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Chapter 1134: A Good Harvest

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In the messy main hall, the green feather fan hung above Mu Chen’s palm, and after he had taken it, he ignored Zhu Yan. He looked at Lin Jing and Nine Nether, and said with a smile, “It is time to distribute the treasures.” He lifted up the Divine Wind Fan and said, “Ladies first. Please take whatever you want.”

Mu Chen smiled gallantly. Although the Divine Wind Fan was a sacred object, and it was powerful, he did not mind letting the two ladies have it. He had come across many sacred objects and had even given the Starry Suppression Tower to Mandela.

Nine Nether and Lin Jing studied the Divine Wind Fan for a while, and then shook their heads and said, “You have joined forces with this sacred object before, so it will not reject you. You are most suitable to be its master.”

What they had said was true. Mu Chen had obtained some seals from the Divine Wind Fan to activate it, so they had some mutual understanding with each other. It would not reject Mu Chen as its master.

Mu Chen smiled when he saw their reaction. After pondering for a while, he nodded and held the Divine Wind Fan in his hand and said, “Thank you.”

“What about the rest?” Mu Chen pointed to the green Jade Scroll and Spiritual Pool that was formed by the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

“Let’s see what they are.” Nine Nether waved her hand, and the green Jade Scroll landed in her palm. She shut her eyes to sense it, and she suddenly opened her eyes and said, “This is a minor Super Power Technique known as Summoning the Wind Technique. It can turn the spiritual energy into a gale and help one travel with the wind. The speed is… extremely fast.”

Even Nine Nether, whose actual body was a Nine Netherbird that could travel at a fast speed, had commented that the speed was extremely fast… it must be fast beyond imagination.

Mu Chen was shocked when he heard it. This Super Power seemed to play an assisting role, but it seemed more valuable than the Super Powers meant for attack.

This Super Power could help save one’s life if one met a tough opponent. Even if one were no match for the opponent, one could retreat quickly. Mu Chen believed that if he were to cultivate this Super Power, even if he came across a Lower Earthly Sovereign, he would be able to remain unscathed.

This was a treasure.

However, since he had obtained the Divine Wind Fan, he would not eye the Summoning the Wind Technique. He would leave it to the two ladies.

“A Super Power meant for escape? What a letdown!” Lin Jing said with contempt. She was not interested in such a Super Power.

Nine Nether smiled gratefully at Lin Jing, as she knew that Lin Jing had meant to let her have it. She was the most suitable among the three of them to have this technique. Her speed would be greatly enhanced, and even Mu Chen would not be able to catch up with her then.

“I will accept it then,” Nine Nether said and held the Summoning the Wind Technique in her hand.

“I will have the Spiritual Pool then.” Lin Jing smiled. She flicked her fingers, and the Ice Spiritual Doll shot out and dug out the Spiritual Pool with its long, cold sword. When Lin Jing waved her hand, she put the entire Spiritual Pool away.

Once the Spiritual Pool had been refined, there would be a vast amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in it. She could even exchange it for a Super Power Technique in the Great Thousand World. It was a good deal.

After they had divided the spoils, Mu Chen nodded and looked pleased. They had a good harvest and had suffered no losses. As Mu Chen thought of it, he glanced at Zhu Yan, who was still trapped in the tornado. If this fella had not barged in, it would have been even more perfect.

“Let’s go back!” Mu Chen said as he looked at the empty main hall. This place had been combed through, and it was not necessary for them to stay on.

Nine Nether and Lin Jing nodded and did not object.

Zhu Yan sat cross-legged in the tornado and shut his eyes. He ignored them when they were dividing the spoils. Mu Chen ignored him. He brought Nine Nether and Lin Jing toward the entrance, and the three of them disappeared into the screen fluctuations.

After Mu Chen and his two friends had left, Zhu Yan slowly opened his eyes. He looked at the spot where they had disappeared and smiled. “Mu Chen… what an interesting guy. We will meet again. I will make you pay for whatever I have lost here. I hope you will not disappoint me then.”

Outside the main hall of the Wind Mansion.

There was a crack in the tornado that was outside the main hall. Three people walked out, and then the crack sealed up.

Many people had discovered the Wind Mansion Island by now. Air-rending sounds broke out continuously as the people searched around for the treasures. Once in a while, there would be shouts of joy as someone found treasures that had been left behind in the Ancient Celestial Palace.

Many people were looking on outside the main hall, as they were afraid of the horrifying spiritual array that was outside. When Mu Chen and his two friends walked out of the main hall, many people looked at them in amazement. Shortly, some of them started to look covetous. There must be treasures in the main hall, and since the three of them could move around freely, they must have obtained the treasures.


A horrifying cold light suddenly raged out, and the ground was covered in layers of cold ice. Everyone was shocked and quickly moved away from the cold light. They then looked at the three of them and saw a Spiritual Doll standing in front of them, exuding cold air. The spiritual energy fluctuation was powerful, and all of them turned pale.

“It is a Complete Grade Nine Spiritual Doll…” The people were shocked and looked at one another. They then moved away, as they knew that it would be silly of them to offend a team that had such a powerful Spiritual Doll with them.

“These people are so smart,” Mu Chen exclaimed and looked at the shadows that continued to flood in. They had been inside the main hall for only a short while, and already so many people had discovered the Wind Mansion Island.

Fortunately, they had obtained the most precious treasures in the Wind Mansion. It would have been better if he did not have a feud with Zhu Yan. Mu Chen curled up his lips as he thought of it.

When Nine Nether, who was beside him, saw his expression, she immediately knew what he was thinking. She smiled charmingly and said, “Looks like the entire top four on Tianluo Continent’s List of Powerhouses are not on friendly terms with you. You are really a troublemaker.”

Mu Chen laughed at himself when he heard it. Nine Nether was right. He had crippled Xia Hong’s hand, thus Xia Yu would not let him off. As for Garuda, who was ranked number three, Mu Chen could not avoid fighting with him. The only one who was not at odds with him was Su Qingyin. However, she was unpredictable. Last on the list was Zhu Yan, ranked number one… whom he had just tricked.

Ordinary people would have the fright of their lives if they offended one of these supreme powers, but Mu Chen had offended almost all of them. Mu Chen was amazed to discover that he was such a troublemaker. However, he could not help it and had no regrets. He would have done the same to Zhu Yan if he could do it over again.

All these years, Mu Chen had offended many top powers, but he always had the last laugh. All of his opponents were now no match for him. It had been so, and Mu Chen believed that it would be the same in the future.

As Mu Chen thought of it, he smiled and was no longer afraid. He had great confidence in himself. If a master does not even trust himself, he can forget about continuing on with his journey.

“Let’s go. Let’s look for a place to rest,” Mu Chen said as he looked at the two ladies. He had used up most of his spiritual energy in the fights and was in a bad shape. He needed to recuperate. Moreover, he had to refine the Divine Wind Fan to prevent it from being stolen.

Nine Nether nodded, as she wanted to study the Summoning the Wind Technique as well. When Lin Jing saw it, she went along with them.

The three of them darted out of the Wind Mansion Island, and after searching around for a while, they found a small deserted island that was without any spiritual array defense. As it was an ordinary island, no one would go there for their search.

Mu Chen and his two friends dashed to the small island and landed on a ruined stone pagoda. Mu Chen sat cross-legged in one of the levels, and as was his habit, set up a small spiritual array to protect himself. After he had done that, he took a deep breath and clenched his fist. The green feather fan immediately appeared in his hand.

He was excited when he looked at the green feather fan. This was the second sacred object that he had obtained after the Starry Suppression Tower. He was not surprised that the rank of the Divine Wind Fan was lower than the Starry Suppression Tower. After all, the Starry Suppression Tower had been left behind by the Fourth Hall Master, whereas the Divine Wind Fan had been left behind by the Master of the Wind Mansion. There was a great difference in their positions in the Ancient Celestial Palace.

Mu Chen was elated due to this reason. Before he had a breakthrough to Earthly Sovereign, all the powerful sacred objects would be white elephants to him. Given his current strength, he should be able to activate the Divine Wind Fan.

Mu Chen immediately activated his spiritual energy, and it rose up from his palm like a flame. It then engulfed the Divine Wind Fan within…

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