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Chapter 1136: The Fight between the Two Ladies

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The island was in ruins. Fog covered the area, and there was no sign of life. It looked like a dead region.


The sound of footsteps was suddenly heard, and a shapely girl was bouncing around. She was lively and energetic. She jumped onto a rock, lifted up her hand to her eyes, and looked into the distance. She curled up her lips when she saw that the surroundings were so quiet.

“I have come so far, but I have not seen anything…” Lin Jing muttered to herself. She was protected from the poisonous fog by a thin film. The Dragon Island was much bigger than the Wind Island, and she could only move on slowly, as the poisonous fog had blocked off her perception.

Lin Jing had not reaped any harvest so far.

“I think I need to use another method…” Lin Jing sighed. She waved her hand, and light gathered in her palm. A bug about the size of a baby’s fist appeared. There was an antenna on top of its head that kept swaying. This was a precious Treasure Hunt Bug. It could sense the slightest fluctuation in a harsh environment and seek out treasures that had been hidden in the ground.

However, this place was filled with poisonous fog. Although the Treasure Hunt Bug could search around, Lin Jing had not used it earlier, as it might be harmed by the poisonous gas. She had to use it now, or she would have to waste a lot of time.

“Go.” Lin Jing lifted up her hand, and the Treasure Hunt Bug spread out its wings and flew around. After a while, it flew toward the right, and Lin Jing followed closely behind it.

After flying for about ten minutes, the Treasure Hunt Bug landed on a ruined building. Lin Jing carefully picked up the Treasure Hunt Bug and saw that it had turned black. It had been poisoned.

“Thank you.” Lin Jing patted the Treasure Hunt Bug and took out a jade bottle that was filled with liquid. She put the Treasure Hunt Bug in the bottle, as the liquid was able to neutralize the effects of the poisonous gas.

She then lifted her head and looked into the distance. She was elated. There was a big stretch of ruins, and from the look of the remains, a big hall must have been situated there previously. However, the big hall had now collapsed.

Lin Jing looked around and saw a Skeleton Throne among the ruins. The Skeleton Throne was still in good condition, and there was a strong oppression coming from it. Apparently, during the Primordial Age, a powerful figure must have sat on the Skeleton Throne.

Lin Jing glanced at the Skeleton Throne and looked up. She saw a crystal pearl about the size of a head on top of the Skeleton Throne. The pearl was round, and it emitted a soft light. A white dragon seemed to be within the pearl, and it had vast spiritual energy fluctuations.

Is this… the Dragon Spiritual Pearl? Lin Jing looked at the pearl with the white dragon within, and her eyes brightened up. She had heard that some powerful masters had sealed their spiritual energy and condensed it into a Dragon Spiritual Pearl before they passed on. It contained the masters’ pure spiritual energy and sometimes even the power of their bloodline. If one could refine it, it would help greatly in cultivation.

Lin Jing believed that the Dragon Spiritual Pearl must have been left behind by the Master of the Dragon Mansion. He was more powerful than the Master of the Wind Mansion, and his strength should be around Upper Earthly Sovereign-level. The value of the Dragon Spiritual Pearl was comparable to Mu Chen’s Divine Wind Fan.

I have finally found something valuable! Lin Jing smiled. After looking around for so long, she had finally found something of value. She immediately flicked her fingers, and a spiritual energy beam swirled out and was about to bring the Dragon Spiritual Pearl to her.


Suddenly, a colorful spiritual energy light came down from the heavens and crushed the spiritual energy beam.

“Who is that?” Lin Jing shouted. She was shocked by the sudden attack.

There was absolute stillness, and what had taken place earlier seemed to be an illusion.

“Do you think you can hide from me?” Lin Jing snorted. She formed a seal and pressed down at the space before her. A bright light swept out from her palm at an amazing speed. Wherever the bright light passed, the poisonous fog would recede. It seemed able to see through any invisible object, including shadows.

Lin Jing then saw some space fluctuations on a rock. As the light shined upon it, a figure appeared. Lin Jing was shocked when she saw the figure, for she was such a great beauty…

“Who are you?” Ling Jing asked as she stared at a seductive lady who was wearing a colorful dress.

“Why should I tell you?” The lady in the colorful dress smiled lazily. Although her face was covered by a veil, her smile was captivating.

Lin Jing looked calm and said flatly, “I found the Dragon Spiritual Pearl before you.”

“Is there a rule that says first come, first served?” The lady mocked Lin Jing, as she found her ridiculous.

Lin Jing shrugged. She was a beauty as well, but she had a different disposition compared to the lady in the colorful dress. Lin Jing’s demeanor was cute. She said, “Looks like there is no point talking…”

The lady in the colorful dress seemed interested in the Dragon Spiritual Pearl, and she had no intention of letting it go. In this case, there was indeed no point in talking.


There was a gush of icy air, and a cold figure suddenly appeared before the lady in the colorful dress. It then stabbed at her with its long sword.

As the cold air gushed toward the lady, she did not move away. When the long sword was about an inch away from her, a colorful snake’s tail swept across and hit the sword, smashing the icy air apart. The long sword formed by the icy air exploded into pieces. The Ice Spiritual Doll had been badly hit, and it shot backward. It only managed to stabilize itself after it dug grooves in the ground with its feet.

Lin Jing was shocked when she saw it and turned grave. As she looked at the lady, a small, colorful snake appeared on her shoulder. As the small snake hissed, its mouth was like a black hole that could devour the heavens and the earth.

This was not an ordinary snake!

Lin Jing knew that the colorful snake was extremely powerful, and it could even be more powerful than her Ice Spiritual Doll.

She started to mutter to herself. She wondered where the lady came from. This lady was more powerful than Su Qingyin, but she had never heard Mu Chen mention such a person in Tianluo Continent.

Although Lin Jing was amazed by the lady’s strength, she was, after all, the Princess of the Martial Border. It would be embarrassing if she could not even get her hands on the Dragon Spiritual Pearl that she liked.

After she had calmed down, she did not say a word. She stretched out her hand and removed the bangle from her wrist.


When Lin Jing removed the bangle, her spiritual energy seemed to have broken away from the suppression. It shot up into the sky like a windstorm, and a powerful spiritual energy oppression swept out, pushing away the poisonous fog.

“Complete Grade Nine…” As the lady in the colorful dress sensed the powerful spiritual energy oppression, light flashed in her eyes. She was astonished by the mysterious girl.

It would not be easy to get the Dragon Spiritual Pearl.

The lady in the colorful dress no longer hid her strength. She stepped out, and the space surged. A similarly horrifying spiritual energy fluctuation shot up into the sky. Her strength was comparable to Lin Jing’s.

She was a Complete Grade Nine as well!

If anyone had been around, they would have been shocked. Anyone with a strength at Complete Grade Nine would be ranked within top four on the List of Powerhouses in Tianluo Continent. However, these two ladies were not on the list…

Lin Jing pursed her lips as she looked at the lady in the colorful dress. As she clenched her fist, a piece of jade appeared, which she quickly broke. When the jade was smashed, Lin Jing immediately stomped her foot. With the majestic spiritual energy around her, she swirled toward the lady in the colorful dress.

When Lin Jing had broken the jade, Mu Chen, who was refining the Divine Wind Fan, suddenly opened his eyes. He clenched his fist, and a piece of jade appeared in his hand. He heard Lin Jing’s voice coming out of the jade.

“Mu Chen, I have met a problematic person. Come quickly and help me deal with her!”

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