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Chapter 1139: Sky-Devouring Python

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“Just leave the spiritual array to me.” Just when he had finished speaking, Mu Chen’s hands had already formed a seal with lightning speed. As spiritual light surged, spiritual seals condensed out of his hands one by one, finally shooting into the void in front and blending inside.

The Corpse Spiritual Array wasn’t simple at all. Mu Chen guessed that in its complete form, this spiritual array could be an Ancestral Master-level spiritual array. Thankfully, after years of corrosion and wear, this spiritual array was at the point of breaking, and its flaws were aplenty now. That was why Mu Chen was confident.

As the spiritual seals fused into the spiritual array, the array gradually started to vibrate. Some of the spiritual energy beams seemed like they had been interrupted and started to fade away.

Mu Chen did not completely destroy the spiritual array because that would exhaust a lot of his energy. As such, he selected the method that needed the least effort to destroy some of the centerpieces in the spiritual array from within. An imbalance would occur within the array, resulting in chaos that would cause the array to destroy itself.

When the Corpse Spiritual Array started to shake, Xiao Xiao, who was beside him, looked at Mu Chen with a surprised expression and gleaming eyes. She did not expect Mu Chen to be so accomplished in his handling of spiritual arrays.


The spiritual array produced a tingly vibration, and a wave of chaotic spiritual energy exploded from within the spiritual array. At last, the badly damaged array could bear it no longer and burst into smithereens.


Spiritual energy light spots filled the surroundings. As the spiritual array collapsed, the death-gas within it surged out overwhelmingly. In an instant, the heavens and the earth felt dark and cold.

Fortunately, Mu Chen’s party was well prepared. Their majestic spiritual energy surged out to protect their bodies. They were unmoving despite the stubborn rush of the death-gas upon them.

After a few minutes of impact, the death-gas finally dissipated. Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, and the others looked up and were all smiles. The Corpse Spiritual Array had completely faded away.

“Not bad. You’ve gone through an impressive change.” Xiao Xiao chuckled, obviously satisfied with Mu Chen’s methods. After all, if it had been her, she would have used the most troublesome method to forcibly break the array. Not only would the efficiency of her method would be low, but the risk of destroying something fragile was too high.

“And this Corpse Puppet Dragon, too,” Mu Chen pointed at the white dragon filled with death gas. It was a tough nut to crack, as the death gas was extremely overwhelming. It would definitely cause massive damage to one’s body once the gas entered it.

“I will handle that myself.” Xiao Xiao gave a dazzling smile, stunning everyone in the heavens and the earth. She extended her hand, picked up the colorful snake from her shoulder, and patted its head.


The snake immediately stood up, became a stream of rainbow light with a swoosh, and shot out, appearing upon the white dragon in an instant.


Although the white dragon had fallen, its instinct lingered. It immediately let out a low growl and opened its jaws. A gray plume of death gas spread out, darkening whatever it touched.

However, facing the death gas, the colorful snake was unmoving, only opening its mouth slowly as the gas approached it. A black glimmer seemed to be concentrated at a point in its mouth.


The colorful snake had a small mouth, but it became like a black hole, creating a terrible suction force, completely absorbing the death gas. After swallowing such an immense amount of death gas, the colorful snake did not seem to be affected at all and was still jumping around.

Mu Chen, Lin Jing, and Nine Nether were all taken aback when they witnessed this. The colorful snake was so resilient that it could even swallow this death gas.


After the colorful snake swallowed the death gas in one go, it expanded its mouth again and let out a loud hiss. A black hole rose up from its mouth and sent out a black ray of light, encircling the body of the white dragon. At last, with a strong suction force, the white dragon was directly pulled into the black hole.

Although the dragon was resisting hard, without spiritual intelligence, it could not get away from the binding. The pull became steadily tighter as it struggled, and it finally fell into the rotating black hole.

The white dragon disappeared immediately. The colorful snake opened its mouth and swallowed the black hole back into its stomach. It burped loudly, as if it had just finished a meal. It slowly floated back to Xiao Xiao’s arm and burrowed into her sleeves.

Mu Chen and the others looked on with dropped jaws. Within several minutes, the Corpse Puppet Dragon was cleaned up? Although it lacked spiritual intelligence, its strength was as strong as a Complete Ninth Grade Sovereign. If one of them were to do it, it would have taken a great deal of effort. But now, it was so easily handled by the little colorful snake.

“What kind of Divine Beast it this?” Mu Chen couldn’t resist asking.

“This is the Rainbow Sky-Devouring Python. It’s not from the Great Thousand World, but when fully grown, it can certainly compete with the true Sovereign Divine Beasts in the Great Thousand World,” Xiao Xiao explained.

Lin Jing then asked curiously, “I’ve heard from my father that there was a mistress in the Endless Fire Territory with a mysterious little snake that could swallow the heavens and the earth. It once directly swallowed an Upper Earthly Sovereign. It was said that even the top powers from the Dragon Clan feared the snake very much.”

“That’s my mother,” Xiao Xiao replied with a smile, “but mother’s Sky-Devouring python is much stronger than mine. My snake could swallow the Corpse Puppet Dragon because it did not have spiritual intelligence to dodge my devouring range. Otherwise, it would have gotten away easily.”

Mu Chen was astonished. It was the first time he had heard of the Sky-Devouring Python, but he could imagine it’d be an earth-shattering existence once it grew up. Even a mere mistress of the Endless Fire Territory had such unusual powers, so who could imagine the strength of the legendary Flame Emperor?

He could even be the strongest among the Heavenly Sovereigns.

After taking care of the Corpse Puppet Dragon, Xiao Xiao walked toward the Skeleton Throne. As she stretched out her hand, the Dragon Spiritual Pearl slowly rose and then fell into her palm.

The Dragon Spiritual Pearl laid quietly upon Xiao Xiao’s palm. The colorful snake came out once again. With a gaping of its mouth, it swallowed the pearl. Then, Mu Chen could see a thin layer of light emanating from the colorful snake, and the patterns on its skin became slightly brighter.

After swallowing the Dragon Spiritual Pearl, the Sky-Devouring Python seemed to have exhausted its energy. It crawled tiredly into Xiao Xiao’s sleeves and did not come back out.

Witnessing this, Mu Chen was surprised. He could feel that after the Sky-Devouring Python swallowed the Dragon Spiritual Pearl, Xiao Xiao’s internal spiritual energy fluctuation became stronger. It seemed like Xiao Xiao and the Sky-Devouring Python had a wondrous relationship, allowing them to connect their spiritual energy.

A satisfied look appeared on Xiao Xiao’s face. It seemed like the effect of the Dragon Spiritual Pearl was rather satisfying. She raised her hand, and suddenly, a light pattern of a coiled dragon appeared on the back of her hand. Obviously, this was a pledge of the Dragon Mansion Lord.

“Congratulations,” Mu Chen chuckled. With the Dragon Mansion Lord’s pledge, Xiao Xiao could obtain the right to be baptized in the Heavenly River.

“It was all thanks to you.” Xiao Xiao smiled at Mu Chen. If Mu Chen had not arrived in time, she would have had to keep at it with Lin Jing. Lin Jing, being the Martial Border’s little princess, would definitely have some trump cards up her sleeve.

“Let’s go. With the treasures in hand, let’s head straight to the Sky Pool,” Mu Chen said. Although they had not seen the other seven mansions, he did not plan to search for all of them. After all, too many pledges would not be useful to them and could even draw the attention of other forces. At that time, if they ignited the wrath of the crowd, it could be a troublesome matter. Every force that entered the Ancient Celestial Palace was backed by genuine Earthly Sovereigns. If they made too many enemies, even Mandala would not be able to handle it.

Lin Jing, Xiao Xiao, and Nine Nether all nodded in agreement. With their pledges in hand, they were not so greedy as to infiltrate all the other mansions. As such, the four of them flew into the sky, penetrating the thick fog and rushing to the rock island outside.

At that time, outside Dragon Island, many people from various forces gathered. The floating islands in the Ancient Celestial Palace were too many, and most of them were protected by spiritual arrays. If they were to search one by one, it would be a waste of time. Now, Dragon Island was overtly exposed, causing forces to come in hordes.

Above the sky island, many people were standing in the sky, occupying an area closest to the neighboring islands. Their overwhelming line of defense stopped anyone from coming close. While the others were unhappy with the actions of this party, they could not do anything, because this party was too ferocious.

Among the few dozens of people there, about ten of them had reached the peak of Grade Nine Sovereign. These were not nobodies, but the top 15 people on the List of Powerhouses, especially the leader of the party, a man in golden robes with a handsome face and a graceful demeanor. His smile exuded a valiant air, subduing all around him. He was the crown prince of the Great Xia Dynasty, Xia Yu!

A powerful person whispered next to Xia Yu, “Your highness, do we not plan to enter?”

When he heard this, Xia Yu replied with a laugh, “Let the others do the adventuring for us. If anyone can make it out, we’ll just negotiate with them.”

The powerful person suddenly realized how smart and merciless Xia Yu was. They could just wait here for anyone who could take the treasure from Dragon Island, and it would fall into their hands. In that case, let the unlucky ones do the dangerous adventuring.

Xia Yu smiled. Just when he wanted to speak, his noticed something. Out of the corner of his eye, there was a movement from the thick poisonous fog. After that, a figure shot out from within.

When Xia Yu saw that figure, he was stunned at first, but after that, he could not resist curving his lips into a sarcastic smile. It was unexpectedly the kid named Mu Chen… it seemed like he had some pretty bad luck.

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