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Mu Chen gazed at Nine Nether and Lin Jing, who were entering the Dragon Entrance Gate. He stood with his hands behind him, waiting patiently for the two women.

The eyes of countless strong men twinkled as they gazed at Mu Chen, and although they were extremely curious as to how Mu Chen had obtained the identity of Disciple of the Golden Dragon, no one dared to ask him.

A small flicker passed across Su Qingyin's beautiful eyes, then, after a moment, she smiled and said, "Brother Mu seems to have had another breakthrough? This is a cause for celebration."

She was naturally aware that Mu Chen's spiritual energy fluctuations were stronger than before, suggesting that he had once again had a breakthrough within the Dragon Entrance Gate, thus becoming a true Ninth Grade Sovereign.

Hearing Su Qingyin's voice, Mu Chen smiled and nodded. He then said, "Thank you."

Even though Mu Chen's attitude was way too nonchalant for her taste, Su Qingyin was not concerned. Instead, still smiling, she asked, "That Disciple of the Golden Dragon in the Dragon Entrance Gate can be difficult to deal with. How did you handle it?"

Qin Jingzhe, Liu Kui, and the others perked up to listen. Mu Chen replied nonchalantly, "It was just good luck."

The Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array was his ace card, so he naturally could not expose it here. After all, if he let too many opponents know about it, it would place him at a disadvantage in future battles.

Everyone scoffed at his answer in their hearts. Su Qingyin, on the other hand, only smiled. She never expected that Mu Chen would expose his ace card. However, after this, her impression of Mu Chen vastly improved, as a person who could obtain the status of Disciple of the Golden Dragon, even by sheer luck, must also have incredible powers!

Mu Chen stood with his hands behind his back, his face calm. He was waiting for Nine Nether and Lin Jing to appear.

As time went by, Mu Chen's gaze flickered. Suddenly, he saw a splendid aura emerging from the Dragon Entrance Gate. Among the splendor, a beautiful shadow appeared. It was Nine Nether!

Right in front of Nine Nether, a beam of light condensed into a token amulet. Upon the amulet, a golden water dragon could be seen. That was the Golden Water Dragon Token Amulet!

An uproar rang out among the crowd, as countless astonished gazes shifted towards Nine Nether. After all, she only had the strength of a Ninth Grade Sovereign!

Mu Chen secretly nodded at the scene, as he wasn't surprised. After all, Nine Nether had obtained the inheritance of the Primordial Undying Bird and had also received the Undying Bird Sovereign Beast's personal guidance. Thus, her obtaining the identity of the Disciple of the Golden Water Dragon was no surprise to Mu Chen.

"I wonder what kind of identity Lin Jing will get." Mu Chen gazed at the Dragon Entrance Gate with great interest.

Even he could not figure out the mystery behind Lin Jing! She was carrying countless strange treasures and could pull out a Complete Grade Nine Ice Spiritual Doll so casually!

Mu Chen did not have to wait long, as about ten minutes later, in the Dragon Entrance Gate, a huge column of light suddenly rose up to the sky. Beyond it, a golden dragon hovered and roared. The sound of the dragon's roar could be heard for miles and miles! It was another Golden Dragon Light Pillar!

Between heaven and earth, numerous strong people were were were shell-shocked. They never expected that another Disciple of the Golden Dragon would unexpectedly appear again!

Did the Dragon Entrance Gate suddenly become less difficult to master?

Countless strong people could not help but wonder. After all, there were still other strong men of the same strength, who were entering the Dragon Entrance Gate. From their final results, it was clear that this Dragon Entrance Gate's test was very difficult.

All of the forces raised their heads, then fixed their eyes on the Golden Dragon Light Pillar, only to see that, where the light condensed, a beautiful silhouette had emerged. Everyone knew immediately that this must be Lin Jing!

Countless strong people gasped in shock. Although they had seen Lin Jing summon a powerful spiritual doll to resist Su Qingyin, they were still shocked that Lin Jing was able to obtain the identity of the Disciple of the Golden Dragon! This caused the other forces to be instantly jealous.

As Su Qingyin surveyed the scene, her gaze turned solemn. She then looked towards Mu Chen's three-member group, fear and wariness filling her eyes. If it was just a one-on-one battle, she may not be afraid of any of the three, but if the three united, even she would have to back down.

In the sky, Mu Chen gave Lin Jing a thumbs up and smiled. Lin Jing, who was still looking at the Dragon Entrance Gate with relish, said, "Not bad! Even my Ice Spiritual Doll could not deal with that fellow!"

After the challenge was over, Nine Nether and Lin Jing stood beside Mu Chen. At this time, the members of the North Territory Alliance had also completed their individual challenges. However, their results had been quite mediocre.

As for the most powerful among them, Xuan Ming Sovereign, he had only gained the identity of Disciple of the White Water Dragon. This left him with a huge gap, compared with Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and Lin Jing.

"Now that we have all obtained our statuses, let's go." Mu Chen saw that all of the people had gotten their identities, so he immediately proposed that they leave.

After his previous acquisition of the Disciple of the Golden Dragon, the North Territory Alliance dared not question Mu Chen's decisions. Even Xuan Ming Sovereign concealed his arrogance and looked more polite and contrite in Mu Chen's presence.

As such, everyone nodded in agreement to Mu Chen's words. Mu Chen then nodded slightly to Nine Nether and Lin Jing, turned to smile and clasp his fists at Su Qingyin, then reached out his palm and grabbed the Golden Dragon Token Amulet in front of him.

Immediately, the token burst out with golden light and enveloped him. It then pierced through the vast spiritual array that enshrouded heaven and earth, plunging into the inner region of the Ancient Celestial Palace.

Behind him, Lin Jing, Nine Nether, and the others also grasped their token amulets, then followed swiftly behind him. The group of people made their rapid departure amid countless shocked glances, then disappeared altogether.

Qin Jingzhe, Liu Kui, and others looked at their retreating figures, each sighing. They knew that the names of Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and Lin Jing would soon shake the entire Tianluo Continent!

Su Qingyin stared in the direction that they had disappeared to for a long time. She then languidly stretched her limbs and murmured, "Mu Chen is an interesting fellow. We will meet again, and then I will discover how he got the identity of the Disciple of the Golden Dragon!"

Then, with a light tap of her foot, the spiritual bugs at her feet made a buzzing sound. At the same time, her Azure Dragon Token Amulet transformed into a green light, which then enveloped her before transporting her into the spiritual array.

As the top-notch figures continued to enter the inner region of the Ancient Celestial Palace, the powerful men from all sides seized the opportunity to quickly enter the Dragon Entrance Gate and obtain identity tokens, thus allowing them to rush in as well. This was because an entry into the Ancient Celestial Palace was only considered to be truly valid if the person first passed through the inner region.

And, if they managed to gain opportunities en route, they might be able to enhance their abilities by leaps and bounds, thus allowing them to catch up with the incredibly powerful characters that have gone before them! Then, when the time comes, their reputations might spread throughout the Tianluo Continent!

As soon as they thought this, there were countless streams of light flowing across the world, sweeping into the vast spiritual array that had cut off the heavens and the earth!

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