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Chapter 1139 - The Heavenly Lake is Open

Sizzle! Sizzle! 

Torrential flames swept out between the heavens and earth, as if the sky had been incinerated at this moment, with Zhu Yan being akin to a god as he emitted a terrifying pressure.

Zhu Yan had revealed his power the moment he made his move and the pressure was even slightly stronger than Garuda.’s It was no wonder why he was the ranked 1st on the Elite Ranking.

But facing Zhu Yan, Xiao Xiao’s face never changed right from the beginning. On the contrary, she looked at Zhu Yan with a ridiculing gaze and leisurely said, “You sure that if my Father goes to the Fire Spirit Clan, you guys can deal with him?”

Back when the Flame Emperor travelled around the Great Thousand World, he had caused chaos in the Fire Spirit Clan, and had even forcefully woken their ancestor up. But even so, they couldn’t make the Flame Emperor stay and could only watch as the Flame Emperor left with their Divine Fire. At that time, the Flame Emperor’s strength was already terrifying, not to mention now…

If the Flame Emperor came again, not even the Ancestor could be his opponent.

Furthermore, the Flame Emperor did not have any force back then; but now, he had established the Endless Fire Territory. Although the Fire Spirit Clan was also one of the top-tiered forces in the Great Thousand World with a long history that definitely suppressed the Endless Fire Territory, if they fought in a war, there was at least an eighty percent chance that the Fire Spirit Clan would be annihilated.

Zhu Yan was also clear on this matter, which made the flames in the sky briefly freeze. Although he wasn’t willing to admit it, he knew that if the Flame Emperor was enraged, their Fire Spirit Clan wouldn’t be able to bear it.

Despite the terrifying Flame Emperor, Zhu Yan was clearly not an ordinary figure. He took in a deep breath and said, “Then I can only invite you as a guest to the Fire Spirit CLan and not harm you.”

Zhu Yan knew that he couldn’t do anything to Xiao Xiao. If he could defeat Xiao Xiao and bring her back to the Fire Spirit Clan, his achievement would definitely enable him to become the Young Patriarch of the clan.

Xiao Xiao gently smiled upon hearing his words. “I’m afraid that you’re not qualified to bring me with you to the Fire Spirit Clan.”

Facing the 1st rank of the Elite Ranking in the Greatlaw Continent, Xiao Xiao wasn’t the slightest bit afraid. Since her father could completely suppress the Fire Spirit Clan, then as his daughter, although she couldn’t do the same feat, at least she could still do it amongst the younger generations of the Fire Spirit Clan.

When Zhu Yan saw Xiao Xiao’s casual look, his gaze gradually turned grave. With Xiao Xiao’s identity, anyone would be a fool if they thought that she was easy to deal with.

Facing her, even someone as powerful as Zhu Yan felt fearful in his heart.

“We’ll fight in the Ancient Haven Palace.” Zhu Yan briefly hesitated before he spoke. Since he met Xiao Xiao, then they definitely had to fight. But this wasn’t the best time to do it, not to mention that the Heavenly Lake was just before them. No matter what, they had to do it after this opportunity in the Heavenly Lake.

“As you wish.” Xiao Xiao looked composed and leisurely, as if there wasn’t anything to worry regarding Zhu Yan’s challenge.

Zhu Yan cast a deep glance at Xiao Xiao and no longer spoke before he moved back onto a mountain.

“Are there any problems?” Mu Chen spoke the moment Zhu Yan left. The former’s strength was truly extraordinary and couldn’t be underestimated.

Xiao Xiao played with the seven-coloured snake as she smiled. “There’s nothing to worry about. Leave that fellow to me. I can guarantee that he won’t be a problem for you guys.”

She could also tell that Mu Chen’s party had enmity with Zhu Yan from before and since that fellow jumped out by himself, then she could also conveniently make her move so that Zhu Yan didn’t have the time to bother Mu Chen and the rest.

Mu Chen and the rest could tell her unwavering confidence from her tone and as the daughter of the Flame Emperor, she truly had the qualification to be proud. As the daughter of the Flame Emperor, she was qualified to be proud and the Fire Spirit Clan knew that since they couldn’t make a comeback from their humiliation due to the Flame Emperor, they placed their ideas on her to retrieve a little of their confidence back. However, she wouldn’t mind letting them know that was courting humiliation.

Mu Chen and the rest smiled and nodded their heads. Although Zhu Yan was powerful, they also believed in the unfathomable Xiao Xiao.

After this episode, everyone continued to quietly wait and after a long time, someone had swiftly flown over that wasn’t a stranger to them. It was Su Qingyin, whom Mu Chen had encountered in the Dragon Ascension Gate.

Su Qingyin stood on a sinister-looking four winged armoured bug that travelled at an extremely stunning speed before she arrived outside of the Heavenly Lake. When she saw Mu Chen and the rest who had arrived before her, she couldn’t help being astonished.

“Hehe, I never thought that you guys would be so fast.” Su Qingyin looked at Mu Chen with her eyes narrowed before secretly sweeping her gaze at Lin Jing and Xiao Xiao.

Especially Xiao Xiao, who made her heart tremble. Su Qingyin could sense traces of danger coming from her.

“Where did that fellow find such a mysterious expert again?” Su Qingyin muttered in her heart. Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing were clearly not from the Greatlaw Continent. Otherwise, they wouldn’t look so unfamiliar to her.

Mu Chen calmly nodded his head as a response towards Su Qingyin. Although she had only obtained the Azure Dragon Disciple Plaque in the Dragon Ascension Gate, Mu Chen knew that if she really fought, that woman would definitely be extremely troublesome to deal with.

However, Su Qingyin’s emotions were always hanging on a thread and often changed. So Mu Chen had no intentions on getting close to her.

Su Qingyin had also seen Mu Chen’s attitude and her lips twitched. She did not move closer to them. She was looking at the Heavenly Lake and her eyes flickered.

After Su Qingyin, another batch arrived that wasn’t unfamiliar to them. It was the Xia Empire’s party, which they had encountered outside the Dragon Island.

However, the party looked somewhat pathetic at this moment. It seemed like they had lost quite a few of theirs. Only four or five made it here, but every single one of them had a powerful aura.

When Xia Yu appeared, he coldly looked at Mu Chen. However, the latter wasn’t bothered with him, since Mu Chen’s eyes remained closed.

Xia Yu coldly snorted before looking at Garuda and Zhu Yan and his face lightly flickered.

After Xia Yu’s arrival, screeching sounds of the wind constantly resounded, indicating the arrival of more people.

All of them weren’t weak, even the weakest was at Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign, with many of them being nurtured by the top-tiered forces in the Greatlaw Continent. At the same time, there were also some unfamiliar faces that had to be from forces outside of the Greatlaw Continent.

In just an hour, the quiet location was filled with people and countless fluctuations soared into the sky, which proved that no one here was friendly.


As more people gathered, the Heavenly Lake had also reacted and melodious sounds of flowing water rang out.

The water sounds had caused everyone’s Spiritual Energy to shake in their bodies, it was akin to a thirst. The Spiritual Energy in their bodies was thirsting for the purification and refinery by the Heavenly Lake.

When the water sounds rang out, Mu Chen suddenly felt the token at the back of his hand gradually burn up before it turned into a streak of light that soared into the sky.

Streaks of light also appeared on those that had also obtained the tokens and gathered outside the Heavenly Lake, before they gradually formed into a massive rune.

When Mu Chen saw this scene, joy flashed on his face. It looked like all of the nine tokens had gathered there.

The ancient rune revolved with a lustre that shot at the seal of the Heavenly Lake, causing the seal to tremble and the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth rolled as a crack gradually opened on the seal.

When the crack opened, thunderous booming resounded before a surge of stunning Spiritual Energy swept out, causing the Spiritual Energy in this region to boil.

“What a pure Spiritual Energy.” Sensing the boundless Spiritual Energy, Xiao Xiao’s face uncontrollably changed.

Not only did the Heavenly Lake contain Spiritual Energy, it also had other miraculous powers. At this moment, they could clearly sense the Spiritual Energy in their bodies, their physiques and even their Sovereign Celestial Bodies roaring with thirst.

If they could receive the baptism, then it would definitely be a complete transformation with even their Sovereign Celestial Body included.

Mu Chen couldn’t help licking his lips as a fire blazed in his eyes. Although they had a Greatlaw Goldpond back in the Great Havenlaw Domain, which he had used in the past to strengthen his Sovereign Celestial Body, if he had to compare it to this Heavenly Lake, then it would be pale in comparison.

“If I can successfully obtain the baptism, then I will be able to lay a sturdy foundation for my Earth Sovereign Realm.”

Mu Chen exchanged a glance with the ladies before all of them shot out together towards the crack. With the Heavenly Lake right before their eyes, no one was willing to give it up.


Their movements had also caused the other experts to make their move towards the crack as well, causing the atmosphere of the region here to completely erupt.

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