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It was an isolated, suspended rocky island filled with an ancient aura and desolate ruins that revealed the great wars it had experienced.

Tap, tap...

Soft footsteps sounded, and a figure appeared from the side of the rocky island. As the figure appeared, the temperature between the heavens and earth was suddenly blazing hot. The sky turned a dark red color where the figure passed, and even the rocks were melted into magma. Such a destructive power was chilling.

From a distance, the man's hair looked like a blazing flame. He stood on a solitary peak and looked around. Suddenly, he gave a light sigh, turned his head, and looked back into the distance. He saw a golden column of light rising above the great array of the Ancient Celestial Palace.

He was no stranger to that beam, for he had possessed it before.

"Another Disciple of the Golden Dragon has appeared? Is it Su Qingyin? She was willing to fight with her spirit bugs?" He smiled a little in surprise, immediately stopped paying much attention, and stomped his foot. A pillar of magma rose from the solitary peak beneath his feet, and his figure disappeared directly into the magma.

At the same time...

In the opposite direction on the Ancient Celestial Palace above a broken stone tower, two figures stood in a distant confrontation. A dimly breathtaking wave of spiritual power radiated from their bodies and shook the space.

It was a man and a woman.

The man wore a black robe, and he had a slender body and a handsome face that looked as if it had been carved by the gods. His deep eyes were fascinating, and he had a gentle smile that many women would feel enchanted by. At this time, he glanced gently at the beautiful silhouette in the distance with kindness in his eyes.

The beautiful silhouette was wearing a colorful dress and had long, wavy hair. She radiated feminine charm. She had a slender and soft waist, and impeccable curves with long, shapely legs that many men would covet. She wore a thin veil, concealing her breathtaking features, but even so, her concealed features were still incredibly charming.

She had a charming but cold aura. However, the man was not concerned about her beauty, but about the fact that she, too, had acquired the identity of Disciple of the Golden Dragon.

"Hello miss, I am Garuda of Saint Demon Palace. May I ask where you are from? I have never heard of such a beautiful and powerful presence on Tianluo Continent." The man clad in black robes smiled gently.

Prior to this, he had acquired the identity of Disciple of the Golden Dragon, but shortly afterwards, the record was broken, and the one who broke it was this mysterious and beautiful woman. This apparently piqued Garuda's curiosity, so he followed her in an attempt to look into her identity, and see if he could garner a relationship with the mysterious woman.

However, in response to his gentle kindness, the woman in the colorful dress only glanced with her cool eyes and then said, "If you follow me again, it means you will be picking a fight with me."

Garuda was calm in the face of her uninterested words. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly moved and looked up into the distance where he saw the golden beam of light rising from the sky.

"Has another Disciple of the Golden Dragon appeared? Is it Su Qingyin? Or Xia Yu?" Garuda looked at the golden light, and a glimmer of astonishment flickered in his eyes.

The mysterious woman glanced at the golden pillar, but she paid little attention to it and made a move to leave.

"Miss…" Garuda called out.

However, before he could finish, a cold glint flashed in that mysterious woman's captivating eyes. With a gentle flick of her finger, a ray of colored light swept out and pierced through the space, surging towards Garuda's forehead.

The sudden attack caused Garuda's eyes to narrow, and he did not dare to lower his guard. He immediately stopped as golden light on burst out and covered his whole body. It was as if his entire body had been cast in gilded gold and was indestructible.


Half an inch away from his forehead, that ray of color was thwarted by the golden light that swept through it, but the amazing power it contained still caused Garuda's body to tremble.

His expression was grave as he looked up, only to see the beautiful silhouette leave.

"Interesting." Garuda smiled faintly as he looked at the spot where the silhouette had vanished. He pondered that this mysterious woman must be extraordinary. Such strength was something that ordinary forces would absolutely fail at cultivating.

However, he wasn't sure what her intention of coming to the Ancient Celestial Palace was. Hopefully, she wouldn't have a conflict with him. Otherwise, it would be a bit of a headache.

Lord Saint Demon told me that in this Ancient Celestial Palace, I would probably meet the person who practiced the same Great Solar Undying Body, and only by killing him would I be able to obtain the evolution method of the Great Solar Undying Body. Garuda stood with his hands behind his back as his black robe swayed in the wind. There was a glint of merciless slaughter in his eyes.

I hope the man who has practiced the Great Solar Undying Body will not be too weak, or it will be too boring. My Great Solar Undying Body needs your blood to be complete. Garuda shook his head with a nonchalant look, and then he took a step forward as the space trembled, and his figure disappeared like a specter.

The golden pillar of light rose from the ancient Dragon Entrance Gate as if piercing through heaven and earth. Beyond the pillar of light, a massive dragon hovered, and a dragon's roar reverberated and spread out.

The world's countless powerful men stared at this scene. After a long time, they recovered from the shock and then exclaimed in horror, "Is that the Golden Dragon Light Pillar?"

"How is that possible? That Mu Chen actually acquired the identity of Disciple of the Golden Dragon?!"

"Even Su Qingyin didn't manage to do it. How is it that Mu Chen, who is just a half-step to Ninth Grade Sovereign, did it?"

"This fellow is a freak!"


An appalled uproar rang out as one after another commented. Everyone was astounded, and it was apparent that the sight had utterly shocked them. Who would have thought that something even Su Qingyin failed to do had been accomplished by Mu Chen?

In the sky, Qin Jingzhe, Liu Kui, and Wang Tongxian, who were ranked among the first few on Tianluo Continent's List of Powerhouses, all had stiff expressions, and their eyes were full of incredulous disbelief.

On the surface, their strength was far beyond Mu Chen's, especially Qin Jingzhe, who was at the peak of Ninth Grade Sovereign, but even he only got the evaluation of Disciple of the Golden Water Dragon.

They froze for a moment, and then their eyes turned to Su Qingyin. Her fists were clenched, and there was an indescribable touch of astonishment on her face. She had also gone through the test in the Dragon Entrance Gate, so she knew very well how difficult the test of the Disciple of the Golden Dragon was. Even she had to pay a price, but in the end, she didn't want to pay it, so she chose to step back and take the identity of Disciple of the Azure Dragon. However, she did not expect that Mu Chen, who was just a half-step to Ninth Grade Sovereign, would surpass her to acquire the identity of the Disciple of the Golden Dragon. That is to say, Mu Chen must have been hiding something that could enable him to compete against a real Complete Grade Nine!

"This guy!" Su Qingyin gritted her teeth. It turned out that she was wrong this time. She had originally thought that it should be the girl who was the most terrifying, but unexpectedly, Mu Chen had been so formidable.

"He acquired the identity of the Disciple of the Golden Dragon, indeed." As innumerable people were shocked, Lin Jing lifted her beautiful face and laughed. Her expression looked as if she had expected to this happen and was not surprised at all. After all, even her mother had given a very high evaluation of this guy, so Lin Jing believed that he wouldn't be bested by just a mere test of the Disciple of the Golden Dragon.

Nine Nether smiled, as she was not surprised in the least, either.

Behind them, the Sovereigns of the North Territory Alliance looked a little pale, as if they had seen a ghost. Although they knew that Mu Chen had many cards up his sleeve, they never thought that he could really get the status of Disciple of the Golden Dragon.

Xuan Ming Sovereign gulped, his face stiff. If Mu Chen had really depended on his own strength to obtain the identity of Disciple of the Golden Dragon, it could only be said that he concealed his power, and there was more to him than met the eye.

This realization made him break out in a cold sweat. Previously, he had wanted to fight for the role of team leader, but at present, Mu Chen was simply not in the mood to vie with him. Otherwise, his peak of Ninth Grade Sovereign was nothing in comparison.

Amid countless shocked glances, the golden column of light in the sky continued for a long time, and then eventually gradually dissipated. Mu Chen's figure was revealed as the golden light in front of him condensed into an Ancient Golden Token Amulet. He glanced at the Golden Dragon Token Amulet and smiled. He then glanced around, and as his gaze passed, all the strong men shunned it and did not dare to look at him.

After this scene, anyone knew that this Mu Chen was obviously concealing his true power, playing the role of a pig to successfully defeat a tiger. The strength he possessed was enough to fight on par with a Complete Grade Nine without much fear, let alone a Ninth Grade Sovereign at his peak.

In this world, the strong were always respected. Thus, no one dared to disrespect Mu Chen, whom they always had deemed as a mere half-step to Ninth Grade Sovereign.

However, Mu Chen did not pay much attention to the change of mentality of the strong men of all sides, nor did he immediately activate the Golden Dragon Token Amulet to leave. Instead, he looked at Lin Jing and Nine Nether, and nodded to them.

The two women nodded back, then burst out into two streams of light at the same time and rushed into the Dragon Entrance Gate!

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