a golden light raced into the sky to meet the incoming giant palm.

“Suicidal thing!” Lu Qiu’s expression became even more ferocious when he saw that Mu Chen dared to go against him.

However, just as his wicked grin spread, his pupils suddenly shrunk. This was because he had unexpectedly felt a horrifying force. He rolled out of Mu Chen’s fist like a madman. It seemed that he had somehow heard the cries of the dragon and the phoenix!


At that moment, a visible spiritual energy charged forward and exploded in the sky, enveloping the whole area. Countless top powers watched the source of the charged force, their expressions changing suddenly, as if they’d seen something unimaginable.

In their utter distress, they saw Lu Qiu’s body get hit by a heavy impact, then fly away instantly. Surprisingly, he had actually been ousted by a single punch from the seemingly amateur Nine Grade, Mu Chen!

Countless top powers were shocked! They couldn’t believe the scene before their eyes. In their minds, Mu Chen was supposed to be the one that got slammed to death by Lu Qiu!


Regardless of their disbelief, Lu Qiu’s body was in fact flying away flimsily. The whole scene caught Xia Yu’s attention, who was stunned for awhile. Then, with a deadpan face, she reached out a palm and pressed into the air. At that instant, Lu Qiu’s body seemed like it was held by an invisible large hand. It became instantly still.

“Hehe, very impressive…” Xia Yu smiled at Mu Chen. He then said, “Hand over your treasure from Dragon Island. Then, I’ll break one of your arms and let you go.”

Mu Chen laughed a little. Even though he didn’t say anything, his flippant attitude said it all.

Xia Yu’s downward gaze became icy cold. It seemed to him that Mu Chen was unbelievably stupid and must really have a death wish!

He then raised a palm, his sign of asking permission to attack. Hee didn’t think that Mu Chen deserved to be personally handled by him.

As Xia Yu raised his hand, there was a movement in the thick venomous fog above dragon island. Three rays of light emerged and stopped behind Mu Chen.

“Mu Chen is always so troublesome! All you did was take one step out, and now look what have you got yourself into!” said a sweet, charming voice, just as the light appeared.

The appearance of Lin Jing, Xiao Xiao, and Nine Nether had caused a stir among the Great Xia Dynasty crowd. However, they took their guards down once they saw that it was only three girls.

“Hey, I didn’t know that you had three beautiful ladies! You wimp! Did you think that they could protect you? I think it’s best that you hand over the treasure from Dragon Island,” said Xia Yu.
As soon as she heard those words, a frosty look came across Xiao Xiao’s beautiful eyes. She then raised her hand and…


The space around her distorted. At that instant, Xia Yu received a ruthless slap on his face, a bright red blood print appearing immediately on his cheeks.

All the top powers in the Great Xia Dynasty were startled, then glowered at Xiao Xiao. Despite that, Xia Yu was the only one that narrowed his eyes a little, because the casual slap from Xiao Xiao had actually been filled with forces of evil.

“Hehe, we worked so hard to obtain the treasure from Dragon Island. Why in the world would we hand it over?” Lin Jing chuckled and asked casually.

Standing behind Xia Yu was Xia Hong, whom had one arm broken by Mu Chen. He answered, “Why? Because we’re stronger than you, and because my royal brother is the Golden Disciple in the Ancient Celestial Palace!”

His statement caused a commotion within the crowd. People were now looking at Xia Yu with more respect. As all of the top powers that had entered had gained their identity tokens, they were aware of the kind of status a Golden Disciple had in the Ancient Celestial Palace.

Xia Yu remained silent, as Mu Chen and the bunch were looking at him with slight astonishment. They had not expected him to gain the Golden Dragon Disciple status. That meant that he was higher than Su Qingyin…

Despite their astonishment, none of them were awestricken like those around them. Instead, they looked at each other with strange looks on their faces.

“Golden Dragon Disciple?” Lin Jing was the first to smile. Mu Chen knew that she was being brutal and demeaning.

She then clenched her jade hand into a fist, causing a golden light to appear in her palm. As she gently swiped upwards, a golden light beam instantaneously rose up, then soared into the sky. After that, a giant golden golden dragon seemed to spiral above it.

Seeing a golden light pillar soaring through the skies, the top powers were stunned. After regaining their composures, they stared intently at the golden token that Lin Jing was holding. Even Xia Yu’s expression changed.

The top powers were speechless, as they never thought that such a beautiful girl could have reached the status of a Golden Dragon Disciple!

Xiao Xiao blinked her eyes as she saw what was going on. Then, she dashed a charming smile at Xia Yu, while also clenching her jade hand. At that moment, a golden token appeared, followed by another golden light beam that was soaring through the skies.

Mu Chen laughed at the ladies’ actions, as he saw that Xia Yu was growing more and more uneasy. He then gently tapped his finger, and a golden token appeared.


Instantly, three golden light pillars soared through the skies from Mu Chen’s side. It was utterly magnificent and impressive!

At that point, everyone on the Great Xia Dynasty’s side was stupefied. Xia Hong, who had spoken before, was now pale as a sheet. He had certainly not anticipated this!

All he had wanted to do was to suppress the opponent by showing off Xia Yu’s Golden Dragon Disciple status. But, lo and behold, Mu Chen and his team were not only unsuppressed, but they had spontaneously fished out three golden tokens!

Mu Chen looked at the pale Xia Hong with a smile, then turned his gaze towards the agitated Xia Yu. With a warm smile, he said, “Golden Dragon Disciple? What a coincidence! We are the same!”

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