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Chapter 1133: The First Exchange of Blows

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“If you have no intention of leaving, then just stay,” said Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen made this comment, Zhu Yan was shocked. Zhu Yan lifted up his head and looked at the powerful spiritual array that had gathered outside the main hall. He then looked at Mu Chen, his face turning grave.

He had never expected that such an ordinary looking guy would have such powerful means…

“Can you control the spiritual array?” Zhu Yan asked. He was dumbfounded, as he could not believe that Mu Chen was capable of controlling the Ancestral Master rank spiritual array.

Mu Chen gently tapped the stone pillar beside him and said, “This stone pillar happens to be the control center of the array. I have infused my spiritual seal into it and gained temporary control over it…”

In order to control the spiritual array, Mu Chen would have to get the approval from the Master of Wind Mansion. Coincidentally, he and his two friends had received the Pledge from the Master of Wind Mansion, which was information that he had not yet divulged to Zhu Yan.

He smiled at Zhu Yan and said, “As I have told you, I usually have good luck.”

“Now, can you return the feather fan to us?” Mu Chen smiled and extended his hand to Zhu Yan.

Zhu Yan stared at Mu Chen and, after a long while, he let out a sigh and said soberly, “I should not have let you touch the stone pillar.”

After all, if he had discovered it earlier, he would have been able to force Mu Chen to move away from the stone pillar and get himself out of this situation. Mu Chen smiled and did not say a word, but continued to look intensely at Zhu Yan.

Zhu Yan shrugged and said, “Looks like I’m at a disadvantage, but even after all these years, no one has been able to take anything from me.”


After he finished speaking, space warps suddenly formed behind him and his Sovereign Sea loomed around him. Multiple volcanoes spurted out from within the Sovereign Sea, as his mighty spiritual energy was gathered in it.

A horrifying spiritual energy oppression swirled out and shook the entire space. As it did so, Zhu Yan stamped his foot, causing magma to spurt out from under his feet. He then turned into a flame and shot up to the sky in an attempt to escape by piercing through the spiritual array.

Apparently, Zhu Yan did not believe that Mu Chen was able to control the Ancestral Master rank spiritual array. In that case, as long as he could find a loophole, he would be able to get away. Then, once he was out of the main hall, he would not have worry about Mu Chen!

Mu Chen was not surprised by his actions. After all, if Zhu Yan were to admit defeat so easily, he would not be ranked number one on the List of Powerhouses!

What Zhu Yan did not know was that Mu Chen was a true Spiritual Array Master! Although Mu Chen had not yet reached the Ancestral Master rank, he was still able to control the Ancestral Master rank spiritual array through the stone pillar.

Hence, Zhu Yan had underestimated him and made the wrong assumption! Mu Chen looked flatly at the majestic flame, then gently hit the stone pillar again to infuse his spiritual seal within it.

Hoof! Hoof!

As he hit the stone pillar, the spiritual array outside the main hall whizzed out. Green tornadoes tore the space apart like an awakened dragon, then swirled toward the flame. The green tornadoes contained horrifying spiritual energy fluctuations and, as they swept out, their power could smash even a Complete Grade Nine Sovereign to ashes!

Zhu Yan, who was in the air, turned pale when he saw the tornadoes. He had noticed the horrifying spiritual energy within them, so he knew that he would be doomed if he was not careful.

Thus, he stopped moving forward and flickered in the air like a ghost to avoid the tornadoes. Mu Chen was shocked when he saw that Zhu Yan was able to avoid such a powerful attack.

This Zhu Yan had great strength indeed! However, he would be naïve if he thought that it was so easy to escape from an Ancestral Master rank spiritual array!


As this thought flashed across Mu Chen’s mind, a green tornado formed behind Zhu Yan, then whipped down mercilessly toward him. Zhu Yan was shocked when the space behind him began to crack continuously.

He waved his sleeve, causing flames to swirl out from it. These flames were overbearing and started to burn space instantly. Even the air became inflamed!

As the flames whizzed out, they formed a flame dragon that hit hard against the green tornado…


As they collided, the explosions were like fireworks in the sky. The flame dragon persisted only for a little while, then exploded. Its tail then darted across the space and landed on Zhu Yan’s back.

Boom! Boom!

Zhu Yan’s body was struck and he fell down from the sky. The ground on the main hall cracked as he stamped his feet to balance himself.

He no longer looked calm and his back was injured. Magma flowed down into the wound, which he tried to heal, but a green spiritual energy prevented him from doing so.


Zhu Yan gasped, as he suddenly felt the pain on his back. Is this the power of the Ancestral Master rank spiritual array? No wonder it can contend with an Earthly Sovereign…

If he had not had such a strong physique, he would have been seriously injured by the blow!

Zhu Yan frowned and lifted up his head to look at Mu Chen, who looked completely calm. Zhu Yan realized that he had been too careless. Mu Chen was very young, but he could still flawlessly bring out the power of the spiritual array! Zhu Yan had not met his match for years, so this was new to him!

“Brother Zhu Yan, can you return the feather fan to us?” Mu Chen asked with a smile.

Zhu Yan looked at him with a straight face, then activated his spiritual energy to treat his injury. At the same time, he thought hard about a way to counter the situation.

However, Mu Chen did not give him much time to do so. When he saw that Zhu Yan had not given up, he hit the stone pillar again. As he did so, a green tornado swirled down and encircled Zhu Yan.

Howl. Howl.

Horrifying gales of wind whizzed around Zhu Yan, smashing the space up and pulling in the space debris, which no one dared to touch. As Zhu Yan looked at the surrounding tornado that was now imprisoning him, his mouth started to twitch. Mu Chen had been so careful, he could not find any loophole to escape!

“Let’s see how presumptuous you are!” When Lin Jing saw Zhu Yan’s predicament, she felt appeased.

She had been angry with Zhu Yan for trying to snatch their rewards away. As such, she had intended to use all of her trump cards to make Zhu Yan pay for what he had done. However, she had not expected that Mu Chen would have such powerful means.

“Mu Chen, you are so amazing!” Lin Jing was so excited, she slapped Mu Chen on his shoulder.

Mu Chen’s knees weakened at her action, causing him to roll his eyes at her. Much of his spiritual energy had been absorbed by the green feather fan and, after activating it for the spiritual array, his spiritual energy was now about to be completely depleted.

When Lin Jing saw Mu Chen’s annoyed look, she smiled sheepishly, quickly passing him some Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to help him recover. Mu Chen absorbed the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid with one hand as he looked at Zhu Yan, who was still trapped in the tornado.

Mu Chen then asked him, “Do you have an answer now?”

Zhu Yan stared at Mu Chen for a while, then said flatly, “After all of these years, you are the first to put me in such a sorry state.”

“It is my pleasure,” Mu Chen replied flatly.

Zhu Yan asked, “What do you want?”

“Hand over the Divine Wind Fan! I will make some changes to the spiritual array, then after we have left, its power will gradually weaken. You will then be freed,” Mu Chen said with a smile.

Zhu Yan frowned and looked at Mu Chen expressionlessly, then asked, “Why should I trust you?”

“You don’t seem to have a choice now, do you?” Mu Chen casually replied, then added, “Moreover, …I don’t think you stay trapped here, even if I go back on my word.”

Although Mu Chen did not know Zhu Yan very well, he believed that, as he was number one on the List of Powerhouses in the Tianluo Continent, he must have some trump cards up his sleeve. Thinking of this, Zhu Yan was silent for a long while. He then looked at Mu Chen and said, “This is interesting. I never thought that I would get to see such an outstanding person like you in the Tianluo Continent. You win this round, but I will spar with you if we meet again!”

Having said that, Zhu Yan immediately flicked his fingers, causing the green feather fan to shoot out like a streamer. Mu Chen grabbed at the air. Then, the green feather fan immediately appeared in his hand! He then gently turned it around.

“Thank you for letting me have this!” he said, grinning wide.

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