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Chapter 1131: Close Affinity

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When Mu Chen grabbed the green feather fan, his spiritual energy soared up and the space behind him shook. His Sovereign Sea loomed around him like a tidal wave, roaring indistinctly.

Buzz! Buzz!

Mu Chen’s body trembled slightly, and he could feel his spiritual energy gushing out crazily from his arms into the feather fan. Although the tiny feather fan looked insignificant, it was actually like a bottomless pit. Regardless of the amount of spiritual energy that flowed into it, the fan engulfed it all!

Mu Chen was alarmed by the devouring force, which made him feel uneasy. He had underestimated the sacred object’s insatiable demand for spiritual energy.

Multiple water columns shot up from the Sovereign Sea, with one end connecting to the surface of the sea and the other to the sky. It was like a huge dragon was drawing in the water.

As the feather fan continued to draw in the water, the water level in the Sovereign Sea gradually lowered. Nine Nether and Lin Jing, who were standing beside Mu Chen, were shocked, but they could not do anything. They could not activate their spiritual energies, as that would have dire consequences, especially if they lost control of their spiritual energies, causing them to be devoured!

Mu Chen turned pale and his hand trembled. He had noticed the change in his Sovereign Sea and realized that he might be drained of it, especially if he wanted to activate the sacred object.

Buzz! Buzz!

Majestic spiritual energy whizzed around Mu Chen, and as the spiritual energy continued to flow into the green feather fan, the green feather fan became brighter and the ancient runes became clearer. However, Mu Chen’s Sovereign Sea level continued to get lower and lower…

The situation was dangerous. Once the spiritual energy in Mu Chen’s Sovereign Sea dried up, the Sovereign Sea would not be able to maintain its power. Then, it might burst, placing Mu Chen in a dire situation!

“Sh*t!” Mu Chen cursed. He had been extremely careful, but he had not expected such a vast amount of spiritual energy to be required in order to activate the sacred object!

He was now a Grade Nine Sovereign, which meant that he was just one step away from the Earthly Sovereign-level. However, it was very difficult to pass this single step!

Mu Chen felt faint. If this continued, he would soon be completely dried up! He took a deep breath, gritted his teeth, then said, “You had better stop. If I break away by force and retreat, we will perish here together!”

He believed that the green feather fan understood him, given its sagacity. As expected, the green feather fan weakened its force after Mu Chen shouted at it. However, it seemed unhappy about it, as if it was reprimanding Mu Chen for not letting it eat its fill.

“Get cracking, since you have eaten!” Mu Chen gritted his teeth and said.


A misty green light gradually burst out from the green feather fan. The green light looked gentle, but Mu Chen could feel a destructive fluctuation exuding from it.

As the green light shone forth, the feather fan transmitted a few messages. They were ancient seals that the green feather fan apparently wanted Mu Chen to use.

Mu Chen agreed, starting to form the seals with one hand. His speed was slow and the flow and not at all smooth. Every time he changed the seals, the spiritual energy in his body would deplete even further. Apparently, he would need to use a large amount of spiritual energy to form these seals!

Mu Chen was fuming. This feather fan was an energy sucker! If he was still at Half Step to Grade Nine Sovereign, his spiritual energy would have been completely dried up by now!

However, he had no choice now but to continue. He activated the rest of his spiritual energy, and after a long while, formed the seals with much effort.


After the last seal had been formed, the green feather fan shook, then lifted him up slowly. With the feather fan in his hand, Mu Chen fanned down hard on the Master of the Wind Mansion, who was in the distance.

“Divine Wind Seal!” Mu Chen shouted in a low voice.

Then, multiple green lights raged out from the green feather fan, like tornadoes, completely destroying the space. The green tornadoes came together speedily, and as the blast waves whizzed out, the entire space smashed. A destructive fluctuation then swirled out, causing fear to fill Mu Chen’s heart.

Just as the tornadoes came together, a dark green light, about the size of a human head, appeared. An ancient light print could indistinctly be seen within the light.

The light print was mysterious, as it had a powerful windstorm within it! It was like the wind that first blew at dawn, which looked calm, but was actually destructive.

The light print held a great suction power, allowing it to swallow up all of the green tornadoes! Within split seconds, the windstorm disappeared, leaving behind tiny light prints in the sky.


The light prints shook, then shot out in the next instant.


Wherever the light prints passed, the space exploded, scattering space debris all around. The space debris did not disappear, but gathered around the light print like a dragon. With a mighty roar, it swirled toward the Master of the Wind Mansion.


Sensing the destructive power, the Master of the Wind Mansion roared. Black smoke swirled out, then converged crazily into a large black hole. The black hole looked devilish, as though it would devour everything in its path.


The green light print was oblivious to the black hole, and it swirled into it with the space debris.

Swish! Swish!

As soon as the green light gushed in, the area suddenly became silent. However, a ray of green light suddenly burst out from the black hole, causing an outburst of shockwaves!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The black hole exploded instantly, and the stone pillars in the main hall were utterly destroyed. Cracks also appeared on the hard ground.

Mu Chen and his two friends moved far away from the shockwaves in a panic. The shockwaves raged out for a few minutes, then gradually dissipated. Once the main hall had finally resumed its tranquility, Mu Chen and his two friends lifted up their heads.

The main hall was a mess! The Master of the Wind Mansion stood in the air quite some distance away. The black smoke around his body had dispersed, and as he stood quietly in the air, cracks started to form all over his body.


One black piece after another fell from his body, until every single piece had fallen away. Then, as if emerging from a shell, another Master of the Wind Mansion appeared! However, this Master of the Wind Mansion no longer had black pupils, and the evil aura had disappeared as well!


The green feather fan darted toward the Master of the Wind Mansion and buzzed around him.

“This seems to be the real Master of the Wind Mansion…” Mu Chen commented, while standing beside his two comrades.

However, after the evil aura had dispersed, the transparent body of the Master of the Wind Mansion would soon dissipate as well, becoming a spiritual body. They saw that the Master of the Wind Mansion had regained part of his consciousness, and as he looked at the ruined main hall and the green feather fan, he sighed.

He patted the green feather fan, then bowed at Mu Chen and his two friends, as if to thank them for driving out the evil aura and helping him regain his consciousness. After he had done this, his transparent body turned into a light, which was a sign that it would soon dissipate.

The green feather fan moaned, as if it knew that its master was about to disperse. Yet, the Master of the Wind Mansion looked calm. He flicked his fingers, and three streamers shot out and landed on the back of Mu Chen’s and his friends’ hands. They then formed three green windstorms, which each carried the aura of the Master of the Wind Mansion.

This must be the Pledge of the Master of the Wind Mansion! This meant that Mu Chen and his two friends would now have the rights to receive the Baptism of the Heavenly River!

“Thank you, elder!” The three of them cupped their fists and bowed to show their gratitude for the gift.

The Master of the Wind Mansion smiled. His body then turned into light spots. After the Master of the Wind Mansion dispersed, the light around the green feather fan faded. Soon after, it became an ordinary feather fan, hanging quietly in the air, no master in sight.

When Mu Chen and his two friends saw it, they heaved sighs of relief. They had made the right decision. Besides obtaining the pledge, they had received the treasure of the Wind Mansion. They had indeed had a rich harvest!

As Mu Chen was about to retrieve the green feather fan, he sensed a fluctuation from the space nearby. A large hand with magma on it immediately stretched out from the space, then grabbed ahold of the green feather fan!

A voice resounded in the main hall at the same time. “It is better to come at the right time than to be early. It seems like I have a close affinity with the Divine Wind Fan…”

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