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Chapter 114 – Slaughter the Chicken to Warn the Monkey 1

Fusing themselves with the dense Spiritual Energy, the three figures fiercely pounced towards Mu Chen like a tiger springing towards its prey. As they passed through the sky, violent winds began to form and rumble out from their fists in an attempt to envelop Mu Chen.

Although the trio spoke demeaningly, they were merciless once they attacked. It was evident that they were somewhat afraid of Mu Chen. After all, it was certain that a person who had obtained a seeded entry wasn’t someone simple.

The Spiritual Academies that they had come from also had seeded entries. However, they lost in the competition for it. This was enough to explain the strength required to obtain such an entry.

Although they were uncertain how powerful the Spiritual Academy Mu Chen had come from was, it was never wrong to be cautious.

But against these three men, Mu Chen’s handsome face remained calm. He only moved the moment the three attacks were about to descend on him.

In the instant that Mu Chen moved, an afterimage appeared. The winds from the trio’s powerful fists roared and smashed the afterimage into nothingness.

“An afterimage?!” Once their attacks missed, Ge Qing and the others’ faces changed.


However, as their faces were changing, Mu Chen’s figure had already appeared in front of one of them as if he had been a ghost. A golden light shone from his two fingers that remained extended like a sharp weapon. Then, like a shining divine spear, it tore through the air and charged towards the boy’s throat.

After seeing how sharp Mu Chen’s finger attack was, the boy’s eyes also changed. He ferociously changed his hand from a fist to a palm and dense Spiritual Energy surged out: “Sorrowful Palm!”

The boy’s strength wasn’t weak; he also had plenty of experience. Although Mu Chen’s speed was beyond his expectations, he did not panic and immediately counterattacked as he waited for the other two companions’ support.


But when the dense palm attack was about to collide with Mu Chen’s attack, the latter’s eyes flashed and the figure faded away again.

The boy’s palm attack missed and his eyes narrowed suddenly. He hurriedly turned his body and was somewhat surprised to see a golden light erupt from behind him. In the end, it landed on his shoulder fiercely.


The dazzling finger attack was like a sharp spear. It directly pierced through the boy’s shoulders and fresh blood sprayed out in all directions, causing the boy to let out a scream as he flew backwards.

“Brother Mu, amazing!” Seeing this, Mo Ling’s eyes were filled with surprise. It was apparent that Mu Chen’s strength had vastly surpassed his power from the time when he had fought against Liu Mubai.

In a few moments, a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase student was completely defeated by Mu Chen. This made Ge Qing and the other person’s eyes jump. A hint of uneasiness filled their hearts.

The person they thought of as a weakling was actually this tricky.

“Let’s do this together. He’s extremely fast, we should not get separated by him so he can defeat us individually!” Ge Qing shouted out.

The other Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase student nodded his head solemnly, then, the two of them unleashed fierce attacks towards Mu Chen from both sides.

But against the two of them teaming up, Mu Chen’s Shadowspirit Step was activated once again, and his body retreated like a phantom. He directly avoided the fierce attacks from the two of them.

“Nine Sword Dance!”

Once he noticed Mu Chen’s phantom-like movements, a hint of coldness flashed through Ge Qing’s eyes. He suddenly changed seals and dense Spiritual Energy surged out. Then, it formed into 9 Spiritual Energy Swords.


Once these longswords were condensed, they shot out and flanked Mu Chen. The sharp sword aura easily ripped through the air.

Seeing this, Mu Chen’s eyes revealed a touch of surprise. The Spiritual Art that Ge Qing was displaying was certainly not low in tier. The people that came from large Spiritual Academies truly had an amazing background.

“Daluo Palm!” The other Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase student immediately shouted out once he noticed Mu Chen being slowed down by Ge Qing. Dense Spiritual Energy instantly formed into a handprint of pure Spiritual Energy and smashed down angrily towards Mu Chen.

But when he saw this, Mu Chen let out a cold snort from within his heart. He circulated the Great Pagoda Art, and a faint black light barrier emerged on the surface of his body. The black light seemed to vaguely form a tower-like shape .

Clang Clang!

The 9 Spiritual Energy Swords chopped down at the blurry black light tower. However, the light tower did not budge at all. Immediately after this, the Spiritual Energy handprint smashed down, yet it also failed to harm the light tower. This powerful defense made Ge Qing and the other student’s expressions change.


But Mu Chen ignored the two individuals whose expressions were once again changing significantly. Powerful fist winds surged as two black light seals emerged on the surface of his fists. Then, Mu Chen punched out, and an overbearing and violent Spiritual Energy bombarded the two of them.

Seeing this, Ge Qing and the other hurriedly expelled their Spiritual Energy in order to send out a punch to counter the blast.


The overbearing winds from by the two Limitless Death Seals collided against Ge Qing and the other student’s attack. Spiritual Energy swept out and forced the two of them to retreat a couple of steps.

“What an overbearing Spiritual Energy!”

As they were knocked back, Ge Qing and the others were shocked. Mu Chen was at the same Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase like them, yet he actually obtained the upper-hand when facing the two of them.

Just when Ge Qing and the other student were astonished, an exceedingly violent and fiery Spiritual Energy fluctuation emerged in front of them. They hurriedly looked over and noticed a 30-meter-tall, fiery Spiritual Array forming just in front of Mu Chen.

“A Spiritual Array?!”

As they looked at the Spiritual Array’s Diagram Array, Ge Qing and the other revealed a horrified expression. This guy was a Spiritual Array Master as well?


A tiger’s roar resounded within the crimson light array, and in the next instant, a blazing tiger carrying violent Spiritual Energy stormed out of it and charged over to the trio.

“Let’s attack together!”

Sensing the violent Spiritual Energy within the flame tiger’s body, Ge Qing hastily cried out.

“Nine Sword Dance!”

“Daluo Palm!”

The two of them instantly released their strongest attacks. Finally, the billowing Spiritual Energy crashed into the flame tiger that was charging over.

Hot air waves swept out and the leaves on the ground instantly ignited without need of a fire. Then, Ge Qing and the other student staggered backwards a dozen steps.

“It’s too hard to deal with him, let’s hurry and retreat!”

Ge Qing’s face was completely pale. Even when they used all their strength, they weren’t able to get the upper-hand against Mu Chen. It was evident that they had estimated Mu Chen’s strength incorrectly. At this moment, it was best for them to retreat quickly.


But just when this idea appeared in their minds and they prepared to retreat, a sound of winds breaking rang out. Then, they noticed a blurry figure standing in front of them. The two fingers emitting out a golden light brought forth sharp winds as they stopped in front of their throats.

The two of them instantly froze. They did not dare to make the slightest action. In their eyes, panic surged out.

“You actually wanted to rob others with such abilities? Aren’t you overestimating yourself?” Mu Chen smiled as he stared at the two pale faces.


Ge Qing gnashed his teeth and stared fiercely at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen smile faintly and he changed his hands from two fingers to a palm. Then, he smacked down heavily on both of their chests. The powerful winds directly sent them flying away. A mouthful of blood sprayed out and the atmosphere instantly became depressed.

“Next up, you should know what you will have to do, right?” Mu Chen asked softly as he squatted down in front of them.

Ge Qing stared at Mu Chen’s smile and felt a chill within his heart. He exchanged gazes with the other person and could only grit his teeth unwillingly. A light beam emitted out from the symbol on their forehead and entered the symbol on Mu Chen’s forehead. This made the latter’s symbol turned brighter. On the contrary, their symbols turned quite dim and seemed like it was about to disappear.

Mu Chen stood up and called Mo Ling over. He allowed Mo Ling to absorb the Spiritual Aura within the symbol of the unfortunate fellow, who had been wounded by him earlier.

“Everyone. If anyone wishes to rob my symbol’s Spiritual Aura, I’ll welcome it. However, I hope that every one of you will be prepared before you target me. These three fellows are examples…”

Mu Chen lifted his head and directed a smile at the forest behind him. He could sense the hidden aura of the people who followed Ge Qing and were planning to rob him.

The forest was completely silent. In the darkness, a few people’s eyes flashed and intended to retreat. The person in front of them was too strong. Even though he was only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, he is able to easily defeat three opponents at the same level. Perhaps this guy could only be dealt with by an expert who had entered the territory of the Spirit Stage.

After Mu Chen’s words faded away, he did not bother to stay in the area. The effect of setting an example for others should be quite effective. Although he wanted to increase his symbol’s rank, these people only possessed Rank 1 symbols. Obviously, he wasn’t interested in them as it would take too much time.

“Let’s go.”

Mu Chen glanced at the trio once more. Then, he gestured towards Mo Ling and headed into the depths of the ancient forest.

Ge Qing and the others stared at Mu Chen’s fading figure. All three of them gnashed their teeth. They originally thought that this matter could be easily resolved, but in the end, they were the ones to suffer.

“What should we do now? That guy is too powerful. I’m afraid nobody within the Spiritual Rotation Stage is his opponent.” One of them let out a bitter laugh as he stared at Mu Chen’s silhouette.

A hint of coldness flashed through Ge Qing’s eyes. He gritted his teeth and said: “He is definitely amazing. But it isn’t to the point where nobody can defeat him.”

“You have a plan?” The other two asked in surprise.

“Hmph, let’s find my big brother. He is a person who participated in the Spiritual Road. As of now, he has already entered the Spirit Stage. Wouldn’t it be simple for him to defeat that bastard?” Ge Qing sneered.

“Participated in the Spiritual Road?”

“Spirit Stage?”

The two boys could not help but exclaim loudly. A hint of shock remained in their eyes. It was apparent that they did not expect Ge Qing to have such a powerful big brother.

“Follow me. I have a Spirit Board on me, so I can sense the position of my big brother. He should be in the same area as us. When the time comes, I will make that guy spit out everything he has eaten!” Ge Qing stood up as he gritted his teeth. Then, he headed towards the opposite direction. Seeing this, the other two boys quickly followed…

“Brother Mu, there won’t be any more trouble, right?” Mo Ling asked Mu Chen as he followed him. However, he would look back cautiously from time to time.

“The trio earlier was pretty strong. Compared to them, the people in the rear were nothing. Therefore, there won’t be anyone attacking us for now.”

Mu Chen smiled as he looked into the distance: “But as we enter the depths of the Northern Heavens World, we’ll start encountering powerful individuals. There are at least tens of thousands of students entering this place. Among them, there are a few powerful characters that came from the Spiritual Road. At that time, the examination will have truly begun.”

Mo Ling could not help but let out a bitter laugh. To stand out from their respective Spiritual Academies and obtain a Five Great Academies’ entry, they must possess some ability. With so many powerful individuals, the competition was truly unthinkable.

At this moment, Mu Chen slowly exhaled. His black eyes were quite abstruse. In the Spiritual Road, he had many enemies. Who knows how many of them he would meet here? Since those guys passed through the final part of the Spiritual Road, their strength would soar, perhaps, they had already broken through to the Spirit Stage.

Mu Chen pursed his lips. He did not want to lose to an opponent that he had defeated before. Even if they had passed through the Spiritual Road and obtained the most important Spiritual Energy Empowerment, he, Mu Chen, would let them understand one thing. It does not matter whether he had lost a year of cultivation due to the Spiritual Road, nor does it matter that he did not obtain the Spiritual Road’s final Spiritual Energy Empowerment. Since he was able to make them surrender in the Spiritual Road, he could do the same in reality as well.

Mu Chen clenched his hands slowly. It seemed that it was time for him to condense the third Limitless Death Seal…

When he fought against Liu Jingshan, Mu Chen has once condensed 4 Limitless Death Seals by borrowing the Nine Nether Bird’s strength. The power was quite extraordinary. For the current Mu Chen, it was evident that he did not have the ability to condense 4 seals. However, he probably had the ability to condense the 3rd seal.

If Mu Chen was successful in condensing the 3rd seal, even a Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouse would have to take shelter when he activated it with his current strength.

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