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High above the ancient stadium, a colossal spiritual array covered the sky and the earth. At the center of the colossal array, a dragon was slowly materializing, coiling itself within the array.

As the dragon breathed, a huge spiritual energy storm unraveled, shaking the entire space. The dragon was dark gold and had no spiritual intelligence in its eyes. However, it did exude a mighty and violent spiritual energy light.

Mu Chen could feel its power from the spiritual energy fluctuation that it was spreading out. This was indeed a true Complete Nine Grade!

Mu Chen exhaled in relief. The Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array was indeed an Ancestral Master level spiritual array. Although it was currently incomplete, with the correct arrangement, the power it could exert was still terrifying!

Mu Chen estimated that, if this incomplete Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array were to be activated perfectly, he could probably summon three or four Complete Nine Grade dragons! However, summoning a single dragon was still satisfying enough.

"If the array was complete, nine Complete Grade Nine dragons could be summoned! Then, it with paired that with the power of the spiritual array, even Lower Earthly Sovereigns would have a headache handling it!" Mu Chen's lip curved into a smile.

After summoning the huge dragon, Mu Chen was completely relieved. He raised his head and looked at the Golden Dragon Disciple, who was holding a black spear. Then he said, "Please teach me."

On the stone pillar, the Golden Dragon Disciple's face became solemn all of a sudden. He, too, felt the spiritual array's power.

"As you wish," he replied.

He raised the black spear in his hands slowly, finally pointing it directly at the dragon in the spiritual array. In a flash, it turned into a black light, rushing into the spiritual array. As it did so, an aurora of light emerged from the spear, piercing the dragon.


The dragon roared at the sky, then charged at Mu Chen's activation. As it did so, an intensely wild spiritual torrent surged toward the Golden Dragon Disciple.


Within the colossal spiritual array, two figures, one much larger than the other, were battling. Suddenly, an earth-shattering bang echoed out. Then, a violent spiritual energy fluctuation surged forth, shaking and twisting space itself.

Mu Chen looked at the fight within the spiritual array, his expression serious. He realized that he had slightly underestimated the Golden Dragon Disciple. Even with the help of the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array, the Disciple still had an advantage in the fight. On the other hand, the dragon could not last much longer against the Disciple, unless Mu Chen could somehow continuously keep replenishing its spiritual energy.

"As expected from a Golden Dragon Disciple..." Mu Chen sighed, then immediately stomped his foot. Countless spiritual seals rushed out from under his feet in a howl, then quickly became a Week-and-Day Star Descent Array in the sky!


The stars shook, then fell one by one, striking against the Golden Dragon Disciple!


As the stars fell, the Golden Dragon Disciple was forced to reduce his offense towards the dragon, as he was distracted, having to use his spear aurora to eliminate the stars. With the help of Mu Chen, the Golden Dragon Disciple was trapped in a deadlock between the dragon's attack and Mu Chen's spiritual array offense.

Mu Chen looked at the distracted Golden Dragon Disciple. With a shimmer in his eyes, he sat down cross-legged. He then waved his sleeves, causing a torrent of spiritual liquid to surround him.

"How persistent! I guess I will have to do a little trick here." Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the Golden Dragon Disciple. With a slight smile, he changed his seals, covering the earth and sky with spiritual seals once more.

When Mu Chen's huge amount of spiritual energy formed a spiritual seal again, the spiritual liquid around him filled him, replenishing his spiritual energy. The spiritual seals then began to concentrate, forming another spiritual array covertly. It was another Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array!

However, this second array was obviously taking up more time and spiritual energy to create. After all, Mu Chen required some help in making this one. As such, the time of arrangement was double that of the first time!

When the second array had been completely formed, the dragon in the first Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array shrunk to half its size, obviously due to the damage it had sustained fighting the Golden Dragon Disciple.

Seeing this, Mu Chen's eyes shimmered. With a roar to the sky, the dragon charged fearlessly, exploding once it came into contact with the Golden Dragon Disciple.


A violent spiritual energy shockwave swept forth, which even destroyed the first Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array. The Golden Dragon Disciple also sustained a huge amount of damage after the explosion.

Before the Golden Dragon Disciple even had time to adjust himself, another dragon roar could be heard. Then, a dragon brandishing its fangs and claws emerged from the second Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array, charging at the Golden Dragon Disciple furiously!

At the sight of the charging dragon, the Golden Dragon Disciple's face registered shock. He obviously had not expected to see such a challenger! This was obviously a ploy to exhaust him to death, using the wheeling fighting technique!

Facing this technique, even with his exceptional battle strength, he would eventually be exhausted. On the other hand, Mu Chen only needed a few drops of some spiritual liquid to replenish himself, thus allowing him to churn out spiritual array after spiritual array!

Moreover, no one could interrupt Mu Chen in this environment. As such, a battle that was first thought to be extremely difficult, instantly become extraordinarily comedic. As a challenger, Mu Chen did not even have to fight himself, but instead, was just making spiritual arrays from afar!

As he knew that he could not control two Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Arrays at once, he determined to control the second array only after the first one had been destroyed! Though his actions may have been underhanded, they were still permitted within the rules.

As such, Mu Chen was not hindered in any way. As time passed, the spiritual energy surrounding the Disciple began weakening even further.

When the fourth dragon exploded, many cracks appeared on the Disciple's body. Then, faintly, light could be seen leaking out from his body.

With a head full of sweat, Mu Chen let out a breath of relief. His palms were shaking continuously. This was obviously due to the exhaustion caused by his churning out high level spiritual arrays continuously.

Even now, he was seeing stars. After all, it was not just spiritual energy that was expended while arranging such a complicated spiritual array. If he ran out of stamina, he could have fainted and died!

"My apologies." Mu Chen waved his sleeves, dissipating a half-prepared Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array. The Golden Dragon Disciple was obviously exhausted at this point, and hence, was no longer a threat.

At this stage, his challenge was considered a success. At this point, Mu Chen realized that Su Qingyin could have obtained the right to become a Golden Dragon Disciple, but the price would be the casualties of her strong spiritual insects. Su Qingyin would obviously be displeased by this.

In the sky, the Disciple clasped his fists toward Mu Chen and said, "Congratulations on becoming a Golden Dragon Disciple in our Ancient Celestial Palace."

Just as he finished speaking, light emerged from his body. He then immediately transformed into a light spot, vanishing away. The light then converged in front of him, transforming into a token amulet.

Upon the token amulet was a coiled golden dragon, which was exerting a valiant pressure.

Golden Dragon Token Amulet!

After glimpsing the token amulet, Mu Chen's body suddenly fell limp onto the ground. His muscles were aching and convulsing all over. The burden of performing several Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Arrays had obviously been too much for him.

He had even spent about three million spiritual liquid droplets in the process! But, in order to gain the position of a Golden Dragon Disciple, it had all been worth it.

As Mu Chen fell, the spatial fluctuations arose in the surrounding space. Then, a beam wrapped around Mu Chen's body, before burrowing out, following a spatial crack. Mu Chen knew that he had successfully passed the test of the Dragon Entrance Gate.

Beyond the Dragon Entrance Gate.

The heavens and the earth were in an unstoppable furore. But now, many powerful individuals were focused on the Dragon Entrance Gate. They were concerned by how long Mu Chen had been inside.

This caused them to waver with doubt, as they wondered what had befallen Mu Chen to have delayed him for so long. No matter what they guessed, they could have never known that Mu Chen was challenging a Golden Dragon Disciple!

Su Qingyin's eyebrows twitched slightly, an uneasy feeling filling her heart.


Suddenly, there was some movement at the Dragon Entrance Gate. A brilliance swept through the heavens and the earth, which then gathered to form a slender figure in the air. That figure was Mu Chen himself!

However, when their eyes raised towards Mu Chen, their pupils shrank. This was because they saw a colossal golden light pillar rising from Mu Chen's feet, as if it was piercing the heavens and the earth! What was more astounding, a golden dragon was coiled around the golden light pillar!

The once buzzing crowd was suddenly silent. The expression on innumerable faces were frozen. After awhile, an overwhelming spirit of shock and disbelief oozed from the depths of all of their eyes.

Golden Dragon Disciple? Impossible!!

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