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Chapter 1140 - Spirits of the Heavenly Lake

As screeching sounds rang out, countless streaks of light soared around the Heavenly Lake as they charged towards the crack with reddened eyes.

When the seal was broken, everyone could sense the boundless force in the Heavenly Lake. Furthermore, anyone that could make it there wasn’t ordinary, they knew how important the Heavenly Lake was to the Ancient Haven Palace. It was so much so that even at that time, only a few amongst the disciples of the Ancient Haven Palace could enter the Heavenly Lake.

With the destruction of the Ancient Haven Palace and the Heavenly Lake remaining, if they could grab ahold of this opportunity, then it would be extremely beneficial to their future cultivation. It was so much so that they might even be able to ascend the heavens in a single step, becoming one of the dazzling elites of the Greatlaw Continent.

So, at this moment, no one could maintain their rationale and charged towards the Heavenly Lake as if their lives were depending on it…

If it went according to the rules of the Ancient Haven Palace, only those that obtained the tokens of the Nine Mansions could enter. But there was no longer any protector here in the Heavenly Lake. So when the seal was broken, even those without the tokens of the Nine Mansions could sneak in and take advantage of the opportunity.

As everyone charged, Mu Chen also entered without any hesitation. Since they were the closest to the Heavenly Lake, they were the first to reach the crack before they exchanged a look and entered together.

At that moment, when they stepped across the crack into the Heavenly Lake, there was an ancient atmosphere, as if it had been brewing for tens of thousands of years, that blew over, causing the four of them to be absent-minded. The mist had condensed and formed into an ancient scene…

It was a scene with numerous powerful silhouettes entering the Heavenly Lake, their bodies emanating a lustre that protected them as they chased after those stars in the Heavenly Lake.

The scene swiftly disappeared and the four of them had also woke up from it. They slightly lowered their heads and could see the glittering and sparkling Heavenly Lake, as if it contained a boundless power that had even distorted space when the ocean rolled. Every single drop of the ocean’s water was akin to a thousand catty.

As more people charged in behind them, and when they saw the Heavenly Lake before them, their eyes flashed with redness as greed filled their faces.

Someone couldn’t hold back the temptation and charged forth, entering the Heavenly Lake.


But the moment that person entered, a mourning shriek resounded as a wave swept up from the Heavenly Lake and turned that Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign into a puddle of water.

The resounding cry caused everyone’s faces to change before they moved back and looked at the Heavenly Lake with shock.

Who could have expected that the Heavenly Lake would be so dangerous?!

“What's going on?” Even Lin Jing was startled. If she had gone first, then she would also be in a pathetic state at this moment.

“The Heavenly Lake contains a terrifying power. If we jump in without any defences, then we would naturally be courting death.” Mu Chen was still rather calm, as if it was all within his expectations.

“What shall we do?” Xiao Xiao looked at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen smiled and the plaque of the Golden Dragon Disciple appeared in his hand.

Holding onto the Golden Dragon Plaque, he tossed it into the Heavenly Lake and a golden lustre blossomed. The Plaque swiftly expanded into a boat that was enveloped in a golden lustre barrier.

Mu Chen landed on the boat and freely travelled across the Heavenly Lake.

“So there’s this usage to the plaque.” When everyone saw this, their eyes instantly lit up and mimicked Mu Chen, taking out their plaques. Their plaques swiftly expanded, enveloped in a lustre and formed into a boat as well.

However, because of the difference in gradings, their boats were of different colours. Furthermore, the defences of their boats were pale in comparison to Mu Chen’s Golden Dragon Plaque.

The Heavenly Lake contained a terrifying force and if they charged in with their physiques, it would simply be suicidal. Only with the protection of the plaques, could they be in the Heavenly Lake. However, due to the difference in gradings, higher ranked plaques could go deeper into the Heavenly Lake.

Mu Chen stood on the Golden Dragon Plaque before the three ladies came down as well. They were clearly curious regarding the boat beneath their feet, especially Lin Jing, she even poked the barrier.

“What are we going to do next?” Lin Jing asked excitedly.

“As long as we’re in the Heavenly Lake, we don’t have to do anything. Just cultivating here alone would be beneficial to the body.” Mu Chen smiled. With the boundless Spiritual Energy in the Heavenly Lake, the efficacy of their cultivation for a day here would be comparable to a month outside.

But evidently, he wouldn’t be satisfied with just that. Mu Chen briefly paused before he continued, “ If we want to obtain more benefits, then we have to go deeper into the Heavenly Lake.”

“What about the baptism?” Xiao Xiao asked. With her eyesight, she naturally wasn’t interested in the benefits that Mu Chen spoke of. She was only interested in the baptism of the Heavenly Lake.

“According to the rules of the Heavenly Lake, we have to search for the Spirits of the Heavenly Lake in order to obtain the baptism. Only finding sufficient Spirits of the Heavenly Lake, can we obtain the best baptism.” Mu Chen smiled.

“Spirits of the Heavenly Lake? What is that?” Lin Jing was a little depressed, since she never thought that the baptism of the Heavenly Lake would be so troublesome.

Mu Chen stretched his hand out and pointed towards the depths of the Heavenly Lake. Occasionally, there would be streaks of light, akin to comets, streaking across. Even at such a distance, they could still sense the terrifying might of the comets.

“Those are the Spirits of the Heavenly Lake. Every single one of those things contains pure power and also the source of the power in the baptism. They are similarly graded into Lesser Baptism, Higher Baptism and Perfect Baptism… If it’s the Perfect Baptism, then it can only be done with a hundred Spirits of the Heavenly Lake.”

As he spoke, Mu Chen shrugged his shoulders. “But it’s not so easy to obtain it. It was said that those that could obtain the Perfect Baptism back then in the Ancient Haven Palace were extremely few.”

“Then, I want to give it a try.” Hearing Mu Chen’s explanation, Xiao Xiao grew with interest as she smiled. With her pride, she naturally wanted to obtain the best score.

“Since that’s the case, let us get moving, then.” Mu Chen smiled and stomped his foot. The Golden Dragon Plaque beneath his feet blossomed with a golden lustre, then swiftly travelled deeper into the Heavenly Lake.

The Spirits of the Heavenly Lake were extremely spread out, so it wouldn’t be easy for them to distribute if they stayed together. Thus, the four of them temporarily split up.

When they moved, splashing sounds constantly resounded from the Heavenly Lake as more people landed on their plaques and charged out, swiftly racing towards those Spirits of the Heavenly Lake.


The Golden Dragon Plaque that Mu Chen was standing on swiftly tore apart the lake. The golden barrier was extremely peculiar, no matter how much water splashed on it, the water could even shake the barrier.

As he travelled deeper into the Heavenly Lake, Mu Chen gradually felt the pressure, even with the protection of the barrier, which made him inwardly startled. If he didn’t have the plaque protecting him, then it would be practically impossible for him to go deep in the Heavenly Lake with his strength.

While Mu Chen was inwardly startled, a dazzling lustre blossomed before him. Raising his head, he saw a star floating with a dazzling lustre being emanated from it, along with a boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuation that even caused the lake to ripple.

That was a Spirit of the Heavenly Lake. Mu Chen looked at that Spirit of the Heavenly Lake and approached with interest. However, he kept his guard up. He could vaguely feel a threat coming from the star.

When Mu Chen approached, the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake seemed to have sensed his approach. It trembled then charged towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen was startled by this scene before his body surged with a golden lustre and his boundless Spiritual Energy turned into a fist that passed through the barrier and shot towards the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake.

Within the Heavenly Lake, Spiritual Energy seemed to be able to travel freely, since his Spiritual Energy did not suffer the suppression of the Heavenly Lake when Mu Chen launched his attack.


The fist collided with the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake. However, such a powerful attack only managed to briefly stop the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake before the fist exploded.

The Spirit of the Heavenly Lake whistled over, akin to a comet, and slammed against the barrier.

The entire barrier violently trembled with ripples spreading out and the force of the clash even caused the plaque to be pushed back a few hundred feet.

Mu Chen looked at the barrier before he took in a deep breath and sensed the Golden Dragon Plaque beneath his feet trembling. Evidently, even the Golden Dragon Plaque couldn’t take too many attacks like that and the moment the Golden Dragon Plaque broke, then it would spell the end of Mu Chen’s trip in the Heavenly Lake.

The attack from the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake was actually so terrifying that it was akin to a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign!

While Mu Chen was shocked at the scale of power behind that clash, the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake shot over once again.

“Damn it!” Facing the pursuit from the Spirit of the Heavenly Lake, even Mu Chen couldn’t help cursing before his face turned completely grave. At this moment, he understood how hard it was to obtain the baptism of the Heavenly Lake. And if he wanted to obtain the Perfect Baptism, that would be even harder than ascending the heavens.

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