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Chapter 1129: Lin Jing's Exorbitance

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As Mu Chen’s low roar reverberated throughout the space, he took the lead and surged forward. As he charged, the blood red battle spear in his hands trembled violently.

The crimson red spear beam pierced a hole through the void, as it charged towards the Wind Mansion owner’s chest. With the help of the Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear and the Armor’s power, Mu Chen’s attack was extremely fierce. In fact, that spear beam could tear apart a Ninth Grade Sovereign at its peak!

The sharp spear beam magnified in the dark eye pupils of the owner of the Wind Mansion, and just as it was approaching him, a vast black beam of light suddenly swept across his body. It looked very similar to a rising wisp of smoke and was incredibly sinister.

The owner of the Wind Mansion stretched out his massive, dark hand, the evil energy rising above his palm. He grabbed it quickly, and the space in front of him shattered. The fierce spear beam then appeared suddenly, but was caught by him immediately.


The space vibrated and buzzed, but the fierce spear beam could not move an inch, as it was caught in that dark grasp. Seeing that his fierce spear beam had been easily stopped, Mu Chen’s gaze grew solemn.

The palm was like a black hole! No matter how violent the shock of Mu Chen’s spiritual power was, it was still unable to cause any damage!

The Wind Mansion owner’s dark, evil eyes stared at Mu Chen. He laughed sarcastically, then grasped the spear beam with his hand.


The fierce spear beam exploded under the Wind Mansion owner’s vicious grasp. One of his hands clenched the fierce spear beam, while the Wind Mansion owner raised his other fist to hit Mu Chen, who was far away.

On the surface of his fist, there seemed to be a black aura. As the blow fell, the empty space before it burst into pieces instantly.


A black light erupted in the space, then appeared directly in front of Mu Chen at an indescribable speed. It then ruthlessly exploded on his chest!

Mu Chen’s body flew out under the huge impact. As he was propelled backwards, the huge stone pillars along the way exploded into powder under the terrible force.

As Mu Chen’s body flew back thousands of feet, his spiritual energy surged in turmoil. He looked down, seeing that there was a sunken spot in the shape of a fist on his Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor.

Mu Chen’s heart jolted, seeing that the Wind Mansion owner’s strength was too strong! If he had not had the Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor, that blow would have injured him severely!

Even so, at this point, he had still been given a good knock! Blood surged in his body, and there were hints of the metallic tang of blood in his throat.


Mu Chen took a deep breath, his spiritual energy surging as he suppressed the turbulent blood circulation in his body. His expression was unusually heavy.

However, he was bolstered a bit as he thought about the owner of the Wind Mansion. Specifically, it seemed that the passage of time had greatly weakened the owner of the Wind Mansion’s strength.

This thought provided relief to Mu Chen, who was glad that he was not at the power of a true Earthly Sovereign! Otherwise, even if the three of them joined forces together, with the addition of the Ice Spiritual Doll, it still seemed impossible for them rival the owner of the Wind Mansion!


Just when Mu Chen had relaxed, his pupils suddenly shrank, as he saw the space in front of him shatter! Then, a black light rushed out and the Wind Mansion owner appeared right in front of him, his dark palm aiming viciously at his crown!

“Look out!” He heard Lin Jing’s shocked exclamation from behind him. Then, a cold wind blew and an ice sword appeared above Mu Chen’s head. The ice sword immediately clashed with the Wind Mansion owner’s palm!


When the ice sword made contact with the palm, it shattered, sending ice spattering out. The dark palm continued to descend brutally…


However, when it fell on Mu Chen, it went through nothing! This was because Mu Chen’s figure had flashed away! Just as the ice sword was blocking him, he had been able to quickly evade the palm’s attack!


The majestic golden light exploded from Mu Chen’s body, as a massive silhouette appeared from behind him. It was the Great Solar Undying Body, which had rounds of golden suns rising from within it.


On the Great Solar Undying Body’s giant palm, it looked as if there was a gold liquid flowing. The liquid seemed to contain an immense power, as it cast a shadow over the entire sky before landing fiercely on the Wind Mansion owner’s body.

The golden light exploded on the Wind Mansion owner’s body, and the shockwaves caused him to stagger backwards. The black light on his body flashed and flickered, but it was clear that he still had a lot of fight left in him.

Amid Mu Chen’s fierce attack, a crystal-like flame appeared, enveloping the Wind Mansion owner with a terrifyingly high temperature that immediately caused the evil energy around his body to boil. Caught by surprise and in deep pain, he let out a low roar.

From not far away, Nine Nether seemed was overjoyed at the sight of her burning crystal flames. It seemed that her Undying Flames had the desired oppressive effect on the Wind Mansion owner!


However, the joy in her eyes was short-lived, as she soon saw a black light surge out of the Wind Mansion owner’s body, which then swept through the place like ink, causing even the space to become dark. The crystal flames that had enshrouded his body dissipated immediately.

As they looked upon the scene, Mu Chen’s and Nine Nether’s brows knit together. They both were thinking that this Wind Mansion owner was too difficult!


At that moment, a gushing black light surged forward, like a massive black broadsword, then swung down towards Nine Nether!

“Xiao Bing, block it!” Lin Jing saw the sword and immediately shouted a command. At the same time, the Ice Spiritual Doll appeared above Nine Nether, condensing its body into a thick layer of ice armor.

Clenching her hand, a few jade talismans appeared in her palm. With a wave of her hand, those jade talismans attached themselves to the Ice Spiritual Doll’s body, enveloping it in layers of jade light.


The black light beam of the broadsword swung down on the Ice Spiritual Doll, and immediately, the layers of jade light began to crumble. However, every time a layer of jade light was shattered, the black light beam weakened by one layer. So, when it finally hit the Spiritual Doll’s body, it only left a deep mark on the ice armor.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether gasped upon seeing this. They were shocked that the Ice Spiritual Doll had forcibly withstood this blow without shattering! Clearly, this was the effect of the jade talismans!

“Protective Jade Talismans?” Mu Chen looked at those jade talismans, his eyes twitching. Naturally, he was able to sense the strong force of the jade talismans, as each of them had the power to resist the all-out strike of a Complete Grade Nine.

These jade talismans were quite troublesome to make. Thus, their cost was not cheap. As such, if ordinary people could ever obtain one, they would certainly preserve it well. Yet, just now, Lin Jing had thrown a dozen in one move! Even Mu Chen felt that such wastefulness was a pity.

Lin Jing, however, was very calm, as she stated nonchalantly, “Now that I am on this journey, I am fully prepared. Next, y’all can attack with all of your strength, and I will use the Ice Spiritual Doll to help you! I believe that, with our combined strengths, we can wear him out!”

So, it was decided that Lin Jing, who was insanely wealthy, would joined the battle. After she joined, the situation began to change, as Mu Chen and Nine Nether began to launch a steady stream of attacks at the Wind Mansion owner’s body.

Meanwhile, the Wind Mansion owner’s attacks were resisted again and again by the Ice Spiritual Doll. However, this defense came at a high price, as a constant stream of Lin Jing’s powerful jade talismans were used, one after another.

As the Wind Mansion owner had no spiritual intelligence, he did not know how to avoid the Ice Spiritual Doll. As such, he simply kept attacking it stubbornly, regardless of the fact that the doll was already covered with layers of tortoise shells, which were really jade talismans!

Thus, in the face of Lin Jing’s endless Protective Jade Talismans, the Wind Mansion owner gradually found it unbearable, the layers of black light on his body slowly beginning to wear out. Seeing this, Mu Chen and Nine Nether were relieved.


Time passed quickly, and under Mu Chen and Nine Nether’s constant attacks, it seemed that the Wind Mansion owner had at last sensed that he was in trouble. The next moment, he suddenly retreated, giving up the pursuit of the Ice Spiritual Doll.

Mu Chen looked at the Wind Mansion owner’s violent retreat and froze. This was because Mu Chen saw that, where he was retreating, was the exact location of the green feather fan!

This made Mu Chen feel incredibly uneasy. He looked up to see that the Wind Mansion owner had appeared on top of the pillar, his dark palm thundering out to reveal the green feather fan in his hand!


A terrible storm burst out of the feather fan, seeming to tear the whole space apart. That was the power of a true Sacred Artifact!

Mu Chen’s, Nine Nether’s, and Lin Jing’s expressions suddenly changed. They never thought that this Wind Mansion owner, who lacked spiritual intelligence, could unexpectedly grasp the Sacred Artifact feather fan in his hands!

Now that he had the power of the Sacred Artifact feather fan, they were afraid that his power would be truly comparable to that of an Earthly Sovereign! At that time, no matter how many Protective Jade Talismans Lin Jing had, they would be useless!

Mu Chen’s eyebrows knit together and he sighed. “We are in trouble.”

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