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Chapter 1130: The Sacred Artifact's Backlash

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In the main hall, the Wind Mansion’s owner stood in the air, holding a green feather fan. On the feather fan, it was as if there were a destructive storm gathering. The entire space inside the hall was constantly shaking in the turbulence, as if it were tearing apart.

“We are in trouble…”

Their faces turned pale. They knew very well how powerful a true Sacred Artifact was. It was a power that even an Earthly Sovereign would covet and be captivated by.

If the Wind Mansion’s owner really summoned the power of this green feather fan, then his combat power would certainly reach a rather terrible degree. Though it would not reach its peak as when he was alive, it would still be enough to match a sovereign who had just entered the rank of Earthly Sovereign. They might not have any chance of success against the Wind Mansion’s owner.

Lin Jing’s previous methods of using jade talismans to wear him down would also be ineffective, for this force of protection was no longer possible to block his attacks.

“What do we do now?” Lin Jing and Nine Nether’s faces turned solemn as they looked towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen pursed his mouth, his face cloudy and uncertain, but he was also a decisive person. He immediately said gravely, “Get ready to retreat!”

The situation was beyond their control, and if they fought, they would pay a terrible price. Although the treasures were tempting, in Mu Chen’s heart, the most precious thing was obviously their lives, therefore, he did not hesitate and intended to retreat immediately.

Hearing his words, although Lin Jing and Nine Nether were somewhat unwilling, they still nodded because they knew that Mu Chen’s choice was the most rational thing to do.

“I’ll use the Ice Spiritual Doll to defend us as we leave,” Lin Jing said. Judging from her appearance, she obviously intended to give up this Ice Spiritual Doll to buy time for them to retreat.

Mu Chen sighed. He had really miscalculated this time. Not only did they not get any treasures, but they also lost an equally precious Ice Spiritual Doll. However, he also knew that this was not the time to be indecisive, so he nodded, and the three began to retreat quietly.


The moment the three began to retreat, the Wind Mansion’s owner seemed to be aware as he glanced at them with his dark and evil gaze. He grasped the green feather fan and struck at the three.

Seeing this, their expressions changed as they stepped back faster and faster, while the Ice Spiritual Doll shot out under Lin Jing’s control in an attempt to stop the fan.


The smoke-like dark spiritual energy billowed madly from the Wind Mansion’s owner, but when it was ready to summon the green feather fan’s power for a destructive attack, circumstances suddenly changed.

A clear green light swept out from the green feather fan, and as the green light shook, it caused the dark evil energy on the Wind Mansion’s owner’s palm to dissipate entirely.


A voice like the roar of the beast came from the Wind Mansion’s owner’s throat and seemed to contain some pain. Its hands clenched hard, trying to hold onto the feather fan.


However, the green feather fan seemed to have spiritual intelligence, as it unexpectedly forced itself to break free from the Wind Mansion’s owner’s palm. It flew out, and then fiercely fanned the Wind Mansion’s owner.


An azure storm tore through the void like a wind dragon with sharp teeth as it clawed at the Wind Mansion’s owner’s body.


With a loud bang, the Wind Mansion’s owner’s body flew backwards as it brutally hit the walls of the palace. The whole hall shook violently.

The attack of the green feather fan was obviously extraordinary, and the Wind Mansion’s owner had been struck. The dark light around him had dimmed to a large extent, while the majestic dark aura had dissipated and weakened.

The three who were about to retreat stopped as they stared at the scene with glassy eyes. Then, their faces lit up with glee.

Lin Jing rubbed her big eyes, and even Nine Nether was also a little confused. “This… What’s going on here?”

They didn’t really understand why the green feather fan suddenly attacked the Wind Mansion’s owner…

Mu Chen was also momentarily stupefied, but as realization dawned on him, ecstasy emerged on his face. “The Wind Mansion’s owner seems to be suffering from a backlash of the Sacred Artifact!”

“Backlash?” Nine Nether froze.

Mu Chen nodded gravely. “The Sacred Artifacts have sagacity. They know the way to seek good fortune and avoid evil, and they also know the law of recognition. These Sacred Artifacts indeed belonged to the Wind Mansion’s owner, but now he is just an evil entity invaded by evil energy. In a sense, the Wind Mansion’s owner now is the culprit who killed him, so how can the intelligence of this Sacred Artifact allow itself to be used by this evil entity?”

Realization then dawned on Nine Nether and Lin Jing. Now that the Wind Mansion’s owner had been invaded by evil energy and lacked spiritual intelligence, given that the Sacred Artifact possessed sagacity, it naturally refused to recognize it as its owner, and thus resulted in a backlash.

“Looks like we don’t have to retreat for the time being.” Mu Chen laughed, and he was obviously relieved. After all, he didn’t get anything but instead lost an Ice Spiritual Doll, which was such a pity.

Nine Nether and Lin Jing nodded. Seeing the circumstances now, they could watch in safety while others fought, then reap the spoils when both sides were exhausted.

While the three of them were speaking, in the hall, the evil Wind Mansion’s owner broke away from the wall. It seemed to have been angered by the green feather fan’s backlash and immediately gave out an angry roar. His large black palm hundreds of feet in size snatched at the feather fan and tried to forcibly seize it.


However, in response to the Wind Mansion’s owner’s actions, the green feather fan swayed again, and a violent azure storm swept out, tearing the dark palm apart.

Mu Chen watched in the distance, and couldn’t help but click his tongue in shock. Was this the true power of a Sacred Artifact? Even without a master controlling it, with its own sagacity, it was still able to mount such a terrible attack. According to his estimate, even a Complete Grade Nine would have to avoid the power of the azure storm.

The Wind Mansion’s owner, seeing that his attack was blocked, grew increasingly furious. Immediately, the evil energy swept across the sky as if tens of thousands of demons emerged in the world, turning into beams of black light, blazing towards the green feather fan.

The green feather fan was also no pushover. It seemed to be so disgusted with this evil energy that it began to fight back with all its strength. Whenever it struck, it set off huge tornados that tore up the space. At the same time, they also crushed the torrent of evil energy.

As a result, a war broke out in the main hall, but the protagonists were not Mu Chen and the two ladies, but the Wind Mansion’s owner and the green feather fan’s decisive battle…

The three who were originally the protagonists turned into spectators at this time. They looked at the fierce confrontation with excitement, as if they were watching a play.


In the main hall, the destruction of the impact spread as it reduced huge stone pillars to powder. It was such a destructive power that even Mu Chen raised his eyebrows.

Lin Jing inched closer to Mu Chen as she couldn’t help asking, “Who’s going to win the fight if this continues?”

After a moment of silence, Mu Chen said, “The Sacred Artifact is strong, but it is in a state where it does not have a master. I am afraid it will not last for too long.”

Although the Sacred Artifact was formidable, it could only show its true power in the hands of those who could really control it. Now, the green feather fan was clearly fighting with its own stored spiritual power. Once it was exhausted, it could only fall asleep or destroy the enemy together with itself.

“What about us?” Nine Nether glanced at Mu Chen. If this green feather fan chose to destroy itself with its enemy, then that would be a terrible loss, as that was a true Sacred Artifact!

“Wait until it’s exhausted, and then we’ll take action.” Mu Chen smiled. He naturally would not have watched the green feather fan explode, or it would be such a pity.


As Mu Chen finished speaking, the hall once again broke out in an amazing clash as the green feather fan and the Wind Mansion’s owner staggered back, and suddenly the stone pillars in the main hall collapsed one by one.

The green feather fan was suspended in mid-air, and the green light surrounding it had dimmed. It was clear that the brutal clash previously had exhausted it significantly. Thus, it vibrated slightly and seemed to sway, then suddenly burst out, heading towards the direction where the Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and Lin Jing were.


The green feather fan appeared in front of Mu Chen as its handle faced him and vibrated. Seeing this, Mu Chen froze as he took a deep breath. Did this feather fan want him to grasp it? This fellow most likely wanted to borrow his spiritual energy. However, this caused Mu Chen to feel anxious, for he was aware how much spiritual energy a true Sacred Artifact would require for it to be activated. One key reason why Mu Chen had decisively given the Starry Suppression Tower to Mandela when he had acquired it was because if he had activated it forcefully, the Starry Suppression Tower would have absorbed all of his spiritual energy and rendered him a dried out husk.


The green feather fan vibrated in front of Mu Chen constantly, as if hurrying him. Mu Chen’s glance changed. The Sacred Artifact possessed sagacity. If he refused to help now, he might lose this treasure entirely, and if he snatched it forcibly, he might suffer a backlash, too. Thus, there was only one choice he could make now.

Mu Chen was not an indecisive person. His gaze flickered as he came to a decision. He was now a Ninth Grade Sovereign and was much stronger compared to when he had acquired the Starry Suppression Tower. Thus, he didn’t believe that the feather fan would reduce him to a dried out husk!

With the decision made, Mu Chen was no longer hesitant as he immediately took a deep breath, and slowly stretched out his palm to grasp the green feather fan. Then, he felt the spiritual energy within him surge madly!

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