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Chapter 1135: Dragon Island

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The spiritual energy flame rose up, quickly engulfing the green feather fan. The temperature was so high, space warps started to form and burn the air.

However, the green feather fan remained immovable. It did not even react to the spiritual energy flame’s intense heat.

Mu Chen looked at the Divine Wind Fan and waved his sleeve. As he did so, a stream of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid appeared around him and a majestic spiritual fog rose up. The fog then completely covered the entire level of the stone pagoda.

Mu Chen knew that he would not be able to refine the Divine Wind Fan instantly, so he took out a large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, intending to use it to refine the Divine Wind Fan slowly. When everything was in place, he shut his eyes.

Then, a thin stream of spiritual energy surged toward him and entered his body, replenishing his lost energy. He then slowly refined the Divine Wind Fan.

After some time, the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid started to dwindle. The Divine Wind Fan that had been engulfed by the spiritual energy flame suddenly turned hazy. Fog began to rise in the middle of the fan, and a small green tornado indistinctly appeared.

The tornado was compact. When it appeared, the space quaked. There was also a gale, which sent the sand and stones flying all around…

When Mu Chen opened his eyes, he was elated to see the small tornado in the Divine Wind Fan. The tornado was the core of the Divine Wind Fan, and it had gathered the Astral Wind that had been formed in the Nine Heavens over millions of years!

In fact, the Divine Wind Fan had become a sacred object precisely because it had the Astral Wind as its core. As such, in order to refine the Divine Wind Fan, Mu Chen had to leave behind his mark in the Astral Wind.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and bit his tongue, causing Blood Essence, which contained pure spiritual energy, to spurt out. He looked pale, so he must have used up a great amount of his spiritual energy.

The Blood Essence was very precious, and if Mu Chen lost too much of it, his spiritual energy foundation would be greatly affected. If it was not for the purpose of refining the sacred object, Mu Chen would never have used it.

As the Blood Essence shot out, it landed on the Astral Wind in the Divine Wind Fan. However, it did not merge into it, but floated on its surface instead. There seemed to be an obstruction that was preventing the Blood Essence from merging into it.

When Mu Chen saw this, he remained calm. He shut his eyes and activated the spiritual energy flame, which he then released towards the Astral Wind. The Blood Essence then started to merge slowly into the Astral Wind.

Mu Chen waited patiently, as he knew that this process would take some time. As long as his Blood Essence merged into the Astral Wind and left his mark on it, the Divine Wind Fan would belong to him. Even if it were ever to be taken away from him, no one, except a more powerful top power, would be able to remove his mark.

During critical moments, Mu Chen could activate the mark and cause it to explode and destroy the sacred object. Even an Earthly Sovereign would not be able to counter its power!

This was the reason that Mu Chen had spent so much time and energy in refining the Divine Wind Fan. After all, many people were eyeing the sacred objects.

Now, he had finished all of the steps, so he just had to wait…

As Mu Chen was refining the Divine Wind Fan, Nine Nether was standing in mid-air at the other side of the pagoda. She shut her eyes and stood quietly, while dispersing the spiritual energy fluctuations around her. She then stretched out her hands and activated the keys to the Summoning the Wind Technique.

As she was trying to grasp the technique, the wind started to gather around her. Nine Nether felt that her body had become light. It felt as though she could fly around the universe, like the wind!

Nine Nether was excited. Although this technique was a minor Super Power and acted mainly as an aid, it was still profound. If she could successfully cultivate it, her speed would no longer be less than that of an Earthly Sovereign! Then, people like Zhu Yan, who were below the Earthly Sovereign level, would not be able to catch up with her.

As Nine Nether thought of these things, she smiled. She looked forward to the day of her success!

While Mu Chen and Nine Nether were busy cultivating, Lin Jing was just feeling bored. She walked all around the island, but when she realized that there was no treasure to be found, she went back to the pagoda.

When she saw that Mu Chen and Nine Nether were cultivating and could not be disturbed, she felt frustrated and left the island. After Lin Jing had left the island, she roamed around for quite some time.

She met many people along the way. When they saw that she was alone, they started to have designs on her.

However, they saw a shadow, which had cold air circling around it, that was following closely behind Lin Jing. The cold air made them shiver, so they pushed their evil thoughts aside and stayed away from Lin Jing.

Lin Jing moved around freely under the protection of the Ice Spiritual Doll, no one daring to cause problems for her. She managed to gather some treasures from several islands, but they were nothing compared to those which she had obtained with Mu Chen.

Lin Jing was not happy with her gains, as she had high standards. However, while she was searching for the treasures, she had obtained some information regarding the Dragon Mansion.

The Dragon Mansion was one of the nine mansions. In fact, it was the top among the nine mansions, making it even more powerful than the Master of the Wind Mansion! Once Lin Jing obtained this information, she immediately headed for the Dragon Mansion Island.

Upon reaching the Dragon Mansion Island, Lin Jing was astonished. She saw that many people were gathering at the Dragon Island, flooding in from all corners of the universe! Apparently, they had received news and had rushed over.

This place was even more bustling than the Wind Mansion Island! However, Lin Jing realized that no one was daring to enter.

She stood in the air and looked around. There was a fog infiltrating the island, but it was not thick. Lin Jing knew exactly what it was the minute she saw it.

“It is the Poisonous Dragon’s Breath! No wonder these people dare not enter!” Lin Jing exclaimed.

The Poisonous Dragon’s Breath was a virulent poison from the Dragon Clan. It was extremely powerful! Even if a lower Earthly Sovereign took in too much of it, he would be in a sorry state!.

Lin Jing was not dismayed by this. In fact, she was smiling, as the poison could stop the rest, but not her!

As she thought of this, she waved her hand to take hold of the Ice Spiritual Doll. As she grabbed her hand, a delicate White Jade Gourd appeared in her hand. The Gourd spurted out a White Jade Film, which covered her up.

Lin Jing then walked into the island, while everyone stared at her. At the same time, a lady walked in slowly from the other side. She was wearing a flowery dress and had long wavy hair.

She looked enchanting and had a slim waist. Her face, which was covered by a veil, looked more beautiful and captivating. This lady looked very mysterious and alluring!

After this lady entered the Dragon Island, a colorful snake crawled out from her shoulder. It opened its mouth to take in the Poisonous Dragon’s Breath.

Astoundingly, the Poisonous Dragon’s Breath that was feared even by the Dragon Clan had no effect on the small snake. As the serpent took in the Poisonous Dragon’s Breath, the alluring lady slowly walked deeper into the island.

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